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The Newspeakers (UK) Casualty Street; promo (1995)


side (A) side (B)

The Newspeakers – with a “management” in Romford (Essex) – was another band signed to Kollusion recs, the label of Martin Norris (& Dee). He sent me an advance-promo for review. In the band: John Finnigan (vocals), Alan Godfrey (bass), Gary Minall (guitar) & Matt Durell (drums). John, Gary and Matt had been in the band ‘Animal Factory’ before… Gary has been in ‘The Anoraks’ since 1996.

Tilt! #9: >>A mellower version of ‘Green Day’ (a bit more melodic but a lot less rocking). Sounds like a band that jumps the bandwagon now that this is hip (maybe it isn’t anymore when you read this). Technically excellent recordings (for an EP actually) but quite sterile…<<

MRR (Sep 1996) review: >>Pretty cool, sounding like earlier punk stuff with great 70s vocals and arrangements. Even gets a 60s mod vibe going now and then.<<


None of the others are doing anything musically. I think the drummer, Matt, lives in Chatham (Kent) and runs a jam-night locally, John, the singer, has a printing-company and Alan, the bass-player, lives in Hertfordshire…

Gary Minall

L=>R: Al Godfrey – John Finnigan – Matt Durell – Gary Minall


The Acorns (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 89-02-25)



(12 tracks; no titles)

From Zundert (The Netherlands, near the Belgian border), ‘The Acorns’ (“eikels” in Dutch, which also means “jerks”) was a band Pat(rick) Delabie (‘Scoundrels’ guitarist/vocalist) had going for a short while. The music was melocic punk-rock. Patrick ‘Labie’ played the drums here and sang; the others were bassist John(ny) Delabie and vocalist/guitarist Johan van der Kloof. They had a self-titled 7” (sometimes referred to as Promised Land; recorded May ‘88) out on Pat’s label Swaddle recs…

This here is a registration – by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt – of their performance on Smurfpunx’ ‘animal-day’ (89-02-25), where they played together with ‘Ear Damage’ (Bel) and ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ (Den).

Review of the 7″ in Tilt! #5: >>Simple but effective HC-punk. Sociopolitical analyses. Good.<<


Patrick and I were buddies since secondary school. John, the bassist, is Pat’s brother and we we started a band together for fun. Our music was quite simple and direct. The lyrics were about political issues, the arms-race and the Iron Curtain between the US/West and Russia [Soviet Union at the time], deforestation, and also al lot about animal-suffering. Unfortunately now, 30+ years later, these subjects are still relevant.

After all those years I don’t have a clue about the song-titles anymore though…

Johan van der Kloof

>>Holidays In The World<< (various) compilation (1984)


(A): Cadillac (Intro) / Jehovas Vittnen (“jehovah’s witnesses”) / Kontaktproblem / Likna Dej (“like you”) – ‘Rövsvett’ * Holidays In London / Tonight / Atomic War – ‘The Decay’ * Crib Death / Sex Crime Offender / My Mother Hates Punks / Elvis Inc. – ‘Angry Thalidomide Babies’ * Certified Dead / Graveside / From The Grave – ‘Deformed’ * 10 Reasons Why I Hate Rednecks – ‘Damage’

(B): Jaywalk / Give Us No Chance – ‘Damage’ * L’Heure Du Chaos (“choas hour”) / Les Geoles Republicaines (“republican jails”) / Pourriture (“decay”) – ‘Verdun’ * Kraft (“strength”) / Ego / Svinek. AP (“pig AP”) – ‘Krunch’ * Public Minister / Pull A Rabbit / Blood Race – ‘Vicious Circle’ * – Peter Says / Innocent Faces – ‘The Rest Of The Boys’ * Instigators Of War (live) – ‘Subversion’


From Steven ‘Stel’ R.’s collection. One of the first compilations that Uwe Mindrup (Hasbergen) did on his tape-label Durchbruch Tapes… See also: >>Before The Light Stops<< (various) compilation (1987)<<

Angry Thalidomide Babies (Meaford, Ontario, Can): Tim Freeborn (vocals), Kenny Campbell (bass), Jimmy Grundmann (drums), Matt Clark (guitar), Andrew Brideau (guitar) [Tim: All but Jimmy were later in ‘Sons of Ishmael’.]

