Metal Duck (UK) Quackcore; demo (1987)


tracks: Mother Death / Destruction / Bomb Bay Duck / Stepping Stone to Hell / Visions And Reality / (pause) / N.D.Q.C. / The March of the Metal Duck to the Ponds of Hell

A tape donated by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt.

‘Metal Duck’ was a thrashcore band from Manchester/Wigan that Andy Barnard (guitarist of ‘Electro Hippies’) joined on guitar & vocals. The others were Dave Burton (drums; ex ‘Rampant Duck’), Fozzy Daniels (guitar) & Keith (bass). The vocalist on QuackCore 87 was ‘Arse’. ‘Huttie’ (ex ‘Reprisal’) sang on the LP…

Some of the tracks re-appeared on the split- with ‘Lawnmower Death’ (’88) and their Drunk And A Flirt tape (’89).


‘Metal Duck’ as such formed about 86-ish. The start line-up was with was me (drums),  Foz (guitar) & Keith (bass). We just jammed in the cellar of my old house. Eventually got a few songs together and then decided to record a demo. We got a mate from back in punk-scene, ‘Arse’, on vocals. He only had 2 band-practices (in Stockport) I think; that was before we recorded. We sent it to Don Kaye (Kerrang): he did a page called Deathzine (demo-page) every month or so. It got a really good review apart from the vocals (too loud)… It got us a lot of orders from all round world.

Andy didn’t play on this demo; only on Drunk & A Flirt.

N.D.Q.C. stands for Napalm Death QuackCore… Our sort of ‘Napalm Death’ type song. If you listen to the words: it’s us counting 1>10… That’s how we kept in time also.

Dave Burton

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