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Erosion (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-12-04)



Erosion / The Way Of Force / Bilharzia / Nuclear Frost / Catatonia / Into The Void / Aftermath / The King / Mortal Agony / The Unborn / The Scourge / Humanity / (New Energy)

[recorded by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

This German band (from Pinneberg, Hamburg area) was touring with ‘Ludichrist’ (USA) – who were on the same record-label (We Bite recs) – so both played a Smurfpunx concert on 88-12-04 – together with ‘Angry Red Planet’ (USA) & ‘Stengte Dører’ (Nor). In the band during that tour: Chris Zenk (vocals), Jan Bünning (bass), Steve Römhild (guitar), Klaus Nowakowski (drums) & Michael Hankel (guitar; replacing Ulf Kaiser). They played “progressive thrash-metal or “techno thrash”. At that time their album entitled Mortal Agony was out. Some of the tracks were also on their 1987 demotape. Both were recorded with Ulf.

>>Objection! The First<< (various) compilation (1984)


(A): Intro / Argst (“worst”) / 30 Jahre BW (“30 years BW”) – ‘Euthanasie’ * L’Heure Du Chaos (“the hour of chaos”) / Dans Les Gêoles Républicaines (“in the republican prison”) / Pourriture (“scum”) – ‘Verdun’ * Torture Légale (“legal torture”) / Apatride (“stateless”) / Minority – ‘Final Blast’ * Angry / Housing / Army Chic / Bovver Boys – Neale Harmer

(B): Fear / Fascist Cops / The Art – ‘Deviant Gedrag’ * Tribute To Bela Lugosi / Cheeseburger / Vi Skider På Systemet (“we shit on the system”) – ‘Dunderheads’ * Stay Alive / The Leader / Night Ride – ‘Bad Preachers’ * Mikä Vitun Rakkaus? (“love, what the fuck?”) / Nytkö Se Alkaa? (“does it start now?”) / En Halua Kuolla (“I don’t wanna die”) – ‘Vivisektio’ * I Eat Cakes – ‘Dunderheads’ * Outro – ‘Euthanasie’


This is the first tape that ‘Jimyh Anti’ from Mouscron (French-speaking part of Belgium) compiled . More followed… The name of his ‘tape-label’ was SLM-Object; SLM refers to a zine he used to do earlier: Sur Les Murs (“on the walls”). He was also the editor of the fanzine International Objection! (later abbreviated to Objection). In the early 90s Jimyh was the bassist of the band ‘Heroes Wrapped In Byronic Gloom’.


Bad Preachers (Jette/Brussels, Bel): ‘Kim’ Geert Declercq (guitar; R.I.P.), Jan Noyen (bass), Erwin Claes (vocals), ‘Nick’ Nico Cops (drums)

Deviant Gedrag (Ternat, Bel): Danny (vocals), ‘Iz(z)y’ (Isidoor) Holvoet (guitar), Jo (bass), Dirk Jans (drums)

Dunderheads (Århus, Den): Steen Thomsen (guitar), Marco Möller (guitar/vocals), Pia Hansen (vocals), Dennis Jensen (drums/bass), Jan ‘Key’ Hansen (drums/bass) [the  line-up at the start (82) was Soren Hall (vocals), Marco (guitar), Dennis (drums) & Hans (bass)]

Euthanasie (Kirchzarten/Freiburg, Ger): Holger Schatz (bass), Andi Lauk (guitar), Thomas Lauk (vocals/drums), Corinna Weiss (vocals/drums) [Robert Jahn (keyboards); the original drummer (83) was ‘Demo’]

Final Blast (Pontarlier, Fra): ‘Bouth’ François Bouthiaux (vocals), Steph (drums), ‘Zoize’ (bass), Rod (guitar)

Neale Harmer (Horsham, UK)

Verdun (Rouen, Fra): ‘Eva’ Laurence Gaudot (vocals; R.I.P.), Jean-Luc (guitar), Claude (guitar), Karl ‘9000’ (bass), Kurt Weimer (drums; replaced Christian)

Vivisektio (Äkäslompolo, Fin): Kirsi Äkäslompolo (vocals), Satu Uuttu (drums), Pekka Äkäslompolo (guitar), Pentti/Pena Kaulanen (bass)

Some related clippings from Jimyh’s zines:

‘Bad Preachers’

‘Dunderheads’ : Pia & Steen


Silent Water (Bel) In Coke We Trust; tape (1989)



Zolang Ik Maar Niet Nadenk (“as long as I don’t think”) / Turn Away / Rain / Wasted Paper / Meat Is Life / Puke / Bird (1) / Never Understood / SS / Heritage Foundation / Deep Inside / The Tower / Irritation / Bird (2)

‘Waisted Life’ (sic) was featured on the Maja De Brij compilation. The band (actually ‘Wasted Life’, from Veldegem, near Brugge) was Filip Devolder (bass/guitar), Benny Maes (guitar/bass), Mieke Devlieger (vocals) & John Vandaele (drums). Before that (1983) there was another band that Filip was in: ‘Puppets On A String’. When W.L. quit (They only played a few gigs.), Filip started this project for he which he played all instruments and sang. He tells me he also did a tape under the name ‘Dead At Birth.’ (read below). In the early 90s he participated in the Walk Across America. Later (1993) he replaced Jaak D.C. on drums in the new line-up of  ‘Nations On Fire’. ‘Silent Water’ did another tape entitled Neuk … En Gij Zult Kinderen Krijgen ‎(“fuck…and you will have children”) and released an album (A Joyride On Waves Of Solitude).

