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Political Asylum (UK) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-09-03)


Listen =>

(soundcheck) / (2:36) Solitary / (5:35) Flight Of Fancy / (8:03) System Of War / (12:17) Window On The World / (15:21) Symptom / (17:31) Apathy / (22:33) ??? / (25:53) Down Amongst The Olive Groves / (27:58) Winter of Our Discontent / (31:30) Disarm Or Die / (33:49) Not For Tomorrow / (36:58) Do They Care? / (42:57) Standing Over Me

This is a recording (by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt) of the second concert that Political Asylum’ did for Smurfpunx (88-09-03; with ‘Ripcord’, ‘Lethal Gospel’ & ‘Yuppies’Death’).

The band-members at that moment were Ramsey Kanaan (vocals), Keith Burns (drums), Ewan Hunt (bass; R.I.P.) & Steve Dewar (guitar). Their first Smurfpunx gig (87-07-05) was still with guitarist Stephen Brown. During the summer of 1988 ‘P.A.’ played all over Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands & Belgium), promoting their album Someday (recorded with Stephen Brown) – most were also on the Window On The World LP (with Steve Dewar) – and playing some older songs…

Someday reviewed in Tilt! #4: >>To all people who say ‘P.A.’ plays pop: fuck you! There’s definitely something wrong with your brains. One of the most refreshing and addicting records ever. What a power and enthousiasm, in both words and music. There’s an all-cleaning storm waving through my mind when I hear this. Fabulous guitar-wizardry (slobber, slaver…). Excellent lyrics too…<<

Window On The World reviewed in Tilt! #6: >>One of my all-time faves. Super-melodic and sensitive stuff here. These Scottish ‘lads’ sure know how to brew a decent song. Tight rhythm-section, inventive guitar-playing (brilliant) and convincing vocals. Intelligent lyrics that put your mind at work. Yeah, I really like this a lot!!!<<


The unknown track is a song we never recorded. I think it was called Henry and dedicated to H. Rollins but also about all the straight-edge madness at the time and hordes of baseball-capped boys’n’girls (uniform)…

I believe I joined ‘P.A.’ 1987-88. Previously I was in ‘Sad Society’, another Edinburgh punk-band with more of a ‘Sex Pistols’, ‘The Clash’, 77 attitude rather than the anarcho sound that came later. I was impressed by the honesty and non-punky attitude of the band, they were a bit like more like me at that time and that appealed. At the same time, I found the music a bit too prog-rocky and something had to be done about that, and they knew it. We started working on my tightness, since it was lacking and I got working on giving them a harder sound. In retrospect though now I would have made it sound harder. There was still too much cleanliness to the sound. We live and learn…

Ramsey was good at getting gigs through all his contacts and teamed up with ‘5Les’ to tour Europe. For me it was a big experience, having never been on the road before. I lost it once in Winterswijk (NL), throwing Ewan’s bass-guitar out the bus. I think I still have a temper.

Steve Dewar


‘Political Asylum’ @ Finkel, Jette, 88-08-28 (photographed by Mike Du Bois)

Metal Duck (UK) Quackcore; demo (1987)


tracks: Mother Death / Destruction / Bomb Bay Duck / Stepping Stone to Hell / Visions And Reality / (pause) / N.D.Q.C. / The March of the Metal Duck to the Ponds of Hell

A tape donated by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt.

‘Metal Duck’ was a thrashcore band from Manchester/Wigan that Andy Barnard (guitarist of ‘Electro Hippies’) joined on guitar & vocals. The others were Dave Burton (drums; ex ‘Rampant Duck’), Fozzy Daniels (guitar) & Keith (bass). The vocalist on QuackCore 87 was ‘Arse’. ‘Huttie’ (ex ‘Reprisal’) sang on the LP…

Some of the tracks re-appeared on the split- with ‘Lawnmower Death’ (’88) and their Drunk And A Flirt tape (’89).


‘Metal Duck’ as such formed about 86-ish. The start line-up was with was me (drums),  Foz (guitar) & Keith (bass). We just jammed in the cellar of my old house. Eventually got a few songs together and then decided to record a demo. We got a mate from back in punk-scene, ‘Arse’, on vocals. He only had 2 band-practices (in Stockport) I think; that was before we recorded. We sent it to Don Kaye (Kerrang): he did a page called Deathzine (demo-page) every month or so. It got a really good review apart from the vocals (too loud)… It got us a lot of orders from all round world.

Andy didn’t play on this demo; only on Drunk & A Flirt.

N.D.Q.C. stands for Napalm Death QuackCore… Our sort of ‘Napalm Death’ type song. If you listen to the words: it’s us counting 1>10… That’s how we kept in time also.

