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Godcorp. (Can) Back To Godhead; tape (1987)


(A): Man With Porridge Function / Untitled / Broken Mind / Priests Of Profit / Killing Death & Mutilation

(B): Mask / Case Study / Trial By Fire / Serve & Protect / Howl

Another tape from the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

This band (from Toronto, Ontario) played fast melodic hardcore punk. The line-up was ‘Tony’ Meaney (vocals), Tom (guitar), Rich (guitar), Steve (bass) & Dave (drums). Besides this tape, they appeared also on a couple of compilation-tapes (Well Hung Monks & Ontario: Yours To Discover!).


review in Metallised #8

They were a hardcore band made up of kids from the Maritimes [Maritime provinces, a region of Eastern Canada], mostly members of ‘Schizoid’ (who I believe were from St John’s [capital of the Canadian province Newfoundland & Labrador]). Singer Tony Meaney sang in a band called ‘Public Enemy’ (which released a cassette). They were also from St. John’s. Tony used to do a zine too, possibly using the same name (Public Enemy). I think they pre-dated the more well-known rap-band with the same name…

I did an interview with Tony (link). Here’s a very brief summary: Tony is from the remote village St. Marys, Newfoundland. ‘Schizoid’ was originally named ‘Public Enemy’. Tony moves to Toronto in October ’85 where lives at a punk-house called Happy House. ‘Schizoid’ forms and releases an EP called Beer Thief. Tony goes back to NF for a visit and when he returns there’s a guy in the basement named Tom (from New Brunswick [Canadian province]) who has a band called ‘Godcorp.’ and they’re looking for a singer. Tony joins. The band was already gigging before that. Rich P. and Steve McDonald [R.I.P.] were from Toronto. Dave Gonzales (also from Toronto) was the drummer; his dad was a Chilean political prisoner living in exile in Cuba. His older sister, Paula, was also in a band (‘Chicken Milk’) playing bass. Dave went on to play in a local HC band called ‘Dirty Bird’. There is a lot more information about influences in the interview.

I seem to remember the band being compared to ‘Negative FX’ in a review that appeared in MRR…

Stephe Perry (Equalizing Distort)

‘GodCorp.’ was my first band. I was 17 in 1987 (when this tape was released). Steve, Tom, Rich and myself rolled as a crew long before the band was even formed. We met Tony through mutual friends. Once Tony left the band, another mutual friend (Rob) stepped in as a vocalist for a short while. We would all jam in my parent’s basement (thank you for your incredible patience) and eventually we would rent rehearsal-time at Exit Studios (Queen & Ossington). We shared the room with legendary Toronto veterans ‘Sudden Impact’. These were some of my favourite times of my life. ‘GodCorp.’ paved the way for my fountain of youth. I call it that because I’ve always thought that music, arts and specially the punk-scene, keeps you young and immature hahaha! I was blessed to have such a good set of solid friends at that time.

‘GodCorp.’ played many local shows in Toronto and surrounding area and even went to Buffalo (NY) to open up for Canadian legends ‘S.N.F.U.’. Tom played guitar with a cast on his arm (a skateboarding accident) at that show. Eventually the band split up (was together only a few years) and people moved along/away. The only band-mate that I have seen recently and keep in touch with is Tom Russell (lead guitar). Rich Pokonzie did rhythm guitar, Steve McConnell bass (RIP 1988❤), Tony Meaney was the original vocalist (and on the cassette). Rob Breadner sang briefly after Tony left the band.

Most of the music was written by Tom but Steve wrote Untitled and Rich wrote Broken Mind. Tom & Rich co-wrote Case Study. Steve wrote the lyrics for Untitled, Killing Death And Mutulation, and Mask. Rich wrote lyrics on Broken Mind. Rich, Tom, and Steve did back-ups on various songs. Cover artwork was done by Jamie (I think Berg was his last name but not 100% on that).

Dave Gonzales

Godcorp. live 1987; pics by Stephe Perry

Mission Of Christ (Can) Silence In Grave; tape (1987)


(A) Nocturnal Serenade / To Oblivion / World Of Destruction / Crypts Of Darkness

(B) Skies Of Revelation / Lovelust / Nightmare Beyond

This tape is from the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

(review Metallised #9)

‘Mission Of Christ’ was a crossover hardcore/thrash band from Victoria, British Columbia with Kev Smith (guitar; ex ‘Neos’ bassist), ‘Stev’ Stephen McBean (guitar), Randy Long (bass; R.I.P.), John London (drums; R.I.P.) & Mike Synnuck (vocals).

The songs Nocturnal Serenade & Crypts of Darkness were also used for a split-7″ with ‘Fratricide’ (from Vancouver). They did another tape (with guitarist Tolan McNeil replacing Kev) in 1989: recordings that were intended for a deal with Metal Blade recs but that never happened…

General Fools (Can) Sarcasme; tape (1993)


(A) Suspicious Thoughts / Hungry Is Love / Dementia Appeases Anxiety / Drinking Up My Mind / Quéssé? [qu’est ce que c’est?’ = what’s that?] / Brains For Breakfast / L’Esprit Rongeur & L’Être Rongé [the gnawing spirit & the gnawed being] / Il Était Une Foire Dans L’Ouest [there was a fair in the west]

(B) Sale-Ça [dirty-that] / Transparence Apparente [apparent transparency] / Masques À Rats [rat masks] / Momentary Joy / Dernier Passage [last passage] / Cortège Grotesque [grotesque procession]

My review of this in Tilt! #8: >>Pretty sturdy but versatile uptempo anarcho-punk that wouldn’t have been out of place on the Punk & Disorderly compilations of the ‘old’ times. The biting female vocals certainly help reminiscing these. (Do you remember ‘Vice Squad’?)<<

The tape was sent to me by the band’s drummer ‘Trache’ Sébastien Pesot (Montréal). The singer was Anne-Sophie D’Ascanio, Sébastien Boisvert played bass and Jean-François Clerçon guitar. Their music was described as “disjointed punk with female vox”.

