WarDance (UK) Put Up Or Shut Up; promo (1995)


(A): Human Jungle / Solitary / Sawn Off Citizen

(B): Stand Up & Be Counted / Procrasti-nation

NOTE: Links to the tracks have been removed because Spike T. Smith (“played drums for Morrissey,  amongst others” – sic) doesn’t give permission, even though Kollusion has no objections and the same songs are available from other platforms…

Another promo I got from Kollusion recs (Martin Norris & Dee). This to announce ‘Wardance’s CD-single Put Up Or Shut Up. The song Stand Up & Be Counted was replaced/renamed Deciding Time. Melodic hardcore from Peterborough.

‘WarDance’ was formed by Andy ‘Frantic’ (bass; R.I.P.) and ‘Gizzy’ Graham Butt. They did a couple of tapes (1988) and an album for Hageland recs (Monkey See, Monkey Do; 1989). Martin Shaw played drums, Andrew Massey guitar. The band also had 2 tracks on the UK Thrash Assault compilation-LP (with Matt Keys on drums).

Beginning of the 90s they split up and ‘Gizzy’ started ‘Sundance‘ with Spike(y) T. Smith (drums; who he had been in ‘English Dogs’ with). That didn’t last long and a few years later Spikey (also in ‘Sacrilege’) teamed up with Andy again, and guitarist Junior Douglas. Andy & Spikey sang. They released a CD (We’re All Niggas…But Not Your Boys) on a small Belgian label (Manifesto recs) and a 7″ & this EP for Kollusion recs.

Tilt! #9: >>Uptempo, pretty catchy HC with a thriving beat and chugging guitars plus an occasional nod towards reggae/ska; enough variation to keep it attractive. I read about comparisons to ‘NoFX’, ‘Propagandhi’, ‘Dag Nasty’, etc. and that will surely please their label, that aims for a mainstream distribution? The tape they sent is a promo for the CD (5 tracks!?!). No lyric-sheet.<<



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