Onslaught (UK) live (Leeds, UK, 85-08-24)


tracks: Power From Hell / Death Metal / Contract In Blood / Angels Of Death / Fight With The Beast / Lord Of Evil

(extra: Shellshock; live @ Denderhoutem, Bel, 87-12-19)

This tape is a contribution by ‘Bux’ Jan De Vriendt. It’s supposed to be a recording of (part of) a show in Leeds on 85-08-24 but the www mentions 85-09-04 @ Adam & Eves in Leeds (Power From Hell tour).

The album Power From Hell was released on Children Of The Revolution recs (Tim Bennett). The (punkmetalcore) band was from Bristol and (at the time) consisted of drummer Steve Grice, bassist Jason Stallard, guitarist Nige Rockett & vocalist Paul ‘Mo’ Mahoney.


There’s actually 2 recordings of this gig at Leeds Adam & Eves, one from the desk (this one) and an audience recording. I’ve got both recordings which will turn up (along with many others) on a new channel I’m currently working on, featuring live audio recordings from punk(ish) bands from the UK in the 1970s and 80s. ‘Onslaught’s best live recordings from this period were always at Gateshead Station – we played there 3 times.

Paul Mahoney.

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