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The Sikhs Dah-Nies / Naked Nuns (Bel) demo + live (1986)


demo (86): Bad Natives / Faustian Bargain / Go Climb A Mountain / Going Somewhere / No Words / Runaway Russians / Suicide / The Sensation Of Crime / Too Wild To Be Born

live Dendermonde (86-05-03): Big Brother, We’re Watching You / Devil Is Bad / Faustian Bargain / Going Somewhere / Runaway Russians / Too Wild To Be Born

live Gent (86-06-05): Bad Natives / Go Climb A Mountain / Suicide / The Sensation Of Crime

Re-reading back 80s zines I was reminded of a band I saw a couple of times locally but who got lost in the lesser active cells of my brain…

In the early 80s some friends from the Deinze/Gent area started making music under the name ‘L’Union Fait La Force’ (“unity makes strength”): guitarist Peter, bassist Piet, drummer Eric and singer Ben. They split up in ’84 but re-started in ’86 as ‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ (a name referring to pretending to be Danny to mislead the police) with Piet also behind the drum-kit (yes, 2 drummers). They said they were influenced by West-Coast HC bands (e.g. ‘Dead Kennedys’) but also thrash, hardrock & blues. They also liked punk bands such as ‘Sham 69’, ‘Stiff Little Fingers’, ‘Clash’ etc.). I think a good description of thier music would be garage-punk. The lyrics dealt with socio-political subjects: imperialism/colonialism, the illusion of freedom, the hypocrite religious cult, etc.


The live sets were recorded (through the P.A.) at the Vooruit in Gent [86-06-05; supporting ‘Sonic Youth’] and at the Ack-Ack concert [actually Smurfpunx together with Kurt Boelens] at the Roxy in Dendermonde [86-05-03]. In Dendermonde we were still called ‘Naked Nuns’, later we changed the name to ‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ (referring to the 6 band-members but no other special meaning). The demo-recordings (May/June ’86) were made via a mixing-table in our rehearsal-space in Deinze. Both the live tapes and the demo recordings were distributed at gigs.

‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ line-up was: Piet Van Oost (drums; R.I.P. 88-01-30), Eric Monsaert (drums), Luc Van Den Heede (guitar), Peter Van Paemel (guitar), Erwin De Waele (bass) & myself (vocals).

As ‘L’Union Fait La Force’ (1981-1983) we played mostly locally (Deinze, Astene, …). ‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ took us a bit further: we played De Marbel in Tielt twice, Benefietski Libertadski (for the striking miners, organised by Mario Mathijs) with ‘Sponky Business’, in Gent (@ Kanivoo with ‘Magic Mushrooms’, @ the 17), Watervliet, Oudenaarde, etc. etc.

Ben Standaert


‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ @ Vooruit, Gent; 86-06-05

Ben Standaert @ Benefietski Libertadski, St-Niklaas; 86-03-15

C.P.D. (Bel) live (Aalst, Bel, 87-03-15)



(intro) / Vlaanderen Ondersteboven (“Flanders upside down”) / Sluipluis (“creepy louse”, about fascists) / (It’s) All In The Family / Paulus De Boskabouter (character from a children’s TV-programme) / Little Ronnie / Fashion Punx / U.S.A. (Indoctrination) / Time Is Running Short / 7 Punx (melody of a flemish classic) / Metal Maniac(s) Suicide / No Politicians / Eten (“food”) / Padvinders Pogo (“(boy)scouts pogo”) / Bobby Freaks / Skateboard Malfunctions

There’s a post with the recordings of ‘C.P.D.’s set in Bredene (88-04-03). These here are from their third Smurfpunx-show about a year earlier (87-03-15) – recorded by (?) and donated by Filip Staes. The other bands that played that night were ‘Cólera’ (Brazil), and the Belgian bands ‘No Numbers’, ‘Anguish’ & ‘Hate Crew’.

