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Cornered Rat (Ger) Charles Manson Is Not The New Jesus (1996)



Youth Of Today / ??? / Kirk’s Anthem / Ignorance / I Am My Own God / Sycofant

(Matthias Scheuerer: That last one was called Downfall Of Humanity at one point.)

This tape was sent to me by Mathias Münchsmeier, from Hohenfels (between Nürnberg & Regensburg, Bavaria). He was the vocalist of ‘Cornered Rat’, Matthias Scheuerer the drummer… These recordings are ‘home-made’; I don’t think the band had any actual releases.

Tilt! #9: >>The sound-quality of this tape is not exactly brilliant… In between the feedback I hear brutal hatecore based on biting guitar-riffs and pounding drums. Seems like the right music to vent your aggression. The vocalist barks negative, pessimist lyrics about drugs, sorrow & pain, lack of human relations, vivisection, etc.<<


‘Cornered Rat’ was the band’s name before we changed it to ‘Eradicate’… if I remember correctly it was the same people. I’m pretty sure the line-up of ‘Cornered Rat’ was Mathias Münchsmeier (vocals), ‘Willy’ Stephan Wilhelm (guitar), Andreas Schlamminger (bass early on; later Hans-Jürgen Friedel) and myself on drums. The recordings must’ve been 95/96…

Matthias Scheuerer

(back, L => R) Mathias M., Stephan, Matthias S. – (front) Andreas

WarDance (UK) Put Up Or Shut Up; promo (1995)


(A): Human Jungle / Solitary / Sawn Off Citizen

(B): Stand Up & Be Counted / Procrasti-nation

NOTE: Links to the tracks have been removed because Spike T. Smith (“played drums for Morrissey,  amongst others” – sic) doesn’t give permission, even though Kollusion has no objections and the same songs are available from other platforms…

Another promo I got from Kollusion recs (Martin Norris & Dee). This to announce ‘Wardance’s CD-single Put Up Or Shut Up. The song Stand Up & Be Counted was replaced/renamed Deciding Time. Melodic hardcore from Peterborough.

‘WarDance’ was formed by Andy ‘Frantic’ (bass; R.I.P.) and ‘Gizzy’ Graham Butt. They did a couple of tapes (1988) and an album for Hageland recs (Monkey See, Monkey Do; 1989). Martin Shaw played drums, Andrew Massey guitar. The band also had 2 tracks on the UK Thrash Assault compilation-LP (with Matt Keys on drums).

Beginning of the 90s they split up and ‘Gizzy’ started ‘Sundance‘ with Spike(y) T. Smith (drums; who he had been in ‘English Dogs’ with). That didn’t last long and a few years later Spikey (also in ‘Sacrilege’) teamed up with Andy again, and guitarist Junior Douglas. Andy & Spikey sang. They released a CD (We’re All Niggas…But Not Your Boys) on a small Belgian label (Manifesto recs) and a 7″ & this EP for Kollusion recs.

Tilt! #9: >>Uptempo, pretty catchy HC with a thriving beat and chugging guitars plus an occasional nod towards reggae/ska; enough variation to keep it attractive. I read about comparisons to ‘NoFX’, ‘Propagandhi’, ‘Dag Nasty’, etc. and that will surely please their label, that aims for a mainstream distribution? The tape they sent is a promo for the CD (5 tracks!?!). No lyric-sheet.<<



U.B.C.F. (Hol) live (Amsterdam, Nl, 85-03-31)



(donation of ‘Bill Bimetaal’ René de Boer)

Suicide / Much worse? / No Nazis / Disco Death / USA Go Away / (God) Where’s Our Heaven / Zero, Zero / Ronald Reagan / Bad Feelings / City Of The Living Dead / K.K.K. (No Way) / Peace And Liberty /// No Nazis / Ronald Reagan / L.S. / Bad Feelings

I never got to see ‘U.B.C.F.’ live when they were still active. They played in Antwerp a couple of times (85-04-13 & 86-06-14) but with no regular ‘wheels’ at that time, it wasn’t easy to get there. I met ‘Bill Bimetaal’ (René de Boer) later when he did the sound for ‘De Kift’ during their gig at Vort’n Vis (93-09-17). He also used to do the sound in the famous Emma squat in Amsterdam and the Groote Weiver in Krommenie. Nowadays he plays in ‘Fucking Virgins’ (… and is an independent booker, and backline-tech. He’s also the companion of ‘D.O.A.’ during tours.

‘U.B.C.F.’ (‘United Blessed Chicken Fuckers’) were ‘Bill’ on guitar, ‘Sam W.E.’ Klaas Brouwer (vocals, later also guitar), ‘Mr Ohno’! Onno Steendam (bass) and Koos Brandhoff (drums; R.I.P. 2013). The band was from Wormer (between Amsterdam & Alkmaar). They released an LP (Silent Resistance) in ’86, and appeared on the Emma double-LP & on Niels de Wit’s Alle 55 Kort compilation-tape.

The live recordings here (provided by ‘Bill’) are from a gig in the Emma squat @ Van Diemenstraat, Amsterdam (1985).


