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Loud Pipes (Swe) demo (1994)



This was sent to me for review… => Tilt!#8: >>Old punk and ex?-deathmetallers stick together to play early-80s UK-punk (in the vein of ‘G.B.H.’). “Some record-companies are interested…” Sounds like a marketing-strategy; fuck that!!!<<

This (wannabe) “obnoxious punk” band from Stockholm consisted of Fredrik Lindgren (guitar), Fredrik Karlén (bass), Nandor Hegedüs (vocals) and Peter Stjärnvind (drums). This is their first demo (recorded December 1994) and soon after the tracks were released as an EP entitled Drunk For Ever. Steve Buxton (Ripping Thrash fanzine) used the same songs for a split-tape (with the Japanese ‘Ministry Of Ignorance’) on his MUT tape-label.

No Security (Swe) Vansinne!!; tape (1987)


(A) Säg Nej (say no) / Druguser / Ingen Framtid (no future) / När? (when? / Evig Tystnad (eternal silence) / Ingen Återvändo (no turning back) / Född Till Slakt (born to be slaughtered) / Religion, En Fara (religion, a danger) / Evig Sorg (eternal grief) / Vansinne (madness) / Kaptener Och Generaler (captains and generals) / Snart Är Det Försent (soon it’s too late) / Krossa Våldet (smash the violence) / Svensson

(B) Vansinne / Druguser / Född Till Slakt / Kaptener Och Generaler / Svensson / Snart Är Det Försent / Krossa Våldet / Hycklar Folket (hypocritical people) / Time To Act / Kollaps (collapse)

This tape is a demo (A-side) plus live recording (B-side). The line-up here was Harri Mänty (vocals), Robert ‘Robban’ Eriksson (bass), Jari ‘Jallo’ Lehto (drums; also in ‘Disfear’, ‘Totalitär’, etc.) and Tommy ‘Smebbo’ Smedberg (guitar). No mention of Johan Liljegren (who also played guitar on the Eskilstuna Hardcore demo – recorded earlier that year; he left the band spring of ’88) here…

The band (from Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm) played ‘Scandi-thrash’ (raw/fast crust/thrash). As far as I know they only played 2 gigs in Belgium on their (last?) tour in 1992: in Liège and at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (92-02-09). That was with Mattias ‘Kenko’ Kennhed on guitar.

The tape is a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

Snifter (Swe) promo (1996)



The Lie / You Take Part In Creating This System (‘Discharge’ cover) / Din Högsta Önskan (Your Supreme Evil) / Livslust (Joie De Vivre) / F.O.S. / (s)Hell On Earth / No Means No / Meaningless? / Can’t See The Justice / (s)Hell On Earth / Dom Ljuger (Igen) (They Lie Again; ‘Mob 47’ cover)

Probably got this from ‘Yuppiecrusher’s Joakim Bergman…

‘Snifter’ (from Staffanstorp, Lund/Malmö area, Sweden) played D-beat/crust hardcore-punk. Members were bassist Mattias, first drummer Karl-Anders was replaced by Stefan Larsson (also in ‘Anoretix’?) in ’95, David played guitar until ’95, then Jonas Nilsson (also in ‘Integrity’; later in ‘Tolshock‘) & vocalist Johan Svensson. ‘Pavan’ (also in ‘Rakitis’) – Mathias Blixtberg (‘Integrity’/’Satanic Surfers’; nowadays in ‘Revenge’) joined on second guitar in ’97.

The band recorded a first demo in 1994. Later there was a split-7″ with the Japanese ‘Battle Of Disarm’ (96), their Action… …Reaction! 7″ (97) & a split-7″ with ‘Yuppiecrusher’ (98). In between they appeared on a few compilations (Distortion To Hell Again!! Vol. 2, Really Fast Vol. 10 & Swedish HC Compilation on the Japanese label HG Fact).

Check ‘Snifter’ out live on video @ Hemgården, Lund 1994 & 1996


Abhinanda (Swe) promo (1994)



Dragon (demo) / Inner Qualities (demo) / Remark Of Frustration (Straight Edge As Fuck compilation) / Confront Yourself / Thousand Years / Rising Fire / Lifestyle / Darkness Of Ignorance / Revolution (Northcore: The Polar Scene compilation) / Spiritual Game (Northcore: The Polar Scene compilation)

José Saxlund (Desperate Fight recs) send this promo-tape in 1994 when he was inquiring for gigs for his band… On their 1st Euro tour they played in Belgium @ Nieuwland in Herentals (94-08-14) and the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (94-08-20).

