Silent Water (Bel) In Coke We Trust; tape (1989)



Zolang Ik Maar Niet Nadenk (“as long as I don’t think”) / Turn Away / Rain / Wasted Paper / Meat Is Life / Puke / Bird (1) / Never Understood / SS / Heritage Foundation / Deep Inside / The Tower / Irritation / Bird (2)

‘Waisted Life’ (sic) was featured on the Maja De Brij compilation. The band (actually ‘Wasted Life’, from Veldegem, near Brugge) was Filip Devolder (bass/guitar), Benny Maes (guitar/bass), Mieke Devlieger (vocals) & John Vandaele (drums). Before that (1983) there was another band that Filip was in: ‘Puppets On A String’. When W.L. quit (They only played a few gigs.), Filip started this project for he which he played all instruments and sang. He tells me he also did a tape under the name ‘Dead At Birth.’ (read below). In the early 90s he participated in the Walk Across America. Later (1993) he replaced Jaak D.C. on drums in the new line-up of  ‘Nations On Fire’. ‘Silent Water’ did another tape entitled Neuk … En Gij Zult Kinderen Krijgen ‎(“fuck…and you will have children”) and released an album (A Joyride On Waves Of Solitude).

Filip ran a healthfood-store in Ostend for a while and lives in France nowadays…


When ‘Wasted Life’ quit, I bought myself a 4 track-recorder and started composing (I had the instruments). Actually I did 6 tapes… The first one (Jan-Feb 1989) had no title and my ID as a cover. In Coke We Trust was the second (Feb-Apr ‘89). The third (May-Jul ’89) was titled Word Rijkswachter Nu (“become a policeman now”). Number 4 – Existentie (“existence”) – was recorded Oct-Nov ‘89. And then came (Neuk …), out in January 1990. I also compiled a benefit-tape for the Walk Across America For Mother Earth (Dead At Birth) in ’91 (with old and new tracks). And then I went to South-America in 1990…

Filip Devolder

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