In April ‘84 Jaak De Cock (drums) and Bart Van Praet (guitar) started ‘UxSxAx’ (‘Unidentified Shit Army’). Bassists and singer came and went. Hugo Van Speybroeck joined them in Jan. ’85 to play bass & do vocals (e.g. their first Smurfpunx gig 85-12-21); though at ‘C.P.D.’s very first concert (I believe) – 85-03-16 @ ‘De Waag’ in Antwerp) – Geert Cappaert was doing vocals. Vocalist Rudy Hoeykens (also in ‘Opa In Levende Lijve’, a band from Leuven) started singing for them around Aug. ’86… Paolo Craet played bass somewhere in ’88. The acronym stands for ‘Complete Political Disorder’ or ‘Corrupt Police Department’. Read more in the earlier post…


We were punks allright! We were against éverything; Flanders, slaughterhouses, Ronny [Ronald Reagan], fashion-punks, American influences, politicians, boyscouts (still detest them), cops (ACAB!)…

I think I was singing but apparently someone else is roaring along to certain songs (a fan?)… I don’t recognise Rudy’s singing…

Hugo Van Speybroeck

I believe the band here was Hugo on bass, Jaak drumming, Hoeykens singing (I think it’s him; Hugo’s vocals were more shouted…) and myself playing guitar. It probably was a concert before Jaak & Rudy took off to Scandinavia. [87-12-27 ‘Disorder’ played in Antwerp with Jaak on drums; after that they travelled to Oslo, where the band was residing]. In ’88 ‘C.P.D.’ consisted of Pol [Paolo Craet] (bass), Hugo (vocals), Jaak [returned from Norway] (drums) & Bart (guitar).

Bart Van Praet

I recognise the titles of the songs but that’s it… I believe I did write the lyrics, at least some… The intro ends with a short bit of Türkish HC [another one of their songs]…

It was in April ’87 that I went to Norway (with a.o. Rudy); after a couple of months I returned and we did this show in Aalst: a band had canceled [‘Challenger Crew’] and we replaced them. So this one here was with Rudy.

Jaak De Cock

At that time I was still in Belgium so I guess I was at this gig in Aalst.

Rudy Hoeykens

pics from Nieuwe Koekrand #78

‘C.P.D.’ (@ Shrink, Leuven; 86-11-29) photographed by ‘Phantom’ Jean Ducat (Charleroi Slam Crew)

‘C.P.D.’ (@ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp; 87-03-01); pic courtesy Bart Van Praet

Karma (Bel) Chaosssss! (1996)



(intro) / Children’s War / (intro) / Non Conformity (‘Lärm’ cover) / Hope He Never Lives Again / Killing Time For… / (intro) / Rape / Does This Sound Unreal / Nature / Mutual Trust (‘Conflict’ cover) / (outro)

‘Karma’ (anarcho-punk from the Antwerp region) was formed after ‘Noise Redcution’ split up; the band consisted of Tom Torfs (later in ‘Visions Of War’) & Tim Leten on bass, Anja Hermans doing vocals, Kurt van den Eynden (drums/vocals) & Jeroen Van Reeth (guitar).

Tim ran the label/distribution Filth-Ear. He also released a ‘Distress’ (NL) / ‘Karma’ split-7″ (1996) and Don’t Support Your Local Scene, a split-LP of his band with the Dutch ‘Bullshit Propaganda’ (’98). Moshi Moshi, the tape-label of some of the ‘Cornucopia’ guys also put out a split-tape with ‘Karma’ earlier (’95; with Bart van den Eynden singing besides Anja)…

Review in Tilt! #9: >>’Karma’ is a bunch of nice people dedicated to DIY, who’re not afraid of bringing politics into music. The lyrics witness of a great compassion with nature and humankind. The title of the tape pretty much covers the music: hectic and messy anarcho-punk. The ‘tunes’ are simple and carry very highpitched female vocals. Introspective parts alter ferocious outbursts. Just to give you an idea about their influences: they cover ‘Conflict’ and ‘Lärm’… Support!<<


Silent Water (Bel) In Coke We Trust; tape (1989)



Zolang Ik Maar Niet Nadenk (“as long as I don’t think”) / Turn Away / Rain / Wasted Paper / Meat Is Life / Puke / Bird (1) / Never Understood / SS / Heritage Foundation / Deep Inside / The Tower / Irritation / Bird (2)

‘Waisted Life’ (sic) was featured on the Maja De Brij compilation. The band (actually ‘Wasted Life’, from Veldegem, near Brugge) was Filip Devolder (bass/guitar), Benny Maes (guitar/bass), Mieke Devlieger (vocals) & John Vandaele (drums). Before that (1983) there was another band that Filip was in: ‘Puppets On A String’. When W.L. quit (They only played a few gigs.), Filip started this project for he which he played all instruments and sang. He tells me he also did a tape under the name ‘Dead At Birth.’ (read below). In the early 90s he participated in the Walk Across America. Later (1993) he replaced Jaak D.C. on drums in the new line-up of  ‘Nations On Fire’. ‘Silent Water’ did another tape entitled Neuk … En Gij Zult Kinderen Krijgen ‎(“fuck…and you will have children”) and released an album (A Joyride On Waves Of Solitude).

