>>Holidays In The World<< (various) compilation (1984)


(A): Cadillac (Intro) / Jehovas Vittnen (“jehovah’s witnesses”) / Kontaktproblem / Likna Dej (“like you”) – ‘Rövsvett’ * Holidays In London / Tonight / Atomic War – ‘The Decay’ * Crib Death / Sex Crime Offender / My Mother Hates Punks / Elvis Inc. – ‘Angry Thalidomide Babies’ * Certified Dead / Graveside / From The Grave – ‘Deformed’ * 10 Reasons Why I Hate Rednecks – ‘Damage’

(B): Jaywalk / Give Us No Chance – ‘Damage’ * L’Heure Du Chaos (“choas hour”) / Les Geoles Republicaines (“republican jails”) / Pourriture (“decay”) – ‘Verdun’ * Kraft (“strength”) / Ego / Svinek. AP (“pig AP”) – ‘Krunch’ * Public Minister / Pull A Rabbit / Blood Race – ‘Vicious Circle’ * – Peter Says / Innocent Faces – ‘The Rest Of The Boys’ * Instigators Of War (live) – ‘Subversion’


From Steven ‘Stel’ R.’s collection. One of the first compilations that Uwe Mindrup (Hasbergen) did on his tape-label Durchbruch Tapes… See also: >>Before The Light Stops<< (various) compilation (1987)<<

Angry Thalidomide Babies (Meaford, Ontario, Can): Tim Freeborn (vocals), Kenny Campbell (bass), Jimmy Grundmann (drums), Matt Clark (guitar), Andrew Brideau (guitar) [Tim: All but Jimmy were later in ‘Sons of Ishmael’.]

Damage (Winter Park, Florida): Jack McGowan/ Joe ‘Skeeter’ Livingston (drums), Mike ‘Chief’ Brown (lead-synth/piano), Mike ‘Puke’ Buchanan (bass-synth), Tyler Stans (vocals)

Deformed (Lowton, UK): Adrian ‘Joe’ Oakes (bass), David Bloor (guitar), Gaz Mennel (drums), Peter Bloor (vocals)

Krunch (Timrå, Swe): Jouni/Jonny Renikainen (guitar), ‘Rille’ Richard Himmerlid (drums), Thorsten Thörnblad (vocals/guitar), Tomas Månsson (bass)

Rövsvett (Tranås, Swe): ‘Löken’ Mikael Karlsson (bass; also ’16 B.U.H.’), Frank Bergsten (drums; also ’16 B.U.H.’), ‘Rylle’ Niklas Rylander (guitar), Jerker Persson (vocals)

Subversion (Hasselt, Bel): ‘Stel’ Steven R. (bass), ‘Witte’ (drums), ‘Vo’ (guitar), ‘Unesco’ (vocals)

The Decay (Zürich, Swi): Markus ‘Mäge’ Sulger (guitar), Steve (drums), ‘Insane Johnny’ Pablo (guitar; later drummer of ‘The Brains Of Humans’, ‘Earth Citizens’, etc.), Fabian ‘Fäbe’ Gasser (bass; nowadays in ‘Aloha Jones’), Sven (vocals) [recordings of the Atomic War tape (1984): ‘David Watergun’ Egon Hajek (vocals/synthbass), Simon (bass), Mark Estdale (drum-computer/effects/engineer) & ‘Insane Johnny’ (guitar/vocals)]

The Rest Of The Boys (Lübeck, Ger): ‘Kirk’ (bass/vocals), ‘Mampe’ Matthias Rawald (drums/vocals), ‘Schnulli’ Rolf Schwarz (guitar/vocals), ‘Ritchie’ Martin Langkau (vocals in the beginning)

Verdun (Rouen, Fra): ‘Eva’ Laurence Gaudot (vocals; R.I.P.), Jean-Luc (guitar), Karl ‘9000’ (bass), Kurt Weimer (drums)

Vicious Circle (Melbourne, Oz): Paul ‘Circle’ Lindsay (vocals), Les Rumincik (guitar; also ‘Condemned?’), Russell Hopkinson (drums), Alby Brovedani (bass)


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  1. The ‘Subversion’ song on this tape is called Instigators Of War. It was recorded live at the Kwint in Zonhoven (Bel) on May 20th 1983. The full set (about 30 minutes) was recorded with a portable cassette-recorder in the back of venue. The quality of the original recordings is much better than what is on this tape.


  2. The first ‘S.O.I.’ line-up (Feb. ’85) was me, Kenny (bass), Andrew (guitar), Matt (drums).
    The drummer’s dad objected to his son playing in a band with an objectionable name so, not wanting to lose the only person who would drum with us, we changed the name (sell outs!).
    By the time we recorded Hayseed Hardcore (May ’85), Dave replaced Matt and Glenn joined on second guitar.


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