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The Acorns (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 89-02-25)



(12 tracks; no titles)

From Zundert (The Netherlands, near the Belgian border), ‘The Acorns’ (“eikels” in Dutch, which also means “jerks”) was a band Pat(rick) Delabie (‘Scoundrels’ guitarist/vocalist) had going for a short while. The music was melocic punk-rock. Patrick ‘Labie’ played the drums here and sang; the others were bassist John(ny) Delabie and vocalist/guitarist Johan van der Kloof. They had a self-titled 7” (sometimes referred to as Promised Land; recorded May ‘88) out on Pat’s label Swaddle recs…

This here is a registration – by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt – of their performance on Smurfpunx’ ‘animal-day’ (89-02-25), where they played together with ‘Ear Damage’ (Bel) and ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ (Den).

Review of the 7″ in Tilt! #5: >>Simple but effective HC-punk. Sociopolitical analyses. Good.<<


Patrick and I were buddies since secondary school. John, the bassist, is Pat’s brother and we we started a band together for fun. Our music was quite simple and direct. The lyrics were about political issues, the arms-race and the Iron Curtain between the US/West and Russia [Soviet Union at the time], deforestation, and also al lot about animal-suffering. Unfortunately now, 30+ years later, these subjects are still relevant.

After all those years I don’t have a clue about the song-titles anymore though…

Johan van der Kloof

U.B.C.F. (Hol) live (Amsterdam, Nl, 85-03-31)



(donation of ‘Bill Bimetaal’ René de Boer)

Suicide / Much worse? / No Nazis / Disco Death / USA Go Away / (God) Where’s Our Heaven / Zero, Zero / Ronald Reagan / Bad Feelings / City Of The Living Dead / K.K.K. (No Way) / Peace And Liberty /// No Nazis / Ronald Reagan / L.S. / Bad Feelings

I never got to see ‘U.B.C.F.’ live when they were still active. They played in Antwerp a couple of times (85-04-13 & 86-06-14) but with no regular ‘wheels’ at that time, it wasn’t easy to get there. I met ‘Bill Bimetaal’ (René de Boer) later when he did the sound for ‘De Kift’ during their gig at Vort’n Vis (93-09-17). He also used to do the sound in the famous Emma squat in Amsterdam and the Groote Weiver in Krommenie. Nowadays he plays in ‘Fucking Virgins’ (… and is an independent booker, and backline-tech. He’s also the companion of ‘D.O.A.’ during tours.

‘U.B.C.F.’ (‘United Blessed Chicken Fuckers’) were ‘Bill’ on guitar, ‘Sam W.E.’ Klaas Brouwer (vocals, later also guitar), ‘Mr Ohno’! Onno Steendam (bass) and Koos Brandhoff (drums; R.I.P. 2013). The band was from Wormer (between Amsterdam & Alkmaar). They released an LP (Silent Resistance) in ’86, and appeared on the Emma double-LP & on Niels de Wit’s Alle 55 Kort compilation-tape.

The live recordings here (provided by ‘Bill’) are from a gig in the Emma squat @ Van Diemenstraat, Amsterdam (1985).


We started in 1980 and quit in 1993. The first line-up was with one guitarist, from 1986 on we had two. ‘Mr. Ohno’ (bas/vox), ‘Sam W.E.’ (guitar/vox), ‘B.B.A.’ (drums/vox) & ‘Bill B.’ (guitar/vox). We did shows in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Zwitserland & Denmark. We were also known as ‘Virus’, ‘Tijl Handgas Combo’ & ‘Step Aside’ (late 80s to 1993). There was a limited split-7” ‘NV Boys’ / ‘Virus’ [‘92] and as ‘Step Aside’ we appeared on Vitaminepillen 2 [compilation-CD released in ‘94].

The following comes from the Zaanse Pophistorie:

Ard Sierhuis: “[…] ‘U.B.C.F.’ did an LP and their song No Nazis ended up on the Emma double-LP. The name was short for ‘United Blessed Chicken Fuckers’ or ‘United Belgium Chicken Fuckers’ (in the style of the illustrious ‘C.K.N.’ – ‘Creatieve KippeNaaiers’ from Alkmaar).”

Onno Steendam: “The band got of around 1981. We could hardly play but in the punk-days it was easy to get a gig. I was 14 when did our first in de Bakkerij in Castricum. That didn’t go completely flawless. Cramped by nerves. But we were often more critical than the audience.