We started in 1980 and quit in 1993. The first line-up was with one guitarist, from 1986 on we had two. ‘Mr. Ohno’ (bas/vox), ‘Sam W.E.’ (guitar/vox), ‘B.B.A.’ (drums/vox) & ‘Bill B.’ (guitar/vox). We did shows in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Zwitserland & Denmark. We were also known as ‘Virus’, ‘Tijl Handgas Combo’ & ‘Step Aside’ (late 80s to 1993). There was a limited split-7” ‘NV Boys’ / ‘Virus’ [‘92] and as ‘Step Aside’ we appeared on Vitaminepillen 2 [compilation-CD released in ‘94].

The following comes from the Zaanse Pophistorie:

Ard Sierhuis: “[…] ‘U.B.C.F.’ did an LP and their song No Nazis ended up on the Emma double-LP. The name was short for ‘United Blessed Chicken Fuckers’ or ‘United Belgium Chicken Fuckers’ (in the style of the illustrious ‘C.K.N.’ – ‘Creatieve KippeNaaiers’ from Alkmaar).”

Onno Steendam: “The band got of around 1981. We could hardly play but in the punk-days it was easy to get a gig. I was 14 when did our first in de Bakkerij in Castricum. That didn’t go completely flawless. Cramped by nerves. But we were often more critical than the audience.

We rehearsed in the garage of my parents house and sounded so loud that people could here us a couple of km away, in Wormer. We played so fast that the guitarist’s fingers were covered with blood. Later it evolved into more melodic punk with various influences (reggea & blues). Around ‘88 the band took another name: ‘Virus’. No idea why. We often played in squats and small venues […]; almost were the house-band of the Groote Weiver in Krommenie, Emma in Amsterdam & Het Veem in Zaandam.

A highlight was a concert nearby a squatted garage in Geneva, Switzerland; outside in the cold. […] We also did a gig in Christiania, a wonderful hippie-village in Kopenhagen; in a gigantic hall with lightshow and crowed galleries. We were payed in ‘lightly hallucinogenic substances’. […] The band gave its last show in the Groote Weiver in Krommenie (1991). The musical tastes of the 4 band-members differed too much… […] The others played in other bands. […]”

Ard Sierhuis: “The exact same people as ‘U.B.C.F’ were in ‘Virus’. When Klaas Brouwer got replaced by singer Arthur Stein the name was changed into ‘Step Aside’ (who only existed briefly. ‘Virus’ put out a tape (limited number).”

‘Bill Bimetaal’

Disgusting Lies (Pol) Pewnego Dnia… [One Day…] (1997)


(A): Disgusting Lies / Ten Kraj (“this country”) / Kto Za Tym Stoi? (who is behind it?”) / Kto Nastepny? (“who’s next”) / Sie Sciemnia (“it’s getting dark”) / Pewnego Dnia (“someday”) / Terror / Pora Wiadomości (“news hour”) / Dwa W Jednym (two in one”) / Krótka Piosenka O Zabijaniu (“a short song about killing”)

(B): Allah Akbar / Pytania (“questions”) / Dobry Interes (“good deal”) / Zbrodniarze (“war criminals”) / Scena (the scene”) / Cierpienie (“suffering”) / Wyscig Szczurów (“rat race”) / System Prawny (“legal system”) / Władza (“authority”) / Frustracja (“frustration”)

In the second half of the 90s I got a letter from a Polish young woman named Anna who wrote in behalf of her partner (Przemek Gajowczyk) who was in a political crust-core band from Łódź. They wanted help booking gigs in Western Europe so I got them a few (e.g. 97-05-31 @ Hogepont squat in Ghent). They’d given me their Rich Man / Poor Man ‎7″ (on Malarie recs, ’96) as an introduction to their music and later they send some more material (also this tape – on Nikt Nic Nie Wie – here).

Around the time of the aforementioned tour Przemek ‘Przeman’ did vocals, I believe the others in the band were Marian a.k.a. Dismarian Carey (guitar), Yadwinia/Yaga (guitar), Youseph (bass), ‘Kurzu’ Marcin Glądała (vocals; he was originally the drummer) & ‘SiCore’ Marcin Sikora (drums). The line-up on this tape was ‘Przeman’, ‘SiCore’, Marian, Yaga (later in ‘Oi Polloi’, ‘Disorder’,’Anti-System’, etc.; partner of Ade Crawford) & Arek/Aro ‘Dislies’ (bass).

Early on they did a tape entitled Byt Określa Świadomość [Being Determines Awareness] for Daniel Winiarek’s Demonstracja tapes (1995). Later a split-7″ and a CD on MCR Company.


‘Kurzu’ was on the first tape and the first single, and then left the band. He didn’t do the tour…


In 97 we did a tour (our first) of almost 2 weeks (Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands). We met a lot of kind people and played with great bands such as ‘State Of Fear’, ‘HomoMilitia’, ‘Força Macabra’, ‘Honey Honey’, ‘Katastrophobia’, ‘Dystopia’, … It was a wonderful time and a great experience. Most of the concerts were in squats.

Afterwards we recorded material for our first LP, which finally came out in 1999. After the release of the album, Yaga left the band and went to England. In the spring of 2000 the band went through a crisis: the guitarist left and we started rehearsing with a new one; since then we played as a 4-piece. We did 2 more European tours (Croatia/Slovenia & Czech Republic/Italy/Switzerland. We released a few more records that got distributed in many. In the spring of 2005 we quit…