C.P.D. (Bel) live (Aalst, Bel, 87-03-15)



(intro) / Vlaanderen Ondersteboven (“Flanders upside down”) / Sluipluis (“creepy louse”, about fascists) / (It’s) All In The Family / Paulus De Boskabouter (character from a children’s TV-programme) / Little Ronnie / Fashion Punx / U.S.A. (Indoctrination) / Time Is Running Short / 7 Punx (melody of a flemish classic) / Metal Maniac(s) Suicide / No Politicians / Eten (“food”) / Padvinders Pogo (“(boy)scouts pogo”) / Bobby Freaks / Skateboard Malfunctions

There’s a post with the recordings of ‘C.P.D.’s set in Bredene (88-04-03). These here are from their third Smurfpunx-show about a year earlier (87-03-15) – recorded by (?) and donated by Filip Staes. The other bands that played that night were ‘Cólera’ (Brazil), and the Belgian bands ‘No Numbers’, ‘Anguish’ & ‘Hate Crew’.

In April ‘84 Jaak De Cock (drums) and Bart Van Praet (guitar) started ‘UxSxAx’ (‘Unidentified Shit Army’). Bassists and singer came and went. Hugo Van Speybroeck joined them in Jan. ’85 to play bass & do vocals (e.g. their first Smurfpunx gig 85-12-21); though at ‘C.P.D.’s very first concert (I believe) – 85-03-16 @ ‘De Waag’ in Antwerp) – Geert Cappaert was doing vocals. Vocalist Rudy Hoeykens (also in ‘Opa In Levende Lijve’, a band from Leuven) started singing for them around Aug. ’86… Paolo Craet played bass somewhere in ’88. The acronym stands for ‘Complete Political Disorder’ or ‘Corrupt Police Department’. Read more in the earlier post…


We were punks allright! We were against éverything; Flanders, slaughterhouses, Ronny [Ronald Reagan], fashion-punks, American influences, politicians, boyscouts (still detest them), cops (ACAB!)…

I think I was singing but apparently someone else is roaring along to certain songs (a fan?)… I don’t recognise Rudy’s singing…

Hugo Van Speybroeck

I believe the band here was Hugo on bass, Jaak drumming, Hoeykens singing (I think it’s him; Hugo’s vocals were more shouted…) and myself playing guitar. It probably was a concert before Jaak & Rudy took off to Scandinavia. [87-12-27 ‘Disorder’ played in Antwerp with Jaak on drums; after that they travelled to Oslo, where the band was residing]. In ’88 ‘C.P.D.’ consisted of Pol [Paolo Craet] (bass), Hugo (vocals), Jaak [returned from Norway] (drums) & Bart (guitar).

Bart Van Praet

I recognise the titles of the songs but that’s it… I believe I did write the lyrics, at least some… The intro ends with a short bit of Türkish HC [another one of their songs]…

It was in April ’87 that I went to Norway (with a.o. Rudy); after a couple of months I returned and we did this show in Aalst: a band had canceled [‘Challenger Crew’] and we replaced them. So this one here was with Rudy.

Jaak De Cock

At that time I was still in Belgium so I guess I was at this gig in Aalst.

Rudy Hoeykens

pics from Nieuwe Koekrand #78

‘C.P.D.’ (@ Shrink, Leuven; 86-11-29) photographed by ‘Phantom’ Jean Ducat (Charleroi Slam Crew)

‘C.P.D.’ (@ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp; 87-03-01); pic courtesy Bart Van Praet

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