Filip ran a healthfood-store in Ostend for a while and lives in France nowadays…


When ‘Wasted Life’ quit, I bought myself a 4 track-recorder and started composing (I had the instruments). Actually I did 6 tapes… The first one (Jan-Feb 1989) had no title and my ID as a cover. In Coke We Trust was the second (Feb-Apr ‘89). The third (May-Jul ’89) was titled Word Rijkswachter Nu (“become a policeman now”). Number 4 – Existentie (“existence”) – was recorded Oct-Nov ‘89. And then came (Neuk …), out in January 1990. I also compiled a benefit-tape for the Walk Across America For Mother Earth (Dead At Birth) in ’91 (with old and new tracks). And then I went to South-America in 1990…

Filip Devolder

Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel) Oh! No! It’s A Rehearsal!; demo (1996)



TV Girls / One Step Higher / Honesty / My Old Friends / Religious Song / Saturday Night / The Price / Sometimes / Rational Girl / Regendruppels Vallen (“raindrops fall”; traditional)

In the late 80s Roberto Gasparini did a few zines; one was with his mate Kurt Van Asselberghs (both from Rotselaar). Later they ended up in this band: Roberto did bass/vocals, Kurt guitar/vocals. Kurt De Bont (from Haacht) played drums and sang.

A bit later Gert Goris joined to do vocals. In ’98 came the 7” (Six Songs To Die For: released by Funtime recs, Kurt DB’s own Hageland Strikes Back and Tim Leten’s Filth-Ear distribution). They also released a split-CD with the ‘End of Ernie’ in ’99 (Kurt VA says it was ’97). Both were recorded at Studio 195. The split-CD was just with Kurt VA on guitar – Philippe Anthonis joined later.

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Midtempo melodic punkrock with sneering vocals (the singing hints to the ‘Buzzcocks’). Recorded on a 4-track so don’t expect anything super-smooth. Hey this is DIY! The sociocritical lyrics are quite understandable. Simple but honest.<<


Tachyon (Bel) tape (1995)


(A) Dega Dega / Pour Papa / Restlessly Moving On / Civilisation / Rise And Shine / Vanessa Meets Biohazard

(B) Politique Belgique / The Eye Of The Needle / Fucking All The Fuck / Piece Of Shit / Awakening

‘Tachyon’ started in 1994 as a HC band with ska influences. They were from Antwerp: Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums; ex ‘Zyklome-A’ & ‘Ear Damage’), Mukti Gabriels (guitar/backing vocals; also in ‘Skatta’), ‘Bie Bak’ Walter De Bie (bass/backing vocals; ex ‘Verdomde Idioten’) and ‘Zap’ Mark Ooms (lead vocals/trombone). In a later stage more horns (trumpet by Gregor Engelen) were added and the ska become more prominent. They released an album entitled Burning Shoes. After the turn of the century Mukti & Gregor formed the ‘Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra’.

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Super-energetic straightforward hardcore alternated with dub/ska-bits (backbeat, trombone and all that). Quite technical but very infectious and danceable. Lyrics tell about their discontent with life. These lads seem to have brains (it says ‘Antwerp Antifa Hardcore’ on the lyric-sheet e.g.) […]<<


>>The year is 1993. After ‘Ear Damage’ and ‘Verdomde Idioten’ (“damned idiots”) parted ways, drummer ‘Bie’ and bassist ‘Bie’ decided to start a new band. The two of them worked on songs in the attic of De Feedback, a punk-bar in the North of Antwerp. Mukti was also rehearsing there with ‘Skatta’ & ‘Moss’, and was asked to join as guitar-player. The sound was a melting-pot of all the musician’s backgrounds (mostly very fast hardcore punk) and the latest incarnation or wave of punk in California. That style was more challenging to play, with lots of rhythm-changes and breaks, and a strong sense of melody. It took some time to find a singer but the band found one in Mark, who also played the trombone. The band was eager to incorporate this sound seeing that using that instrument in fast hardcore hadn’t been done before. This also opened the door to playing an occasional ska or reggae song. After a year the self-titled debut was released as a tape. There were a few tours in neighbouring countries but most shows were played in Belgium. Over the following years the band started writing more ska-oriented songs and Gregor took over on vocals while Mark went to full time trombone playing. There are some lost tapes that never got released and around 1999 the band recorded a full CD with the new ska-punk sound, titled Burning Shoes. In the last year the band featured a full horn-section but called it a day before recording anything. Drummer ‘Bie’ and Mukti continued to play together in ‘Belgian Asociality’, and Gregor & Mukti formed the ‘Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra’.<<