We rehearsed in the garage of my parents house and sounded so loud that people could here us a couple of km away, in Wormer. We played so fast that the guitarist’s fingers were covered with blood. Later it evolved into more melodic punk with various influences (reggea & blues). Around ‘88 the band took another name: ‘Virus’. No idea why. We often played in squats and small venues […]; almost were the house-band of the Groote Weiver in Krommenie, Emma in Amsterdam & Het Veem in Zaandam.

A highlight was a concert nearby a squatted garage in Geneva, Switzerland; outside in the cold. […] We also did a gig in Christiania, a wonderful hippie-village in Kopenhagen; in a gigantic hall with lightshow and crowed galleries. We were payed in ‘lightly hallucinogenic substances’. […] The band gave its last show in the Groote Weiver in Krommenie (1991). The musical tastes of the 4 band-members differed too much… […] The others played in other bands. […]”

Ard Sierhuis: “The exact same people as ‘U.B.C.F’ were in ‘Virus’. When Klaas Brouwer got replaced by singer Arthur Stein the name was changed into ‘Step Aside’ (who only existed briefly. ‘Virus’ put out a tape (limited number).”

‘Bill Bimetaal’

Disgrace (Hol) For Humanity; tape (1989)



Seven Great Ways To Fly From A Sky-scraper Standing In The Middle Of Sybrandaburen / So Much Hate / You Went Smiling To Your Death / Home Sweet Home (live) / Teatime / Feel Insecure / The River (live) / Sickman / Drunk Driver / Gloating / Never Ending Bullshit

A thrash band from Leeuwarden (Friesland) with René van der Zee (guitar), Gerhard Derksen (bass), Gert-Jan Zwagerman (vocals) & Koos van der Velde (drums; later Bertus de Blauw & Jelle Buma). If I remember well I met them at/helped with a few Belgian shows (89-04-29 Bissegem, 90-01-13 Dendermonde, 91-05-05 Eernegem)…

Review in Tilt!  #5: >>Older stuff with their first drummer. Superfast HC with enough versatility to keep your attention goin’. Sarcastic lyrics. Very good indeed.<< Later that same year the 7″ Yo! Satan was recorded: >>Great, superfast (no grind) but untraditional HC with surprising ornaments. Intelligent (anti-racist/-fascist) lyrics. Quite different from their demo.<<

Silent Anger (Hol) demo (1987)


side A: No Future For Us / Change Of Mind / Autonomy

side B: Family Life / Equal Rights / Soldier Boy

A tape from ‘Stel’s collection… This band was from Sittard (Limburg, The Netherlands). Recordings by Mat Aerts (Limbabwe) at O.O.C. Venlo (87-05-11); with Gu(u)s Hoezen (drums), Sue’ Susan Dobbs (bass), Jack Broen (guitar) & Michel Augustus (vocals).


I was the founder, guitarist and songwriter of ‘Silent Anger’. I used to know ‘Manskracht’ [Martine Berx; R.I.P.] well – met her at a gig in a pub in Hasselt where she worked and where ‘Heibel’ played. After that show I joined ‘Stel’ to visit someone… I used to spend time with ‘Bollie’ [‘Heibel’ vocalist] in Leuven quite often. Also stayed at Jurgen’s (‘Capital Scum’) grandmother [Jurgen’s mom, Werner’s grandma] and knew Werner Excelmans (bought records from him).

Jack Broen

Stel’s review in Metallised #8

They were not a Limbabwe scene band… In 1988 Gert-Jan (‘Joe’) [Avesaath] and myself ‘commercialised’ the studio, after taking it over from the O.O.C. and transferring it to a new site in Tegelen. The name (Klank studio) existed already. A lot of bands came over for recordings, it was our ‘job’; most took the master with them… Can’t really remember.

Mat Aerts

Teenage Warning (Hol) demo (1995)


side A: Punk Ass Motherfucker / New Reality / Keep The Beat

side B: Don’t Go With The Flow / Easier Said Than Done / Wicked While

The www informs us this band was “Active as a punk-band since 1980 but called themselves a punk-hardcore band since 1998.”… The guys were from Wormer (village North of Amsterdam, home of the legendary scene with bands such as ‘Zowiso’, ‘Svätsox’, etc. and Villa Zuid squat). Danny ‘Firsetone’ Weeland (guitar/vocals; R.I.P.) & Tjakko Kleimeer (drums) had been in ‘N.V. Le Anderen’. Danny & Tjakko were also in ‘N.V. Boys’ in-between. Bert Martens (ex ‘Legal Axion’ from Groningen) played the bass in ‘T.W.’. This ‘demo’ is actually entitled Punk Ass Motherfucker. Before this (1994) they also released a self-titled tape and a 7″ (Salt Lake City).

