>>Objection! The First<< (various) compilation (1984)


(A): Intro / Argst (“worst”) / 30 Jahre BW (“30 years BW”) – ‘Euthanasie’ * L’Heure Du Chaos (“the hour of chaos”) / Dans Les Gêoles Républicaines (“in the republican prison”) / Pourriture (“scum”) – ‘Verdun’ * Torture Légale (“legal torture”) / Apatride (“stateless”) / Minority – ‘Final Blast’ * Angry / Housing / Army Chic / Bovver Boys – Neale Harmer

(B): Fear / Fascist Cops / The Art – ‘Deviant Gedrag’ * Tribute To Bela Lugosi / Cheeseburger / Vi Skider På Systemet (“we shit on the system”) – ‘Dunderheads’ * Stay Alive / The Leader / Night Ride – ‘Bad Preachers’ * Mikä Vitun Rakkaus? (“love, what the fuck?”) / Nytkö Se Alkaa? (“does it start now?”) / En Halua Kuolla (“I don’t wanna die”) – ‘Vivisektio’ * I Eat Cakes – ‘Dunderheads’ * Outro – ‘Euthanasie’


This is the first tape that ‘Jimyh Anti’ from Mouscron (French-speaking part of Belgium) compiled . More followed… The name of his ‘tape-label’ was SLM-Object; SLM refers to a zine he used to do earlier: Sur Les Murs (“on the walls”). He was also the editor of the fanzine International Objection! (later abbreviated to Objection). In the early 90s Jimyh was the bassist of the band ‘Heroes Wrapped In Byronic Gloom’.


Bad Preachers (Jette/Brussels, Bel): ‘Kim’ Geert Declercq (guitar; R.I.P.), Jan Noyen (bass), Erwin Claes (vocals), ‘Nick’ Nico Cops (drums)

Deviant Gedrag (Ternat, Bel): Danny (vocals), ‘Iz(z)y’ (Isidoor) Holvoet (guitar), Jo (bass), Dirk Jans (drums)

Dunderheads (Århus, Den): Steen Thomsen (guitar), Marco Möller (guitar/vocals), Pia Hansen (vocals), Dennis Jensen (drums/bass), Jan ‘Key’ Hansen (drums/bass) [the  line-up at the start (82) was Soren Hall (vocals), Marco (guitar), Dennis (drums) & Hans (bass)]

Euthanasie (Kirchzarten/Freiburg, Ger): Holger Schatz (bass), Andi Lauk (guitar), Thomas Lauk (vocals/drums), Corinna Weiss (vocals/drums) [Robert Jahn (keyboards); the original drummer (83) was ‘Demo’]

Final Blast (Pontarlier, Fra): ‘Bouth’ François Bouthiaux (vocals), Steph (drums), ‘Zoize’ (bass), Rod (guitar)

Neale Harmer (Horsham, UK)

Verdun (Rouen, Fra): ‘Eva’ Laurence Gaudot (vocals; R.I.P.), Jean-Luc (guitar), Claude (guitar), Karl ‘9000’ (bass), Kurt Weimer (drums; replaced Christian)

Vivisektio (Äkäslompolo, Fin): Kirsi Äkäslompolo (vocals), Satu Uuttu (drums), Pekka Äkäslompolo (guitar), Pentti/Pena Kaulanen (bass)

Some related clippings from Jimyh’s zines:

‘Bad Preachers’

‘Dunderheads’ : Pia & Steen


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  1. In its early days ‘Bad Preachers’ were Nico Cops on drums, myself on bass and Michel Walgrave on guitar. (At least things that resembled those instruments.). Before ‘B.P.’ Michel and I had a band called ‘Pest’ [“plague”]. One day Nico showed up… ‘Pest’ recorded one tape, full of noise. After a while that became ‘B.P.’. We rehearsed in De Finkel [youthcentre in Jette] and somewhere in an abondonned farm in Humbeek. Jan Noyen joined as singer. I played in ‘Bad Preachers’ about 6 months. Later Onno [Hesselink] asked me to come and play in ‘Indecency’…


  2. Jimyh was one of my best mates at the time (21 pub, in Kortijk). Halfway the 90s we bumped into each other again and I was looking for a singer for a band we just started: ‘The Buckweeds’. We recorded our first demo-CD (Ribbed For Her Pleasure, on Your Father Is An Idiot recs) with him. Later we re-recorded that and it was officialy released by Smokin’ Troll recs. ‘The Buckweeds’ were especially not politically correct. Jimyh’s alter ego in the band was Jim Darky The Black Bomber.


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