Mukti Gabriels; for the band

Time Out (Bel) demo (1997)



Progress / Nasty Violence / Life Goes On / Enough Barriers / Mind The Pitfall

Yes, this was the band of which the frontman died while performing on the stage of the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (97-09-19). But it would be doing him, his partner and son, and his friends wrong to remember just that. At the time they were a promising band with good intentions, supportive of the D.I.Y. ethic. That’s also why I gave them the space to represent themselves in my zine… ‘Time Out‘ was an anarcho-punk band from the Ghent area with Dirk Van Alboom (guitar/vocals), Tanja/Tancha Van Kerckhoven (bass/vocals) & Rudy (drums). This tape was recorded during a rehearsal…

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Melodic HC with an anarcho-punk feel. Simple riffs but varied enough to keep your attention. Lyrics about life’s morality and evolution, violence, barriers in the scene, and the religious right. Honest punk.<<

Comrade (Bel) live (Antwerp, Bel, 88-07-03)


“This is dedicated to all anti-nazi skinheads everywhere!”


(soundcheck) / City Troops / (Why Do They Always Get) The Blame / Work Together (cover of ‘The Oppressed’) / Typical Skin / Skins’n’Punks / Come On Palestinians / Skating / How Many Children Must There Be / Coward / You’re All Gonna Die / Shoot Right

These recordings were made July 3rd 1988 at the 1000 Appeltjes in Antwerp (nót July 2nd 1988 where the band played at Cruysduyne (a parish-hall) in the Belgian coastal town Bredene with other Belgian bands ‘Chronic Disease’, ‘Dirty Scums’ and probably ‘C.P.D.’; plus the French ‘Scraps’ and the Scottish ‘Oi Polloi’). In Antwerp ‘Comrade’ and other ‘local’ bands ‘Vais’ & ‘Belgian Associlaty’ supported ‘Oi Polloi’. The tracks ended up on a split-tape with ‘Oi Polloi’, released by Stephen Parsons (R.I.P.) on his B.B.P. Records And Cassettes. Thanks to Koen ‘Siesiele’ Lammens for providing (most of) them!

‘Comrade’ was an (anti-fascist/ani-racist) oi!/ redskin/ ska-core band from Antwerp, with (at the time) Joost Vantomme (guitar), Joris (drums), ‘Bib’ (bass) & Klaas Vantomme (vocals). They were around from the late 80s to half-way the 90s and did a demo (1990) & a 7″ What About the Children (on Mad Butcher recs, 1995). They were influenced by ‘The Oppressed’, early ‘Oi Polloi’ and ‘The Blaggers’.


The band originated in 1986 during a ‘Conflict’ concert in Antwerp. We could do better than what we saw on stage, we thought 😉 . We were skins who wanted to play oi!. That gave a bad after-taste in the Antwerp punk-scene. We were going to show that those kind of prejudices were bullshit. The politically correct thinking was damping freedom, also back then. People wanted to put us in a corner; for the Antwerp punk-scene skinheads were nazis and racists. ‘Comrade’ wanted to show that skinheads had nothing to do with fascism. We were never a political band but only because of our militant anti-racism (words & action), we were easily labeled as leftist. Our name did(n’t) help to that matter, for sure, haha. We played until 1992 all over Europe. Because of our self-willed choices we didn’t really fit in a certain current, group or movement. We’ve always chosen our own path. We never forgot our roots: skinhead & oi!. Nostalgia isn’t our thing but we will show the newer generation what us oldies still have to say and do what they think. In 2021 we’ll be on stage a couple of times, playing festivals in Germany. Our first mini-LP will also be released (Mad Butcher recs), together with a compilation of demos and live recordings.