The band (from Umeå, Sweden) played “spiritual” SxE hardcore: José was the vocalist, Jonas Lyxzén did drums (later replaced by Daniel Berglund; was also in ‘Separation’, ‘Demon System 13’, etc.), Adam Nilsson & Kris(tofer) ‘Stone’ Steen (also ‘Refused’; later replaced by Pär Hansson) played guitar, and Mattias ‘Abris’ Abrahamsson was the bassist.

I reviewed the tape in Tilt! #8 as follows: >>Music can be the soundtrack to a period in one’s life. The thundering storms these Scandinavians unchain, illustrate very well the existential fear everyone of us feels every now and then. Desperate trials to exorcise our darkest feelings of hate and anger are made a lot easier with this mix of brutal, shredding guitars and adrenalin-inducing rhtyhms. Great!<<

Also read one of their earlier interviews: Abhinanda (1994)

Identity (Swe) promo (1990)


Tracks: #1-#5 & #6

David Andersson (vocals), ‘Pata’ Patric Lind (bass), ‘Jögga’ Jörgen Sjöström (guitar), ‘Sveden’ Peter Swedenhammar (guitar; also drums for ‘Raped Teenagers‘) and ‘Löken’ Mike/Mikael Karlsson (drums; also guitar for ‘16 B.U.H.‘ & bass for ‘Rövsvett’) played for this melodic HC band (from the Linköping area).

This promo-tape (entitled Sure Thing Dude) was sent to me because the guys wanted to tour. Can’t remember why they didn’t end up here… Perhaps we (Smurfpunx) didn’t have acces to a venue to do shows in July? (They did record tracks for a 7″ on B-Core Disc in Barcelona.) Some of the songs were already on their demo and some were gonna be on the 7″ that ‘Active Minds’ brothers Bobs & Set were gonna release on their label Loony Tunes recs.


David our singer David did that tape with Peter; the 2 first songs are from our 1st 7”, 3-4 are from compilation-LP Really Fast vol 5 [on the Swedish label Really Fast recs; 1990]. We recorded before the Spain tour (the 2 last were done on a portable system – maybe we have more songs from that session; nice to hear anyway) but we did a new recording in Barcelona that we used for our 2nd 7”.


My review in Tilt! #6 goes as follows : >>This sounds like a fresh breeze on a hot summer day. The melodies are able to raise the enthousiasm of even the most depressive person, I think. They have the power to make you dance and sing along even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t know why but they make me think of ‘Verbal Assault’ by times. Fucking brilliant stuff. Personal lyrics.<<


Sound Of Disaster (Swe) demo (1983)


side A: Lagar Och Förordningar (Laws and Regulations) / Modesvin (Fashion Pig) / We Want / Minoritet (Minority) / Fuck / Zomos Kommer (Zomos Comes) / Warfare / Sound Of Disaster

side B: Wellpaid Murder / Church Want Power / Låt Djuren Leva (Let The Animals Live) / Dator (Computer) / Fucking Pollution /

[tape from Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection]

‘S.O.D.’ – no, not ‘Stormtroopers Of Death’ – ‘Sound’ Of Disaster’ was a hardcore/thrash band from Mjölby (Sweden) with Göran Lind (vocals; editor of Arrrrrrrgh zine), Magnus Jonsson (drums), ‘Nutte’ Anders Rehn (guitar) & Petri Nyman (bass). The cover says the recordings are from October 1983. The songs were re-released on vinyl in 2005 (the bootleg 7″ Lagar Och Förordningar).


I met Göran Lind at the ‘Conflict’ gig in Antwerp (June ’84), bought the tape from him and asked if I could use one of the songs for the Smurfpunk compilation-tape that I was getting together. We exchanged records and tapes for years…


The band started in February ’83 in a different line-up than on the recordings (an October weekend with several takes in our practice-room). I sat in my room and compiled a tape with the -in my opinion- best versions of all the songs we did. I did all the cassette-copying, the sleeve, etc. myself and sent them all over. Most songs didn’t survive untill we did a proper recording about 6 months later. In ’85 we did a 2nd demo, that eventually became 2 7″s: the first released in September ’85 by ourselves and the second in late ’90 by Really Fast recs.

