Smoldering Remains (USA) I Stepped Off The Curb And Got Hit By A Bus!; tape (1989)


(part 1): I Stepped Off The Curb … / Blah / The Pigeon Strut / Speck / Spooge / U Make Me Wanna Puke / Black Twinkie

(part 2): Smoldering Remains / Fat Albert / Fiend / Burgertime / Dawg /  Unnamed Mosh Song / Grandma’s Got A Tattoo

From the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

I reckon this was the first band of Ty Smith (later ‘Resist’, etc.; R.I.P.). Early on ‘Smoldering Remains’ was a HC/punk trio from Peoria (Illinois). Besides Ty (here nicknamed ‘Nimrod), the other members were Matt ‘Peglor’ Ziegler (guitar/vocals), Marty Gray (bass/guitar) & Jason Pellegrino (bass) – The latter wasn’t on the tape.

Laurent Seiter (on his webiste churchofzer) mentions ‘Stikky’ and early ‘Adrenalin O.D.’ as references, though “slighlty more chaotic and rougher”.


We were a 3-piece with me on guitar and vocals. Marty Gray on bass and Ty on drums. We added Jason on bass at the end Marty moved to guitar and I did vocals then.

Here’s a video of the band as a quartet: live @ Itoo Hall, Peoria, Il (89-08-04).

Matt Ziegler

I came when Marty moved to guitar so Matt Ziegler could just “sing” (LOL)… Ty Smith’s first band was actually with me in ‘Armageddon’, we then changed our name to ‘Leviathan’, and Ty was our original drummer. ‘Smoldering Remains’ came after.

Jason Pellegrino

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