Cornered Rat (Ger) Charles Manson Is Not The New Jesus (1996)



Youth Of Today / ??? / Kirk’s Anthem / Ignorance / I Am My Own God / Sycofant

(Matthias Scheuerer: That last one was called Downfall Of Humanity at one point.)

This tape was sent to me by Mathias Münchsmeier, from Hohenfels (between Nürnberg & Regensburg, Bavaria). He was the vocalist of ‘Cornered Rat’, Matthias Scheuerer the drummer… These recordings are ‘home-made’; I don’t think the band had any actual releases.

Tilt! #9: >>The sound-quality of this tape is not exactly brilliant… In between the feedback I hear brutal hatecore based on biting guitar-riffs and pounding drums. Seems like the right music to vent your aggression. The vocalist barks negative, pessimist lyrics about drugs, sorrow & pain, lack of human relations, vivisection, etc.<<


‘Cornered Rat’ was the band’s name before we changed it to ‘Eradicate’… if I remember correctly it was the same people. I’m pretty sure the line-up of ‘Cornered Rat’ was Mathias Münchsmeier (vocals), ‘Willy’ Stephan Wilhelm (guitar), Andreas Schlamminger (bass early on; later Hans-Jürgen Friedel) and myself on drums. The recordings must’ve been 95/96…

Matthias Scheuerer

(back, L => R) Mathias M., Stephan, Matthias S. – (front) Andreas

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