Tilt! #9: >>The Wormer-genre used to be a standard in the old days so let’s check this out… They’re opening with a song based on a riff that is a mix of Smells Like Teen Spirit and that catchy Rollerball-thing by Kim Deal’s band. Pretty trendy and far away from the orginal Wormer-style: fast and uplifting melodic HC that rocks your socks of. No pretentions. Or is this just entertainment? You tell me…<<

Disabuse (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-11)



(soundcheck) / Faces Of Death / Monkey Brain Eaters / Thirsty Beast / Mamory Brain / Fast But Not First / Eyes Of Hatred / Throw It Away / Shortsighted And Dumb / Where’s The Emergency Door? / Abused Animals / Cry Of The Child / Refused Sacrifice / Just For The Kick / In The Mirror

Disabuse‘ was a bunch of people from the scene around the Chi Chi Club in Winterswijk (The Netherlands). Since we were closely in touch with people doing shows and playing in bands over there (‘Winterswyx Chaos Front’, ‘Cry Of Terror’, …), we got to know them aswell. On 88-06-11 we invited them over to perform on a Smurfpunx gig. That was registered by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt. This show was before they recorded their 1st (self-released) 12″ (Sorrow And Perdition) – which was in February 1989. At the time the band consisted of ‘Arch(y)’ Arno Wamelink (vocals), Patrick van der Beek (bass), Jeroen Keetels (drums) and Edwin Woerdman & Brian Haverkamp (guitarists).

cover-drawing by Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer

The first official ‘Disabuse’ photo (@ Chi Chi Club): Patrick van der Beek, Edwin Woerdman, Brian Haverkamp, Jeroen Keetels, Arno Wamelink [courtesy of Patrick van der Beek]

No Pigs (Hol) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 86-06-06)



0.00 Falling / 5.18 Desolation / 7.14 Reality / 10.40 Lust For Death / 13.30 Borderline / 15.55 Shoplifting / 18.15 Easy Street / 21.23 World Press / 25.11 Black Day  (cut) Burning / 32.55 Down / 36.45 (unknown) / 38.55 The Lion & The Dove

In 1984 ‘No Pigs’ (from Amsterdam) got their first (self-titled) 7″ out. The line-up on that one was Nils Koning (guitar), Ingrid Dodeman (drums; also ‘Nog Watt’), Guy ‘Pinhead’ Pinhas (bass) & ‘Smog’ Maarten Luijendijk (vocals). The tracks of this appeared also on a bootleg split-LP (with ‘Neuroot’ & ‘Stanx’) after the turn of the century. The 1st line-up also had 3 tracks on the Beware Of The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing compilation-LP (’85). In 1986 my band ‘Repulsives’ played with them (86-04-26) when Robert van der Meyden had taken over the drum-kit. This second line-up apparently recorded a 7-song demo (which was never released), the song Down for the Emma compilation-LP and another demo of the songs Black Day and Desolation. A bit later (’87) their 12″ EP Black Day was released on the Berliner label Destiny recs (who also put out the LP In Her House, in 1988). Smurfpunx set up a couple of shows for them: 87-10-1188-10-23. The latter was with ‘Syd Migx’ (ex ‘C.C.M.’) singing and Steven Nieuwendijk (ex ‘Deadlock’/’Nitwitz’) hitting the drums. Their music was described as “awesome heavy crossover thrash”…

These recordings here (kindly donated by Kurt Christiaens) are from the day they played with ‘Raw Power’ & ‘Negazione’ in Scherpenheuvel (another fabulous show Werner Excelmans set up): 86-06-06

No I.D. (Hol) Schikking Of Zelfbeschikking; tape (1997)


Listen!: side A & side B

This was a benefit-tape for the Werkgroep Vluchtelingen Vrij (Working Group Free Refugees) with studio & live recordings (Hoogeveen & Groningen, 1996).

No I.D.‘ was a band from Groningen (The Netherlands) with Eva ‘Cavia’ Oling (vocals; later in ‘Makiladoras’, drums for ‘Noodweer’, ‘Persona Non Data’). She was (still is) a bright/active woman that I met a few times when she was on tours (e.g. with ‘Sin Dios’) that she organised with her partner Michael Kopijn. The others were Pelle Anne-Jan Lodder (drums; also ‘P.C.P.’ and later in ‘Fleas & Lice’), Wienand (bass; replacing ‘Anti’), Rommert Pleysier (guitar; also ‘P.C.P., ‘Yphobia’) & Iris van Doormalen (vocals; replacing Janine of ‘Mushroom Attack’).

