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Ancalagon (Fra) demo (1989)


(A) Johnny Got His Gun / Graine De Potence – (B) Insane Girl

Thrash-metal band from Paris with ‘Bibiche’ Thierry Septier (vocals; ex ‘Smegmatics‘), Jean Martin (drums), Laurent Ferdinand (guitar) & Stephane Jaquet (bass; later ‘Mass Hysteria’). After this they released 2 tapes with other guitarists (e.g. Tristan Hervo of ‘Wide Open Cage’).

Eat Yourself (Fra) Vomeat Yourself & Roger Core Turbulence; demo’s (1987)


Roger Core Turbulence

Tout Est Bon (“everything is good”) / Chemical Warfare / Hardèchecore / Death Exploitation / Rambeauf / Discharge Boy George / Jesus Was Innocent / Saint-John Blues / Entracte (“intermission”) / Bismark Contre Le Camembert Bissextile (“Bismark against the Camembert leap-year”) / La Chevauchée Des Vaches Kiris (“the horse-race of the laughing cows”; La Vache Qui Rit is a brand of cheese) / Black Milk Of Death / Epi D’Or  (“golden blade”) / Malediction / Thrashathlon / Guerre Roger Chimik (“Roger chemical war”) / Diarée (“diarrhea”) / Le Temps Des Cerises (“the cherry season”) / Adieu, Denis Pilat, Adieu…

Vomeat Yourself (rehearsal)Vomeat Yourself  (live in garage)Vomeat Yourself (live in Grenoble)

Two tapes I got from Steven ‘Stel’ R. – Vomeat Yourself & Roger Core Turbulence – who reviewed them in Metallised #8 & #9 (see below)… The Roger Core Turbulence tape (released in ’87) was their actual “real” demo but (the same year) they had already sent out a cassette with “sort of studio” (rehearsal) and live tracks. The latter was entitled Vomeat Yourself. Laurent tells me that the Turbulence tape came with a booklet (a short A5 fanzine that contained the lyrics plus unrelated ‘articles’, jehovah witnesses parodies and select drawings) but that went missing…

‘Eat Yourself’ was a HC/punk band from Saint-Donat-sur-l’Herbasse (near Grenoble). Their music was rather raw and the lyrics rather ironic/funny/hilarious. The guys in the band were Laurent Seiter (bass/vocals, co-editor of Roger Mag), Bernard Verron (guitar; later ‘Seba’ Sébastien Charme who was also in ‘The Feebles’) & Xavier Aubonnet (drums).

Read more about the band in the interview in God Bless Cheese Steaks #2 (published in 1987)…



Mektoub (Fra) tape (1996)



Le Teneur De Mur / Guernica / Haché / Z / Fini Le Rêve

‘Mektoub’ (meaning “fate” or “it’s written” in arab language) were from Cergy-Pontoise (North of Paris), dubbed a “noise rock group”. Active in the late 90s; the members of the band were Mokhtar Bahnas and his brother Mohamed Bahnas. They ran Les Disques Métèques and the Vivre Vite association, that made the Furia fanzine and booked the Furia Sound Festival between 1996 and 2010-2011.

Review in Tilt! #9: >>One thing is certain: this is very original music; situated between garage-punk/noise, cold-wave and ambient arab-ethnic music. It all breathes a mysterious, gloomy atmosphere; also because of the nasal murmuring of the vocalist. If you’re into an experiment, try this. Lyrics in Arab and French.<<

>>Formed in 1993, somewhere in the suburbs north of Paris, ‘Mektoub’ took a thunderous start (concerts with – amongst others – ‘Drive Blind’, ‘Héliogabale’, ‘IAO’, ‘Oscar Nip, and a compilation-tape and demo) that was followed by line-up changes for over a year.

Since the beginning of this year, and after having finally found the holy grail – a drummer in CDI! [contract of indefinite duration] – the band accelerated.

In January 1996, ‘Mektoub’ ended up on the compilation-CD Annimo En Liberté, produced by studio 3/4.

The group then decided to record a new demo Le Cru 1996: 5 tracks in French and Arabic, recorded in May.

Cheered up with a few concerts, this return of ‘Mektoub’ will be confirmed by numerous projects for September-October 1996.

Their musical universe is very rich but we won’t tell you more. We’re not going to ruminate on your ‘work’! Just listen to the tape. Your sensitivity and your references will take you where you wish.

‘Mektoub’ can only say one thing: that the band is open to all of your proposals (especially concerts). Contact is easy, so don’t hesitate!<<

Sudden Death (Fra) promo (1987)


side (A)side (B)

Another tape from ‘Stel’s collection…

Don’t know too much about the band, except for the info on the cover. They were from the Lyon area (France) and consisted of Gérard Miltzine (vocals), Christophe Forestier (guitar), Thierry (bass) and Laurent (drums). Their contact was Jérome Patouillard.

