The Newspeakers (UK) Casualty Street; promo (1995)


side (A) side (B)

The Newspeakers – with a “management” in Romford (Essex) – was another band signed to Kollusion recs, the label of Martin Norris (& Dee). He sent me an advance-promo for review. In the band: John Finnigan (vocals), Alan Godfrey (bass), Gary Minall (guitar) & Matt Durell (drums). John, Gary and Matt had been in the band ‘Animal Factory’ before… Gary has been in ‘The Anoraks’ since 1996.

Tilt! #9: >>A mellower version of ‘Green Day’ (a bit more melodic but a lot less rocking). Sounds like a band that jumps the bandwagon now that this is hip (maybe it isn’t anymore when you read this). Technically excellent recordings (for an EP actually) but quite sterile…<<

MRR (Sep 1996) review: >>Pretty cool, sounding like earlier punk stuff with great 70s vocals and arrangements. Even gets a 60s mod vibe going now and then.<<


None of the others are doing anything musically. I think the drummer, Matt, lives in Chatham (Kent) and runs a jam-night locally, John, the singer, has a printing-company and Alan, the bass-player, lives in Hertfordshire…

Gary Minall

L=>R: Al Godfrey – John Finnigan – Matt Durell – Gary Minall


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