Filip ran a healthfood-store in Ostend for a while and lives in France nowadays…


When ‘Wasted Life’ quit, I bought myself a 4 track-recorder and started composing (I had the instruments). Actually I did 6 tapes… The first one (Jan-Feb 1989) had no title and my ID as a cover. In Coke We Trust was the second (Feb-Apr ‘89). The third (May-Jul ’89) was titled Word Rijkswachter Nu (“become a policeman now”). Number 4 – Existentie (“existence”) – was recorded Oct-Nov ‘89. And then came (Neuk …), out in January 1990. I also compiled a benefit-tape for the Walk Across America For Mother Earth (Dead At Birth) in ’91 (with old and new tracks). And then I went to South-America in 1990…

Filip Devolder

Sheer Terror (USA) promo; live at CBGB (1989)


live at CBGB

(A): Cup O’ Joe / Smile For A Price /// (B): Absolution / Not Giving Up / Only 13

This tape was a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R., who got it from Mike Just (Starving Missile record-label, München; R.I.P.) – the person about to release the band’s album Just Can’t Hate Enough (recorded in the fall of 1988, out in ’89). I reckon the recordings are from the same gig as on the the 7″ released by Blackout! recs (different songs though).

The members of the band, from New York City, were – at that time – Alan Blake (guitar), Mark Neuman (bass; later ‘Zippy’ Keith McAdam), Jason Martin (drums; later Dave Todd a.k.a. Sticky Spankowitz) & Paul Bearer (vocals).

‘Stel’s review in Metallised #11

Dan (UK) practice (1983)


tracks: Chuck Rock / Heretic / Jack & Jill / Jesus Was A Hippy / Green Hills / Home / Full Moon

Tucked away on a tape in (part of) the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R. between other 1983-84 demos: a recording of a practice of the earliest embodiment of the Darlington band ‘Dan’… Some of the songs appeared on demos later on, others probably never saw the light of day again…

‘Dan’ became known with ‘Jools’ a.k.a. Julie ‘Flipper’ Dalkin (vocals; also ‘Blythe Power’), ‘Wal’ a.k.a. Ian ‘Hendrix’ Wallis (guitar/vocals), Jim ‘G-Clamp’ Clarke (drums) & Ian Armstrong (bass). Founder and vocalist ‘Dallas’ Andrew Bayles left pretty quickly (he was on the debut EP from 1986 called Can You Dig It?). Their first gig was in October 1983. ‘Georgie’ a.k.a. Georgina ‘Mooncat’ Ashwell also sang on the band’s ’85 tape and the LP Where Have All The Children Gone? (’87).

The line-up changed quite a few times. Other people involved over the years: Andrew Black (guitar), ‘Slob’ (guitar), ‘Steely’ (drums), ‘Sned’ (guitar; ‘Blood Robots’, ‘Generic’, etc. etc.), Helen (vocals), Jane (vocals), Philippa (vocals), Sarah, Simon, ‘Turny’, etc.

Read more about ‘Dan’ (in Ian Armstrong’s zine Testament Of Reality)


The name ‘Dan’ comes from a character in a dodgy American soft-porn flick that Ian Armstrong had… We were only young!

Most of our early rehearsals took place in my bedroom with a mattress over the window and a partially deaf neighbour! This would have been the first incarnation of the band featuring myself, Armstrong, ‘Steely’ on drums and Dave ‘Slob’ Robinson on guitar… All still at school and very amateur! Think we’d only played a few gigs locally, and a couple of squat-gigs in Leeds & Newcastle. Heretic was one of the first songs we wrote (on a 3-string guitar) with the others you mention just being songs played for the hell of it and mainly influenced by Armstrong’s love of less serious punk bands, psychobilly and surf music; although Full Moon [In My Pocket] is actually a cover of the [Birmingham rock band] ‘Swell Maps’ original. Home and some others may have Helen on vocals who, along with another local girl called Jane also provided vocals. It was really the later line-up featuring ‘Wal’ on guitar, and Julie & ‘Georgie’ on vocals that ‘Dan’ started to record onto vinyl with Armstrong’s Meantime label becoming more established. That said, they went through pretty much every vaguely punky person in Darlington on vocals and a couple of ropey guitarists before ‘Wal’… I think his addition really gave the band a “sound” as he was and still is an excellent guitarist (once playing in a band called ‘Trout’ with [comedian] Vic Reeves – oddball fact!).

The tracks on this very early ‘Dan’practice are indeed as follows: 1. CHUCK ROCK (a warm-up instrumental), 2. HERETIC (first ‘proper’ song we wrote), 3. JACK & JILL (originated from an Armstrong funky bass-line), 4. JESUS WAS A HIPPY (another comedy classic from Armstrong), 5. GREEN HILLS (I think I wrote this one…was well into ‘Crass’ at this stage), 6. HOME (with Helen on vocals, bit ropey!), 7. FULL MOON IN MY POCKET (read above).

Andrew Bayles

Pic of the line-up that recorded this: L=>R ‘Slob’, ‘Steely’, Ian Armstrong, Helen, Andrew Bayles, ‘Sned’, Jane (ca. 1983)