Damage (Winter Park, Florida): Jack McGowan/ Joe ‘Skeeter’ Livingston (drums), Mike ‘Chief’ Brown (lead-synth/piano), Mike ‘Puke’ Buchanan (bass-synth), Tyler Stans (vocals)

Deformed (Lowton, UK): Adrian ‘Joe’ Oakes (bass), David Bloor (guitar), Gaz Mennel (drums), Peter Bloor (vocals)

Krunch (Timrå, Swe): Jouni/Jonny Renikainen (guitar), ‘Rille’ Richard Himmerlid (drums), Thorsten Thörnblad (vocals/guitar), Tomas Månsson (bass)

Rövsvett (Tranås, Swe): ‘Löken’ Mikael Karlsson (bass; also ’16 B.U.H.’), Frank Bergsten (drums; also ’16 B.U.H.’), ‘Rylle’ Niklas Rylander (guitar), Jerker Persson (vocals)

Subversion (Hasselt, Bel): ‘Stel’ Steven R. (bass), ‘Witte’ (drums), ‘Vo’ (guitar), ‘Unesco’ (vocals)

The Decay (Zürich, Swi): Markus ‘Mäge’ Sulger (guitar), Steve (drums), ‘Insane Johnny’ Pablo (guitar; later drummer of ‘The Brains Of Humans’, ‘Earth Citizens’, etc.), Fabian ‘Fäbe’ Gasser (bass; nowadays in ‘Aloha Jones’), Sven (vocals) [recordings of the Atomic War tape (1984): ‘David Watergun’ Egon Hajek (vocals/synthbass), Simon (bass), Mark Estdale (drum-computer/effects/engineer) & ‘Insane Johnny’ (guitar/vocals)]

The Rest Of The Boys (Lübeck, Ger): ‘Kirk’ (bass/vocals), ‘Mampe’ Matthias Rawald (drums/vocals), ‘Schnulli’ Rolf Schwarz (guitar/vocals), ‘Ritchie’ Martin Langkau (vocals in the beginning)

Verdun (Rouen, Fra): ‘Eva’ Laurence Gaudot (vocals; R.I.P.), Jean-Luc (guitar), Karl ‘9000’ (bass), Kurt Weimer (drums)

Vicious Circle (Melbourne, Oz): Paul ‘Circle’ Lindsay (vocals), Les Rumincik (guitar; also ‘Condemned?’), Russell Hopkinson (drums), Alby Brovedani (bass)


Karma (Bel) Chaosssss! (1996)



(intro) / Children’s War / (intro) / Non Conformity (‘Lärm’ cover) / Hope He Never Lives Again / Killing Time For… / (intro) / Rape / Does This Sound Unreal / Nature / Mutual Trust (‘Conflict’ cover) / (outro)

‘Karma’ (anarcho-punk from the Antwerp region) was formed after ‘Noise Redcution’ split up; the band consisted of Tom Torfs (later in ‘Visions Of War’) & Tim Leten on bass, Anja Hermans doing vocals, Kurt van den Eynden (drums/vocals) & Jeroen Van Reeth (guitar).

Tim ran the label/distribution Filth-Ear. He also released a ‘Distress’ (NL) / ‘Karma’ split-7″ (1996) and Don’t Support Your Local Scene, a split-LP of his band with the Dutch ‘Bullshit Propaganda’ (’98). Moshi Moshi, the tape-label of some of the ‘Cornucopia’ guys also put out a split-tape with ‘Karma’ earlier (’95; with Bart van den Eynden singing besides Anja)…

Review in Tilt! #9: >>’Karma’ is a bunch of nice people dedicated to DIY, who’re not afraid of bringing politics into music. The lyrics witness of a great compassion with nature and humankind. The title of the tape pretty much covers the music: hectic and messy anarcho-punk. The ‘tunes’ are simple and carry very highpitched female vocals. Introspective parts alter ferocious outbursts. Just to give you an idea about their influences: they cover ‘Conflict’ and ‘Lärm’… Support!<<