>>Lorteland<< (various) compilation (1983)


(side 1):

War / Country & Western / The Last – ‘The Zero Point’ *** Rascisme / Tid (“time”) / Sindssyg (“insane”) – ‘War Of Destruction’ *** Nazi Siat (“nazi pig”) / Disco Paskat ‘”disco shit”) / Kaikki Hyvin? (“everything allright?”) / Sota Poika (“war boy”) / Boston Babies / Vietnam Vuonna 1982 (“vietnam in ’82”) / Sadetanssi!? (“raindance!?”) – ‘Anti Disco League’ *** Fortabt (“lost”) / Du (“you”) / Government Get Away / Magtbegær (“lust for power”) / Køter (“meatproducts”) / Lorteland (“shitty country”) / The Queen Is Mad – ‘Crap’ *** Täystuho (“total destruction”) / Pissaa Ja Paskaa (“pee & shit”) / Mulla On Liian Lyhyt Sänky (“my bed is too short”) / Mä Haluan Rahaa (“I want cash”) / Onnellisia Kytkentöja (“happy coupling”) – ‘Terveet Kädet’ *** Copenhagen Hauptbahnhof (“Copenhagen central station”) – ‘Klar Pest’ *** Psykoanalysen (“psychoanalysis”) / Stille Først (“quiet at first”) / I Krig (“at war”) / Sig Nej Til Atomkraft! (“say no to nuclear power”) – ‘Disaster’ *** Apathy – ‘Camouflage’ *** Punished & Humbled (‘Freshly Riots’)

(side 2):

Politiker Vold (“political violence”) / Elektrochoc / Dead Cop / Nægt (“refused”) – ‘Spild Af Tid’ *** 317 Nitter (“317″ rivets”) / Gift (“poison”) / Vold (“violence”) / Guds Børn (“children of god”) / Enola Gay / Blodrus (blood intoxication”) / Bud Bad – ‘Enola Gay’ *** Dio Salvi Il Vaticano (“god save the vatican“) / La Vostra Violenza (“your violence”) / Giustizia (“justice”) / Polizia – ‘Impact’ *** Allucinazione Metropolitana (“metropolitan hallucination“) / Ricambio Umano (“human replacement”) / Rabbia E Disperazione (“anger and despair“) / Occupazione (“occupation”) / PunkAminazione (zine) – ‘5° Braccio’ *** No Al Sistema (“no to the system”) / Nessuna Ragione (“no reason”) / Nessuna Giustizia (“no justice”) / Crea Veleno (“produce poison”) / Polvere Fastidiosa (“annoying dust”) / Detesta (“hate”) / Sentimento Altruista (“altruistic sentiment”) – ‘Indigesti’ *** I Hate The New Romantics / Urolige Tider (“troubled times”) / Slütters Kabinet (“?”) – ‘Diarrè’ *** Et Andet Nummer (“another song”) – ‘Freshly Riots’

[Apparently some of the tracks listed on the insert didn’t make it to side 2…]

This tape (a donation by Steven ‘Stel’ R.) is the very first that Anderz Nielsen compiled. Lorteland is Danish for “shitty country”. He did it in 1983 under the name Boston Tea Party tapes, together with his band-mate Brian Hansen (both living in Albertslund, Denmark). At the time Anderz was playing in ‘Enola Gay’ and did a zine entitled Alles Krig Mod Alle. Later he moved to Kopenhagen, expanded B.T.P. to a distribution, organised shows (at the local punk venue Ungdomshuset) & tours, and played in HC/punk bands such as ‘Misanthropic Charity’ & ‘President Fetch’.