I learned their singer ran a record-shop and a label, organised (together with others) concerts in Grenoble (‘Negazione’, ‘C.C.M.’, ‘Peggio Punx’, ‘D.O.A.’ etc.) and also did a fanzine…


They were from Lyon (Villeurbanne is a Lyon suburb) and some of the members went on to play in [the crossover band] ‘Phobia’… The singer for both bands was Gérard Miltzine, who co-ran the legendary Bunker recs distro/shop and Neg FX label in Grenoble, and used to write France scene-reports for M.R.R., etc.

Luc Ardilouze

Stel’s review of (other) live recordings in Metallised #8:


Ivich (Fra) Champs Violents & Sculpteur De Cris; tapes (1992)


Champs Violents (Violent Fields): Révolté (Insurgent) / Engrenage (Gears) / Frappe (Hit) / Poussière (Dust) / Les Mains Sales (Dirty Hands) / La Nausée (Nausea) / Loin Au Ciel (Far To Heaven) / Massacre

Sculpteur De Cris (Sculptor Of Cries): [side A] Lumière (Light) / Marie Et Moi (Mary And Me) / Solitude / Sales Pensées (Dirty Thoughts) / Masque (Mask) / Les Oeillets (The Eyelets) / J’Veux Pas (I Don’t Wanna) / Dégoulinade (Dripping) – [side B] Danse Macabre (Dance Of Death) / Volcan (Volcano) / Revolver / J’Aurais Tant Aimé (I Would’ve Loved So Much) / A Quoi Bon! (What’s The Point)

‘Ivich’ (from the Paris suburbs) was the band of a correspondent of mine – Eric Mirguet, a very kind and intelligent chap. They started out as a 3-piece – Eric (vocals), Yann Maisonneuve (guitar) & Yves Maisonneuve (drums) – in January 1991. Cédric became their bassist in May ’91. Even though trumpetist Thierry joined in May ’92, he’s not on the recordings for this tape (which were in July ’92). Their tape Champs Violents was also from 1992, I believe. At that time (92-07-25) they played the Vort’n Vis for the first time. The second time (93-05-01) was a few months after the recording of their 7″ Chacun Sa Vérité (recorded in a Belgian studio; out on Pikaϊa): “fast and fiery emotional HC, chunky mosh-metal and odd, free-form undistorted pauses”. The last time (94-09-18) was in the year my mates Olivier Lépine and Nicolas Fisseau released the band’s album La Mort Heureuse on their label La Libre Expression; “noisy, messy and unpredictable, but equally riveting, passionate and sincere” music.

Besides the above mentioned releases they were featured on a whole bunch of compilations. I described their music as self-willed emocore (some would say ‘screamo’), quite innovative and sometimes interspersed with nervous trumpet outbursts. The band themselves referred to a mix of ‘Born Against’ & ‘Nation Of Ulysses’, “aggressive but also bucolic” or “a bit of poetry in a world of brutes”.

Review of both tapes in Tilt! #7: >>Wild and energetic, varied HC. Layers of playful guitars over a cunning bass in different tempi. Over-the-top intemperate vocals. Poetical lyrics with a ‘mal-du-siècle’ feel to it. Reminds me of romantic French poets such as Rimbaud, Baudelaire,… Great live band!<<

The brothers Yann & Yves would later turn up in ‘Vanilla’. Eric Mirguet became a lawyer (human rights).

‘Ivich’ interview in Persons Unknown #1

‘Ivich’ compilation of photos in Ludovic Haché’s zine Ras l’Bol #1

L’Invention De Morel (Fra) demo (1996)


Tracks: Tangente [Tangent] / S’Approprier [Seize] / Je Deviendrai Souverain [I Will Become Sovereign] / L’Univers [The Universe] / Une Ligne [A Line]

This was the Parisian emo band my correspondent Olivier Lépine played bass in. The others were Alexis Desolneux (guitar/vocals), Thomas Guillanton (drums; ex ‘FingerPrint’, ‘Jasemine’, ‘Ananda’) & Virgile Vernier (vocals). Olivier ran a distro (Laissez-Nous Jouer) and (for a short while) the label La Libre Expression (together with ‘FingerPrint’s vocalist Nicolas Fisseau). The last 4 songs of this demo also appeared on their 7″ Les Jeunes Années (“the early years”), released on an American label.