Klaas Vantomme

pics (@ Bredene, 88-07-02) by Serge Harvent


Counter-Attack (Bel) Demonstrate Or Demolition; demo (1996)


(A): Welke Gelijkheid? (“what equality”) / The Dullness Of Mankind / All Raise For The Next Case

(B): Poppycock / Mushrooms / Summary

Counter-Attack was an anarcho-punk band, orginally from Alken, Limburg (but gradually ‘embedded’ in the anarchist/squat scene in Ghent). They played anarcho-peace-punk influenced by ‘Crass’, ‘Flux Of Pink Indians’ & ‘Dirt’. Originally they had a female singer but the line-up became ‘Groovy’ Jochen (vocals), Stef ‘Irritant’ Heeren (guitar/vocals; later ‘Katastrophobia’ drummer), Wim ‘Simsallabim’ De Neve (bass), Jeroen (drums; later Yvan Meers of ‘Visons Of War’). Autum of 1998 they recorded for their Laments And Skulls LP on Prejudice prods. The recordings for Masters And Jesters (LP out on Nabate) were done at Michaël ‘Link’ Maes’ studio in December 1999. Some years before that (1996) Stef sent me a letter and their demo (Demonstrate Or Demolition) asking to help/support them with gigs.

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Politico-punk with a distinct 80s feel (the ‘Crass’-era). Sounds rather ‘snotty’ (and I don’t mean that pejorative): simple riffs, high-pitched female vocals cut with male anarcho-rants and very little distortion on the guitar. But don’t get me wrong: this sounds very sincere and enraged. Lyrics about class-struggle, gender-roles, the juridical system, nationalism and nuclear arms. This seems a band dedicated to DIY and aiming for (a) revolutionary change.<<


This demo was the first feat of the very first line-up of ‘Counter-Attack’. Heavily influenced by ‘Crass’, sometimes a bit too much but quite fresh, in a time when everyone was into crust. I think that’s why we sounded interesting. At the time I was doing an internship for the non-profit association Voor Moeder Aarde [For Mother Earth; environmental organisation], hence the approach with anti-nuclear artwork. The demo helped us cross the borders of Limburg: amps and guitars on the train and of to another Leed festival at the Vort‘n Vis [autonomous hardcore-punk venue in Ieper]; fabulous times! It was my personal Pandora’s box and the impetus of what was to follow for ‘Counter-Attack’.


Unhinged (Bel) 2nd demo (1995)


Tracks: Out / Reality / Misère (Misery) / So It Goes / Violence

After the 1st demo of my Liège friends there was this second one that was recorded April 1995: Nabate’s Manu (vocals) & Alain (guitar), plus ‘Hiatus’ Willy Nollomont (bass) & Azill Kamizol (drums). Their friend Mireille was doing extra vocals. The songs from this tape were also on ‘Unhinged’s first album Wind Our Freedom In Fire.

Again fierceful throat-cutting/gut-stabbing “crust-emo”… From my review of the LP in Tilt! #9: >>This gives me goose-bumps! Can’t get enough of this band! What power, what torment! When I see & hear them live, I always get the the feeling like a piece of barbed wire is strung around my heart, and all the pain and misery is being squeezed out. Then I see Alain smilingly strangle his guitar and think of all the good times of the past… Manic and so energetic, one can’t but get wild; a bone-chilling sound that sets all sorts of emotions free. The thumping bass and pounding drums enhance this by making your bowels feel as if they gonna burqt out of your belly. Heart-felt, desperate and furious screams… The insert tells us there’s (French & English) lyrics about mental institutions, apathy, desperation, society’s violence, etc. This stuff is of vital importance to me.<<

Beginning of 1996 Manu left ‘Unhinged’ because singing made her throat worse and worse. She was replaced by Nat(halie) Linotte, who sang on the second LP (Crime And Punishment). In spring 1998 Nat, Alain & Wills toured the US with Ben (ex ‘Hiatus’) replacing (also on the LP) Azill on drums. On tour in Spain (Oct ’98) Wills was replaced by Tomoy (‘Scraps’). After the turn of the century Manu & Wills resurfaced in ‘Twisted System’… Alain played in the rock-band ‘Two-Star Hotel’ (with Ben) and is/was active in a few non-profit organisations (Jonruelle, Casa Nicaragua, La Zone).

‘Unhinged’ Alain+Manu (Ras L’Bol #6)