The band did a split-7″ with the French band ‘Aside’ (Pictures Of Pain / Ride Fast…Or Don’t!, 1998) and a second 7″ (entitled Preaching To The Converted; 1999). They also had a track on the compilation-tape Proud To Be Gay (released by Richard of Underground Punk Support, 2001).

Review from Tilt! #9: >>This relatively new band plays fast HC with fat riffs. The music reminds of mid-80s bands like ‘B.G.K.’ sometimes and Italian maestros such as ‘Indigesti’. The dual female vocals bring ‘Indirekt’ to my mind (but this rocks harder). Very energetic stuff. Some lyrics are in Dutch, others in English, and talk about the system that sends back refugees, leads to harddrug-addiction, restrains people in shitty jobs, etc. You also get a booklet with the words and info on the subject. Great band!<<

No Sense (Hol) promo (1992)


“Cool huh, those stickers?” I hope the tape holds out; Léon copied it.”

“Tape-quality = zero. Polish import. Copy straight away.”

side B (1991): Limbo / Rules Rule / Limbo / Watjes [wimps]

side A (1992): No One’s Real Until He’s Gone / Dream On / Hau Rein [dig in] / Mmmh!!! / Anti-nazi Song / Courage — songs from the 7″

Eric Hellebrand sent me this promo-tape so that I could help his band get gigs. They ended up playing the Vort’n Vis (92-04-18)…

‘No Sense’ were from The Netherlands (Vaals, Limburg province). The guys in the band were Eric (bass), Har(ald) Brosselt (vocals; also guitar for ‘F.T.F.’), Roy Moonen (drums) and Léon Kleikers (guitar). They were labeled a “fun-hardcore” band but they were more that just about fun. Eric’s favourite bands were ‘No Means No’ & ‘Victims Family’, so you get an idea of how they sounded… They recorded a tape (entitled Mmmh!!!-Bleeeaaagh) late 1990 and released a 7” (Ruminating Small Fry) in 1993. ‘No Sense’ had also a track on Rob Franssen’s compilation-tape (Something To Dance To).

Review of the Mmmh!!!-Bleeeaaagh tape in Tilt! #7: >>I go wild when I hear this!!! Playful, funny, fingerquick, technical,…are all adjectives that suit the music of this Dutch equivalent of ‘Spazztic Blurr’. The basis is HC but it’s decorated with various bits from different influential sources: rap, grind, samba (or is it salsa?), folk, flamenco, music-box, metal, jazz, etc. There’s tempo-changes, there’s breaks, you never know what’s coming next; in short: it’a a feast for the ears! Vocals in Dutch; lyrics filled with irony. I want more!!!<<

Review of the Ruminating Small Fry 7″ in Tilt! #8: >>These guys (especially the bass-player) sure master their instruments. Playful, extremely varied HC spiced with various bits borrowed from different styles (samba/salsa, funk, hiphop, disco). The rhythm changes constantly. Intelligent lyrics (morality, fascism, anorexia,…) with a humourous touch. The HC-scene needs more great bands like this!<<

Neuroot (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-03-13)



Broken Will / Politicians / Nightmare Of Humanity / The Church = IV Roman Empire / Going Mad / Hungry Children / State Brain / The End / Ignorant / World War III / Heavy Metals / The Lie (They Call The Truth) / The Spark (Of Hate) / S.D.I.Curse Of Wealth / (Wir Sind) Die Ratten Vom Müll [(We Are) The Rats From The Dump] / Going Mad

(recordings courtesy of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt)

On 88-03-13 ‘Neuroot’ played a benefit-show that Smurfpunx organised. I’d gotten to know their bassist Marcel Stol through booking tours: he was active in the wellknown Goudvishal in Arnhem. At that time, the others in the band were guitarist Ed ‘Etje’ van Dalen, singer Wouter Nordhoff & drummer Ben (Jaco).

Neuroot’ had recorded their LP Plead Insanity (out on Hageland recs) a few months before this (December 1987; they played a Hageland Hardcore show on 87-10-04). Earlier (1983) they did a tape entitled Macht Kaputt Wass Euch Kaputt Macht [Destroy What Brings You Down] (co-released by Mat of Limbabwe). Their 7″ Right Is Might was released in ’86.

They toured the UK in December 1988 and then split up. Nowadays the band is revived again…