Karma (Bel) Chaosssss! (1996)



(intro) / Children’s War / (intro) / Non Conformity (‘Lärm’ cover) / Hope He Never Lives Again / Killing Time For… / (intro) / Rape / Does This Sound Unreal / Nature / Mutual Trust (‘Conflict’ cover) / (outro)

‘Karma’ (anarcho-punk from the Antwerp region) was formed after ‘Noise Redcution’ split up; the band consisted of Tom Torfs (later in ‘Visions Of War’) & Tim Leten on bass, Anja Hermans doing vocals, Kurt van den Eynden (drums/vocals) & Jeroen Van Reeth (guitar).

Tim ran the label/distribution Filth-Ear. He also released a ‘Distress’ (NL) / ‘Karma’ split-7″ (1996) and Don’t Support Your Local Scene, a split-LP of his band with the Dutch ‘Bullshit Propaganda’ (’98). Moshi Moshi, the tape-label of some of the ‘Cornucopia’ guys also put out a split-tape with ‘Karma’ earlier (’95; with Bart van den Eynden singing besides Anja)…

Review in Tilt! #9: >>’Karma’ is a bunch of nice people dedicated to DIY, who’re not afraid of bringing politics into music. The lyrics witness of a great compassion with nature and humankind. The title of the tape pretty much covers the music: hectic and messy anarcho-punk. The ‘tunes’ are simple and carry very highpitched female vocals. Introspective parts alter ferocious outbursts. Just to give you an idea about their influences: they cover ‘Conflict’ and ‘Lärm’… Support!<<


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