Review in my zine Tilt! #9: >>Another pawn of the French emo-wave: the dragging guitars, the high-pitched, screaming vocals, the melancholic bass; it’s all there. Introspective, personal-political lyrics in French. If you liked ‘Anomie’, ‘Ananda’, etc., you’ll like this aswell. It’s certainly good but it lacks a bit of power, a bit of commitment (to me, or perhaps these recordings are just a bit flat).<<

Season (Fra) demo (1996)



I believe Kathleen (and/or Gilles) of the band ‘Anomie’ introduced me to Sandro Cargnelli,  who gave/sent me this tape… He also did a little distro. ‘Season’ was a band from Caen (Normandy, France) with Alain Demaine (bass; in a later stage), Alexis Dectot (drums), Pierre Goubard (guitar; bass on the demo) & Sandro Cargnelli (vocals). Sandro & Alexis had been in ‘Cause & Effect‘, Pierre would later be in ‘Amanda Woodward’. In 1998 they recorded tracks for a self-titled 7″ on Christope Mora’s label Stonehenge recs. At one time there was also split-7″ planned with ‘Cobalt 62’ (on the French label Revolution) but as far as I know that didn’t work out…

The review in Tilt! #9 goes: >>”Another one of those French screaming emo-bands.” This sounds a lot more disrespectful than it’s intended; actually I like this a lot! Their shredding power-chords almost rip your soul apart. Their sound is rougher than that of ‘Anomie’ but therefore not less effective. If the vocals (full of angst and despair) leave you untouched you must be inhuman… Songs about how our society deals with love and sex. Very promising!<<


Les Cadavres (Fra) promo (1989)


(A) Existence Saine [Healthy Existence] / 7h23

(B) Les Salauds [Vont En Enfer (The Bastards Go To Hell); music by Georges Brassens] / Dernière Virée (Last Ride) / La Fin (The End)

These tracks were on the band’s first LP Existence Saine (released 1989) which was recorded with Jérôme Saulnier (bass), ‘Tougoudoum’ Eric Dechamps (drums), Eric Manevy (guitar) & ‘Vérole’ Philippe Legris (vocals). They were from Paris. ‘Les Cadavres‘ started in 1979, split up and reformed a few times over the years, and seem to be still playing… I got the tape from a guy named Félipé; most probably trying to get (a) gig(s).

My review in Tilt! #5: >>Uptempo and melodic punkrock. ‘Supercool’, as they say in France. Very good!<<

Oncle Slam (Fra) Skate Gremlins; tape (1988)


side Aside B

This skate-core (some said straight-edge hardcore) band was from the region around Pau (in the Pyrenees of southern France). The guys playing in the band were ‘Spontex’ Nicolas Volle (drums/vocals), ‘Lö’ Laurent Elissalde (bass), ‘Marmott’ Thierry Courcet (guitar) & ‘Yopi’ (guitar).

After this demo (also referred to as Make It Boneless see review in Trust #13 -July ’88- by Armin Hofmann) they recorded their LP First Attack which was released on the Parisian label Jungle Hop International. The tape was reviewed in my Tilt! #5: >>Mostly fast and intense HC. Teenager-lyricsbut well intented. Rather good…<<

In the early 90s they became ‘Hate Force’ (a trio), the first french NY HC band. Later these guys started the metalcore band ‘Pantin Hilare’.

Aside (Fra) L’État Ne Fait Pas Le Bonheur; tape (1997)



Day After Day / Direct Democracy / Pink Triangle / Su Vida De Dolor (His Life In Pain) / Terre (Earth) / Média Contrôle (Media Control) / Femmes Stéréotypées (Stereotyped Women) / Casadores (Hunters) / Blocage (Blockade) / Raise Your Fist / Guilty (‘Oi Polloi’ cover)

This band, playing fast & raw crusty hardcore/punk with fe/male vocals (reminiscent of ‘Disaffect’), were from Rennes (Bretagne). Sophie (vocals), Phil(ippe) (vocals), ‘Guéna’/Gwenael (guitar/bass), Pierre Boislève (bass live), Roger (drums; when in jail replaced by Gilles) were active people with their hearts and minds in the right place…

The tape was sent to me by Pierre (El Trasgo), I believe. Probably as an introduction to get gigs. They were announced for a gig at the Vort’n Vis (97-09-19&20 Leed festival) but unfortunately that got cancelled… My copy has 9 live-tracks (97-01, Planguenoual) on the B-side but since the sound-level of these is inconsistent and they’re no new songs, I don’t ad this here…

In October 1997 the band re-recorded (with the help of Gilles ‘Anomie’ Auvinet @ Ape studio) some of these (and some new) tracks for their Victory Day 7″ (released by Yann Dubois on his label SanJam). They did a split-7″ with the Groninger ‘No I.D.’ in 1998 and appeared on a split-CD with ‘Shortcut’ (also from Rennes) in 2003. The band also featured on the compilation-CD Reconstruction: 1997 Hardcore (not the one on Stonehenge recs but done by Yann Boislève), and on the 7″ Autonomie Vol. 2 (compilation on Christophe Mora’s label). A split-EP with ‘Rawness’ (announced 1998/99) an one with ‘Sin Dios’ never materialised… More is mentioned on Guéna’s website (where you can also download the band’s discography).


The drummer, Gilles, that replaced the rhythm-box we used, is not Gilles Auvinet who recorded all our records. Funny thing is that Gilles Auvinet did come to rehearse with us a couple of times (September ’96) when we were searching a drummer. There was the possiblity of doing a demo with him but in the end, it didn’t happen. We recorded with the rhythm-box and then foud that drummer Gilles.