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Intervenzione (Por) promo (1996)



(advance tracks for 7″): Nós (União) [“us (unity)”] / Walls Of Shame / Acid Rain… (Dark Sky) / Fábulas De Encantar De João Sem Nome [a character in Portuguese tales; also appeared on also track on Christophe Stonehenge’s Idiomes compilation-CD]

(advance tracks for split-7″ with ‘Yuppiecrusher’): Political Child / Homeless…We’ll Take A Stand!

[studio-session from 1996; courtesy of Lena]

Intervenzione‘ was an anarcho HC/punk band from Aveiro with some people of ‘Inkisição‘: Helena Burbuleta singing, Rui Maia on drums and Miguel Angelo Marques Tavares doing bass (+ vocals). João Filipe Escudeiro & (later) Tiago joined in on guitar. They did a split-7″ with ‘Yuppiecrusher’ on a Finnish label (1998) and album (entitled Wall Of Shame) on the Portugese label (Rastilho recs) in 1999. Their song Words appeared on the Animal Liberation compilation-LP that Philippe ‘Boezie’ Buze (Awakening recs) released. After the band had quit there was the CD Last Screams with unreleased studio and live tracks.

I reviewed this as follow in Tilt! #9: >>This is the new band of Inkisiçao’s Helena & Rui. They’re hitting jackpot again: their enraged melodic HC/punk will without doubt thrill a lot of people. Musically they remind me a lot of ‘Subway Arts’. The dual vocals are also full of conviction. When the vinyl’s out, I’ll be able to tell you about the lyrics…<<


This was a time in my life that I felt a big joy, that I met wonderful people and had the opportunity to make a difference through music. I was a young girl full of ideals 😍 and I wanted to change the world. Somehow I still do…


No Oppression (Por) If This Is Civilization…; tape (1994)


No Oppression coverSide ASide B


I.R.A. (It’s Raining Again) / Don’t Lie / H.E.M.P. (Help End Marihuana Prohibition) / Shithead / System System / Boring /// One Day (It Can Happen To You) / Fear / So Obvious

‘No Oppression’ was a political hardcore band from Cascais, Portugal. After this tape (which I probably got from one of my Portugese correspondents – Miguel Crespo?), they also had a 7″ (entitled Change What Destroys You!) released: a collabortation of several labels (Creative Conscience from Cascais, Tom Lang’s Our Struggle from Salzburg, Victimas Del Progreso from Madrid). The band consisted of vocalists Barbara & Roland ‘Skater’, bassist Ricardo Valério (also in ‘Subcaos’ at some timepoint), drummer Wander Salomons and guitarist David. From my review in Tilt! #8: >>Fast anarcho-punkcore with dual female/male shouts. The somewhat monotonous snare/hi-hat drumming gets freshened up here and there with a touch of reggae […]. Political (sometimes a bit sloganesque) lyrics.<<


No Oppression 0No Oppression 0xNo Oppression 0yNo Oppression 1No Oppression 1'No Oppression 2No Oppression 2'No Oppression 3No Oppression 3'No Oppression 4No Oppression 4'No Oppression 5No Oppression 5'No Oppression 6No Oppression 6'No Oppression 7


No Oppression transNo Oppression trans'

Inkisiçao (Por) Alternativa; demo (1992)


Inkisiçao cover(Listen!)

Inkisiçao trackstracks: Alternativa (Alternative) / Porcos Fascistas (Fascist Pigs) / Destruir Por Lucro (Destroy For Profit) / Marginais (Marginal) / Criança Infeliz (Unhappy Child) / Foge Que Te Fodo! (instrumental) / H.M.O.R. / Let’s Lynch The Landlord (‘Dead Kennedys’ cover) / Guerra Nao Obrigado! (War No Thank You!)

When ‘Inkisição’ (from Aveiro) played the Vort’n Vis (94-09-17); I got to know them personally and got befriended with both Rui (he distributed DIY tapes & vinyl, and did a zine, Diabo No Corpo) and their new singer Helena ‘Lena’ Paula Burbuleta. We corresponded and later I interviewed her for the Women in HC piece in my zine Tilt!. At this gig the others were Miguel (vocals, ex ‘Arrghh!’), Rui Maia (drums; Helena’s boyfriend, later husband), Píncaro (guitar; originally bassist) and Sérgio (bass). A while after the latter 2 died in a car-crash (Summer of 1995), Lena, Miguel & Rui formed ‘Intervenzione’.

The recordings of this demo were done before Helena had joined (that was in late ’93 – see interview) the band. Playing on the demo was the first stable line-up with Rui Maia on drums (founder of the band in the late 80s), guitarists Oliveira & Zé Vilao (the latter also singing, in Portugese) and Píncaro on bass. Review in Tilt! #7: >>Uptempo to fast straightforward but tuneful HC with lots of energy. Dual guitars and rock-bits. Very good! << The same tracks were on a split-tape with the Turkish band ‘Turmoil’ that Pablo of Resistance Productions made.

As for other releases: Slime recs released a split-CD with ‘X-Acto’ in ’93 and Ataque Sonoro (new name for Slime recs) a split-7″ with ‘Battle Of Disarm’ (’95). Some live recordings (Coimbra, Portugal, 1994) appeared on split-tape that Rui did on his tape-label D.N.C.). They also had a track on a compilation-EP with other Portugese bands, entitled Week-End Au Portugal (released by the French label Protesta & Euthanasie). There’s also a live-tape from their show with ‘The Offspring’ (@ Lintfabriek, Kontich, Belgium, 94-09-09)…

Inkisiçao lyrics

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Inkisiçao drawing

Subcaos (Por) Genocidio; demo (1992)


Subcaos demo coverIntro / Escravo Da Droga (Drug Slave) / Mundo De Hoje (World Of Today) / Progresso? (Progress?) / Sugadores (Suckers) / Chacina Legal (Legal Slaughter) / Neutralizados (Neutralized) / Estado Novo? (New State?) / Porcos Nacionalistas (Nazionalist Pigs) / Faz A Diferença (Make A Difference) / Subcaos!!!


João Abrantes (guitar), Rui Abrantes (bass), Hugo Begucho (drums; also in ‘Alcoore’) & ‘Xico’ Francisco Dias (vocals) were the guys in the band during the recording of this demo. When they did shows over here (93/94) ‘Subcaos’ (who were from the Lisbon area) consisted of Diogo (Tovar) Carvalho (vocals; also did Recognize No Authority zine), ‘Xico’ (or ‘Chico’ or FJ; vocals), João Abrantes (guitar), João Barrelas ‘Libelinha’ (guitar; also in ‘X-Acto’), To-Pê (bass) & David (drums). The music on Genocidio was described as “chaotic crustcore” but I reviewed it (Tilt! #7) as follows: “Raging, grinding HC in the ‘Ripcord’-vein with politically aware lyrics… Furiously shouting vocalist, fast but tight drumming and crunchy guitars.”.

I believe that the tape was sent to me by my pen-pal Miguel Crespo of the Portugese concert-collective Ratazana Productions.


David left the band the day before we took of for the ’94 tour. We almost had to cancel but we managed and brought on Hugo. He knew some songs and learned others while se were driving. Unfortunately he couldn’t play lots of new songs we had from the 7”revolution EP

João Abrantes

Artwork and lay-out by Diogo and Pedro Mateus of ‘X-Acto’.

Francisco ‘FJ’ Dias


Subcaos demo infoSubcaos demo lyrics