Die Ketzer (Ger) Gemeinsam Vom Glauben Gesungen; tape (1984)


(A): Pogo auf dem Scheiterhaufen (“pogo on the pyre”) / Leben? (“live”) / 1989 / Die Henker (“the executioners”) / Todesmarsch (“death march”)

(B): Th. K. zieht die Schuhe aus (“Th. K. takes his shoes off”) / Haarausfall (“hairloss”) / Rebell / Im Namen Gottes (“in the name of god”) / Punk Aus Dem Baukasten (“punk from a construction-kit”)

This one was in a box of tapes that my mate ‘Mokka’ (Geert Mokwinksi) borrowed…

Die Ketzer (“the heretics”) were from Darmstadt and surroundings. The www mentions they were known for their D.I.Y. ethics. The guys playing in the band were Stefan Rohmig (guitar), ‘Streusel’ (vocals), Erol Diken (drums) & Sylvie (bass).

The title of the tape can be translated as “singing together about faith”…


‘Die Ketzer’ were formed by Erol Diken (drummer) and myself, Stefan Rohmig (guitar/vocals) in, I guess, 1981. We were about 16 years old and didn’t have any previous musical experience but we believed in that old punk credo, that everyone should get involved, play in a band, organise gigs, do a fanzine – so that’s what we did. All of us, and with a righteous fervour. We ‘progressed’ from the early stages of drumming on biscuit-tins and one amp for guitar & vocals in Erol’s bedroom in his parent’s flat, to actually rehearsing in a friend’s cellar and adding bass-player Sylvie and singer ‘Streusel’. The recordings were made with boombox tape-recorder, we played three or four gigs in the ca. two years we existed. We were D.I.Y. to the extreme, because we didn’t know there was any other way…

After ‘Die Ketzer’ Erol did a fanzine with the same name and formed the band ‘Stromberg Polka’. Sylvie edited the fanzine Unsere Leichen Leben Noch [“our corpses are still alive] and joined the Frankfurter band ‘Vølxfrønt’. Together with Thomas Koch I did the fanzine A.D.S.W. (“agony of schizophrenic madness” in German) and also joined ‘Vølxfrønt’. Later I played bass for ‘Glamour Ghouls’ and formed some more bands (the latest being ‘Barstool Kings’, which have been going for more than 20 years).

Stefan Rohmig

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  1. This is so great that you managed to get hold of more info and even the recordings of ‘Die Ketzer’. Funny to see where some of those connections started/ended.
    I know Thomas of AdsW fanzine a bit, and the other bands those guys later started are quite well-known to me…
    I also had contact with the other people (zinesters) from Darmstatdt at that time…


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