The www informs us ‘General Fools‘ came from the highly active Sherbrooke [Québec] punk-scene: “All ages D.I.Y. venues like the Zone Indélibile and the Katacombes hosted many local bands, including ‘Shitfit’ [with UK ‘Headache’s Max], ‘General Fools’, ‘Pass Out’, ‘Urban Assault’, ‘Scapegoats’, ‘Chapak’, ‘Monik Maniak’, ‘Apathetic Nation’, ‘Blind Remainz’ and ‘Seized’. Many of these bands were formed from a small core of musicians, who played in multiple bands.”. Watch ‘Gneral Fools’ play live: 93-05-16.


The lyrics were mostly kind of poetic more than politic. We were not much defending or claiming anything, just thinking outside the box. But the thing that was nice is that Montréal was split in 2 very different scenes: French and English punk. And since I wrote and sang in both languages, we were doing shows and having friends in both scenes, also doing gigs in Québec and Ontario.

Anne-Sophie D’Ascanio

S.N.F.U. (Can) live (Jette, Bel, 88-12-18)



The Gravedigger / (Welcome To) My Humble Life Of Disarray / Time To Buy A Futon / Seeing Life Through The Bottom Of A Bottle / The Quest For Fun / Better Homes And Gardens / Thee Maul That Heats Peephole / She’s Not On The Menu / G.I. Joe Gets Angry With Human Kind / Where’s My Legs? / What Good Hollywood? / Cannibal Cafe / I Used To Write Songs / Black Cloud / In The First Place / Misfortune / Tears  — Gimme Some Water / And No One Else Wanted To Play / (Victims Of The) Womanizer

Another one from Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt’s collection. Though he didn’t attend this one (‘The Accüsed’ was playing in Ghent). This Smurfpunx show might’ve been recorded by ‘Phantom’ Jean Ducat (of the Charleroi Slam Crew)… It happened in Jette (Brussels) because our regular venue was not available. Other bands that played were ‘The Ewings’ (Ger), ‘Dr Rat’ (Ger) & the local ‘Mental Disturbance’ (Bel). (88-12-18)

‘S.N.F.U.’s singer ‘Chi Pig’ was quite ill that evening but the band’s performance was still very intense and they lasted for about an hour… In the band (‘Society’s No Fucking Use’, from Edmonton, Canada) at that time were: vocalist Kendall ‘Ken’ Chinn a.k.a. ‘Mr. Chi Pig’, the twin-brothers Brent and Marc Belke (both guitar), drummer Ted Simm and bass-player Curtis Creager. This first European tour happened around the time of the release of their LP Better Than A Stick In The Eye (recorded the summer before that tour).

Here’s some video-footage of their show in Bielefeld (Germany) on that tour: I Forget & Tears (live), and a conversation. Also my French buddy Jeannot published a written interview in his zine. The pomo-pics below (1985) were kindly donated by Veerle Brion…

Black Kronstadt (Can) Crimes Of Capital/Crimes Of The State; demo (1994)


Black Kronstadt coverBlack Kronstadt cover'(Listen: side A & side B)

No idea how I got this tape. Perhaps from my correspondent Rejoice (Flour Power zine)? Someone else? I remember a woman who’ld been in the band’s entourage (Nicki Jordan from Ratbag distro New Zealand?)… Or directly from the band…?

Luke (vocals), Dan Wear (drums; replaced Jason Flower), Dean (bass) & Wolf Edwards (guitar) performed on this tape. In a later stage there was also a violin-player (Genna Pyewacket). Live they often had someone reading poetry (Max Sloan, Sheets Hallway?) with them. This combo (from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada’s west-coast) played anarcho-crust. Most of the tracks on this tape (Tragedy / Law Of The Land / Turning Point  / Power Lies / Low Intensity Conflict / Cyber) also appeared on their first 7″ (with the same title). After this they did another 7″ (A World To Win) and an LP (The Free Spirit).

I reviewed the tape in Tilt! #8: >>Impressive, bone-chilling anarcho-punk reminiscent of ‘Antisect’, ‘Flux Of Pink Indians’, ‘Icons Of Filth’, etc. Lots of power and anger. The vocals vary from narrative to conjuring and biting. Ultrapolitical lyrics from an anarchist point of view. Brilliant material!<<

Wolf’s new band = ‘Iskra

Black Kronstadt lyricsBlack Kronstadt insert

One Blood (Can) demo (1989)


Great political hardcore band from Toronto. I think the guys of ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ introduced us to one and other and they sent their tape for review in my zine… Drummer Paul Abrash (with the help of singer Stephen Perry) also did Drastic Solutions zine, of which I distributed a couple of issues.

Tilt! #6: >>Excellent stuff here! Uptempo to fast shredding HC with surprising hooks. Keeps your attention from start to end. Intelligent and critical lyrics (politics/scene/personal); female + male vocals.<< Definitely check out their self-released EP and the LP Building a World of Prosperity with the Efficiency of the Free Enterprise System (Gern Blandsten ’91).

Stephen does a radio-show on a local FM station and publishes on a blog (equalizingXdistort) with the same name.

(Listen: side A & side B)

One BloodOne Blood'