How did I gett B.T.P. started? The whole idea about doing a compilation-tape already formed late 1981 when I was living in Jutland [the peninsula part of Denmark] and the only chance to get to music that I liked was to write to bands I read about in fanzines. Some bands sent me their demo – great demos that I thought others also should have a chance to hear – so I started contacting even more bands asking them if they had a few songs I could use. In 1982 I moved to Albertslund (Zealand [largest island of Denmark]) and together with my good friend Brian (‘Bad Brain’) we started The Boston Tea Party Tapes and released the Lorteland compilation. The first edition was 150 copies (minus the 15 tapes that we gave to the bands involved). Later on I kinda lost track of how many copies we did but it’s only the first 150 tapes that got the black & red cover. Why did we choose those particular bands? Because we liked them and they wanted to get involved. The idea was to get less know bands/music from around the world out to more people. The name of the tape refers to the way the Danish government was handling the housing-situation (especially in Copenhagen) and youth in general. The picture on the cover shows the demolition of a squat/venue called Allotria [evicted in January 1983], a very important venue in the early squat/punk-scene in Denmark.

Anderz Nielsen


5° Braccio (“5th arm”) (Torino, Ita): Orlando/Filippo (bass),  Mara Caberlin (vocals; also ‘Contrazione’), Paola/Orlando Furioso (drums), Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano (guitar; also ‘Declino’ & ‘Negazione’), Sergio Tosato (vocals; also ‘Contrazione’ & ‘Panico’)

Anti Disco League (Salo, Fin): Jouni Niemi (bass), AF/Affe Vajanto (drums), O-P Salo (guitar) [started out as a 4-piece, later became a 2-piece without a bassist]

Camouflage (Århus, Den): Anne (drums), Dennis (guitar), Key (vocals), Gladys (bass) [Anderz: with members from bands such as ‘Zero Point’, ‘Le Cra.p’ & ‘War Of Destruction’]

Crap (Århus, Den): ‘Daller’ (vocals), ‘Donny’ Dan Sørensen (guitar), Enrico Andreis (drums), Jan ‘Key’ Hansen (bass)

Diarrè (“diarrhea”) (Albertslund, Den): Charlotte Bagge (vocals), Carsten West (drums), Henrik ‘IB’ Jørgensen (guitar), ‘Phüs’ Peter Waldorph (bass)

Disaster (?, Den): ? [Anderz: my first band, while still living in Jytland]

Enola Gay (Albertslund, Den): Anderz Nielsen (guitar), Brian ‘Bad Brain’ Hansen (bass), Jesper ‘Liselotte’ Jørgensen (vocals), Claus Jyderup (drums)

Freshly Riots (Aars, Den): ‘Ghetto Mike’ Hammer (bass), ‘Tjalfe Hørenbach’ Jørn Iversen (guitar), ‘Mr Volt’ Christian Frank Pedersen (drums), ‘Bo Weany Nightinghal’ Bo Led Andersen (vocals), ‘P.G. Stink’ Michael Touborg Andersen (keyboards)

Impact (Ferrara, Ita): Diego Fabbri (bass; taking over from ‘Bistek’), Alberto ‘Gigo’ Gigante (drums), ‘Janz’ Stefano Ragazzi (guitar), ‘Bistek’ Massimo Ragazzi (vocals; replacing Andrea ‘Infa’).

Indigesti (Vercelli, Ita): Rudy Medea (vocals), Enrico Giordano (guitar), Silvio Bernelli (bass), Massimo Corradino/Massimino Ferrusi (drums)

Klar Pest (“plain plague”) (Albertslund, Den): Carsten West () [Anderz: with members of ‘Kalashnikow’]

Spild Af Tid (“waste of time”) (Den): Lars Hedegaard Jørgensen (guitar), Mads Thøger Veddinge (vocals), Peter Frøby (drums), Tom Gruschy Knudsen (bass)

Terveet Kädet (“healthy hands”) (Tornio, Fin): Veli-Matti ‘Läjä’ Äijälä (vocals), Timo Viik (guitar), ‘Piäsky’ Markus Saarenpää (bass), ‘Peedro’ Petri Rankka (drums)

The Zero Point (Århus, Den): Lars ‘Louis’ Kristensen (drums; later Dennis Jensen), Thomas Maintz (guitar; later Steen Thomsen), Henrik Lund (bass), Steen Thomsen (vocals)

War Of Destruction (Århus, Den): ‘Donny’ Dan Sørensen (guitar), Hans Simonsen (vocals), Jan ‘Key’ Hansen (bass), Steen Thomsen (drums)


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