Göran Lind

The band started with a different line-up, but that also had a different name. They were called ‘Anti M’. As far as I remember they changed drummer and name in August 1983. I recorded this demo by the way.

Patrik Jonsson

Refused (Swe) Operation Headfirst; demo (1993)


Refused Operation Headfirst demo cover(Listen!)

Refused lyrics

‘Refused’s singer Dennis sent me this tape as an introduction to his band because they wanted help for gigs. They were announced for a gig in Kortrijk (93-08-01; with ‘Feeding The Fire’, ‘Spawn’ & ‘Spirit Of Youth’) but I believe I didn’t see them then because there was a gig at the Vort’n Vis. In the end they didn’t whow up anyway… I had to wait until they came over to Belgium in 1994 (for the V.V. Hardcore Festival).

94-08-20 letter Dennis LynxzenOn these recordings (their second demo), the line-up was: Dennis Lyxzén (vocals), Henrik Jansson (guitar), Pär Hansson (guitar), Magnus Björklund (bass) & David Sandström (drums). The track Who Died? also ended up on the Pump The Brakes EP. Hate Breeds Hate, Where’s The Equality? and I Wish were also on the This Is The New Deal EP.

From the review I did for Tilt! #7: >>Strong and straightforward mix of hate- & posi/SE HC with a firm lick of metal. The musical references are numerous; to name a few: ‘7 Seconds’, ‘Agnostic Front’, ‘C.O.C.’, etc. Power all the way! Lyrics are political (anti-racism/-fascism) and personal (self-realisation/-confirmation). Extremely good!!!<<

Refused 1993

Raped Teenagers (Swe) promo (1988)


Raped teenagers - I Kräftans KlorTracklist: 1. I kräftans Klor / 2. Svara Ann / 3. Fröet / 4. Fängslad / 5. Pusselbitar / 6. Sill I Dill / 7. 40-årskrisen / 8. Arbetarens Tankar / 9. Iskalla Blickar / 10. Skylten (all appeared on the I kräftans klor LP)


Peter Swedenhammar sent me this tape before ‘Raped Teenagers’ got to tour in 1988. We invited them to come over and play (88-06-11) but they never showed up because their van broke down…

There was no lyrics or insert to this tape so I asked the guys  what the songs are. Peter told me it’s a 4-channel recording they did before the I Kräftans Klor LP (Chickenbrain recs ’88 – there was also a flexi with the same name that was released to promote the LP, included with the German  zine Trust #12)… This here was not an official demo. Fresh, crazy, melodic HC with great hooks!

The band (from Linköping) consisted of Ola Fagerberg (bass/vocals), Patrik ‘Packe’ Sjösten (guitar/vocals) & Peter ‘Sveden’ Swedenhammar (drums/vocals). The latter 2 are playing in ‘Pusrad’ nowadays.

16 B.U.H. (Swe) Vad Har Vi Gjort För Fel?; demo (1987)


16BUH cover

16BUH tracks (Vad Hvar Vi Gjort För Fel)

(Listen: side A & side B)

Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson (guitar; also used to Fetvadd zine and started a label with the same name), Jimmy Karlsson (bass), Frank Bergsten (drums) & Magnus Grehn (vocals) formed ’16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna’ (“blowers without brain”), a melodic HC/punk band from Tranås. They did a show in Mol (Belgium) in 1988 but I didn’t get to see them there. Can’t remember if they sent me the tape (Vad Har Vi Gjort För Fel? – What Have We Done wrong?) to arrange concerts. ‘Löken’ was also in the band ‘Rövsvett’ (with Frank)…


I really liked to play in this band, I did play guitar, more my kind of stuff. I played bass in ‘Rövsvett’, there I was able to get rid of some energy but in ’16 B.U.H.’ melodic hardcore was our main thing. This was our second tape, the first got out in 1986. We have 5-6 unreleased songs that we never recorded; I still know the songs, it’s real good stuff. Also our last demo from 92/93 was on some compilations: worthy to put on a 7″… We have stuff for 2 more CDs but nothing´s planned to be released. We had all stuff on vinyl, tapes and compilations; we better leave like that.

Mikael Karlsson

16 BUH bookletcover (-)16 BUH booklet (a)16 BUH booklet (b)16 BUH booklet (c)16 BUH booklet (d)16 BUH booklet back (-)