The Acorns (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 89-02-25)



(12 tracks; no titles)

From Zundert (The Netherlands, near the Belgian border), ‘The Acorns’ (“eikels” in Dutch, which also means “jerks”) was a band Pat(rick) Delabie (‘Scoundrels’ guitarist/vocalist) had going for a short while. The music was melocic punk-rock. Patrick ‘Labie’ played the drums here and sang; the others were bassist John(ny) Delabie and vocalist/guitarist Johan van der Kloof. They had a self-titled 7” (sometimes referred to as Promised Land; recorded May ‘88) out on Pat’s label Swaddle recs…

This here is a registration – by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt – of their performance on Smurfpunx’ ‘animal-day’ (89-02-25), where they played together with ‘Ear Damage’ (Bel) and ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ (Den).

Review of the 7″ in Tilt! #5: >>Simple but effective HC-punk. Sociopolitical analyses. Good.<<


Patrick and I were buddies since secondary school. John, the bassist, is Pat’s brother and we we started a band together for fun. Our music was quite simple and direct. The lyrics were about political issues, the arms-race and the Iron Curtain between the US/West and Russia [Soviet Union at the time], deforestation, and also al lot about animal-suffering. Unfortunately now, 30+ years later, these subjects are still relevant.

After all those years I don’t have a clue about the song-titles anymore though…

Johan van der Kloof

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