Evasive Action (NZe) Looking For A Battlefield; demo (1984)



A Nation Divided / DogFight / Possession / Agony / Slow Death / Militant Takeover / Evasive Action / Humungus (Ayatolla) / Live For Fun 2 / Seconds To Live / High Walls / Friday 27th / Bureaucrat / Live For Fun 1

This tape is from Steven ‘Stel’ R.’s collection. It’s indicated as “studio demo”. It contains the same songs but in an other order. It was probably meant as a promo… The B-side of the tape is a live registration of ‘The Union’ @ the Auckland Uni Café (84-08-04)…

The band, from Christchurch (New Zealand), was Mark ‘Gibby’ Gibson (drums), Erik Van Den Hoven (bass), Eugene Butcher (vocals), Harry Hepworth (guitar).

From Audioculture, The Noisy Library Of New Zealand Music: >>Eugene and Erik wasted little time on ‘Desperate Measures’ demise in early 1983. They quickly formed ‘Evasive Action’ with two former members of ‘Unauthorised’ – bassist Mark on drums and Harry Hepworth, ‘Unauthorised’s singer, playing guitar. […] A Nation Divided, Dogfight, Possession, Agony (Harry on vocals), Slow Death, Militant Takeover, Evasive Action, Humungus (Ayatolla) and Live For Fun 2 were recorded at Nightshift Studio on 9 February 1984 and released along with the July 1983 sessions as Looking For A Battlefield on Failsafe tapes in 1984.<<

Nowadays Eugene lives in London where he has a contemporary version of ‘Desperate Measures’ (his other band) going. He’s also the publisher/editor of Vive Le Rock & some other music-magazines (Big Cheese Publishing Ltd)…


We remastered this tape and did some nice artwork for it: evasiveaction.bandcamp.com The band went on to become ‘Southern Front‘ and before that they were 2 different bands: ‘Desperate Measures’ and ‘Unauthorised’. Eugene from ‘Desperate Measures’ is actually performing under that name in the UK playing songs from all 4 bands in their set. He’s managing their material. [Eugene agreed to publish this.]

I’m a big fan of blogs on music. Great to see people write about music with passion.

Rob Mayes (Failsafe recs)

Eugene – Harry – Erik – Mark

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