Vicious Fishes! (Nor) Falling Through The House; demo (1992)


tracks: Through The House * Falling

This Norwegian punk-rock band (from Os, near Bergen) send me a tape to get shows around here. They were probably introduced to me by Kjell E(ngelsen) Moberg (of ‘Punishment Park’, who toured with ‘Agent 86’). He played bass for them aswell at some timepoint…

Review in Tilt! #7: >>The band themselves calls their music ‘”SubSkaHardcore”. A bit of reggae?, but most of it has a definite poppy touch to it and wouldn’t really draw attention between the muzak on any average radio-station. Let’s settle for uptempo poppy punkrock.<<


The first line-up of ‘Vicious Fishes!’ was Morten ‘LilleMorten’ Flaterås, Terje Lilletvedt, Vidar Hjartåker (drums) and Knut Fjellvang. The line-up that made them ‘famous’ was Morten, Vidar, Knut, guitarist Eivind Hodneland (from ‘Rasputinene’ which I also played in back in the 80s) and Fredrik Tonnesen (bass). They recorded some extremely awesome songs which I released on my label October Party recs later. In 1992 Epic recs called them from London and wanted to sign the band, it never happened – not exactly sure why. I joined the band on bass in 1992 to help them out on their European tour (Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxemburg). We all grew up together and we still hang out and set up projects… Falling Through The House is the tape that got the Epic recs office in London moving and got Bob Geldof listing them as “one of the most awesome newcomers in 92” after their gig at the summer rock festival in Tallinn (Estland).


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