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ALT TC (Gre) Akóma Zontanós; demo (1998)


ALT TC - Akoma Zotanos cover(Listen!)

‘Akóma Zontanós’ (Still Alive) is the second demo of ‘ALT TC’, a band from Kekyra, on the island of Corfu (Greece). They started in 1994 but this tape was sent to my Doros by the late 90s. It was self-recorded in August ‘98. The members of the band were Alexis (drums), Doros Grigoropoulos (bass/vocals), Dimitris (guitar), Spiros (vocals/guitar). They played crusty anarcho-punk with a metal edge & dual angry vocals (political lyrics in Greek). Their first releases (1994-95) were a demo (Koinonía 2000 – Thánatos / Society 2000 – Death) and a 7” (Stóchos Oneiron / Dreams Target). After the above mentioned second tape, they did a split-LP with the French Dijon crusties ‘20 Minutes De Chaos’ (released by Maloka). On the thanks-list of this second demo they mention the squats Villa Amalias in Athens & Villa Varvara in Thessaloniki. Nowadays Doros is doing a psychedelic trance solo-project ‘Full Face’, and he’s a DJ and organises parties.

ALT TC - Akoma ZotanosALT TC - Akoma Zotanos'(lyrics also available, in Greek)


1. Eisagogi/Dimiourgia (Intro/Create)
2. Anthropines Scheseis (Human Relations)
3. Anarchy, Love And Hope
4. Oi Nekroi Paraménoun Nekroi (The Dead Remain Dead)
5. Fovamai (I’m Afraid)
6. Apochi Zois (Abstain Of Life)
7. Gia ‘Sena (For You)
8. Den Ftaio Ego (Not My Fault)
9. Chaire O Chaire Lefteria (Hail To Freedom)
10. Ya Basta

ALT TC Engl lyricsALT TC Engl lyrics'