Dave Burton

The Newspeakers (UK) Casualty Street; promo (1995)


side (A) side (B)

The Newspeakers – with a “management” in Romford (Essex) – was another band signed to Kollusion recs, the label of Martin Norris (& Dee). He sent me an advance-promo for review. In the band: John Finnigan (vocals), Alan Godfrey (bass), Gary Minall (guitar) & Matt Durell (drums). John, Gary and Matt had been in the band ‘Animal Factory’ before… Gary has been in ‘The Anoraks’ since 1996.

Tilt! #9: >>A mellower version of ‘Green Day’ (a bit more melodic but a lot less rocking). Sounds like a band that jumps the bandwagon now that this is hip (maybe it isn’t anymore when you read this). Technically excellent recordings (for an EP actually) but quite sterile…<<

MRR (Sep 1996) review: >>Pretty cool, sounding like earlier punk stuff with great 70s vocals and arrangements. Even gets a 60s mod vibe going now and then.<<


None of the others are doing anything musically. I think the drummer, Matt, lives in Chatham (Kent) and runs a jam-night locally, John, the singer, has a printing-company and Alan, the bass-player, lives in Hertfordshire…

Gary Minall

L=>R: Al Godfrey – John Finnigan – Matt Durell – Gary Minall


WarDance (UK) Put Up Or Shut Up; promo (1995)


(A): Human Jungle / Solitary / Sawn Off Citizen

(B): Stand Up & Be Counted / Procrasti-nation

NOTE: Links to the tracks have been removed because Spike T. Smith (“played drums for Morrissey,  amongst others” – sic) doesn’t give permission, even though Kollusion has no objections and the same songs are available from other platforms…

Another promo I got from Kollusion recs (Martin Norris & Dee). This to announce ‘Wardance’s CD-single Put Up Or Shut Up. The song Stand Up & Be Counted was replaced/renamed Deciding Time. Melodic hardcore from Peterborough.

‘WarDance’ was formed by Andy ‘Frantic’ (bass; R.I.P.) and ‘Gizzy’ Graham Butt. They did a couple of tapes (1988) and an album for Hageland recs (Monkey See, Monkey Do; 1989). Martin Shaw played drums, Andrew Massey guitar. The band also had 2 tracks on the UK Thrash Assault compilation-LP (with Matt Keys on drums).

Beginning of the 90s they split up and ‘Gizzy’ started ‘Sundance‘ with Spike(y) T. Smith (drums; who he had been in ‘English Dogs’ with). That didn’t last long and a few years later Spikey (also in ‘Sacrilege’) teamed up with Andy again, and guitarist Junior Douglas. Andy & Spikey sang. They released a CD (We’re All Niggas…But Not Your Boys) on a small Belgian label (Manifesto recs) and a 7″ & this EP for Kollusion recs.

Tilt! #9: >>Uptempo, pretty catchy HC with a thriving beat and chugging guitars plus an occasional nod towards reggae/ska; enough variation to keep it attractive. I read about comparisons to ‘NoFX’, ‘Propagandhi’, ‘Dag Nasty’, etc. and that will surely please their label, that aims for a mainstream distribution? The tape they sent is a promo for the CD (5 tracks!?!). No lyric-sheet.<<



Dan (UK) practice (1983)


tracks: Chuck Rock / Heretic / Jack & Jill / Jesus Was A Hippy / Green Hills / Home / Full Moon

Tucked away on a tape in (part of) the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R. between other 1983-84 demos: a recording of a practice of the earliest embodiment of the Darlington band ‘Dan’… Some of the songs appeared on demos later on, others probably never saw the light of day again…

‘Dan’ became known with ‘Jools’ a.k.a. Julie ‘Flipper’ Dalkin (vocals; also ‘Blythe Power’), ‘Wal’ a.k.a. Ian ‘Hendrix’ Wallis (guitar/vocals), Jim ‘G-Clamp’ Clarke (drums) & Ian Armstrong (bass). Founder and vocalist ‘Dallas’ Andrew Bayles left pretty quickly (he was on the debut EP from 1986 called Can You Dig It?). Their first gig was in October 1983. ‘Georgie’ a.k.a. Georgina ‘Mooncat’ Ashwell also sang on the band’s ’85 tape and the LP Where Have All The Children Gone? (’87).

The line-up changed quite a few times. Other people involved over the years: Andrew Black (guitar), ‘Slob’ (guitar), ‘Steely’ (drums), ‘Sned’ (guitar; ‘Blood Robots’, ‘Generic’, etc. etc.), Helen (vocals), Jane (vocals), Philippa (vocals), Sarah, Simon, ‘Turny’, etc.

Read more about ‘Dan’ (in Ian Armstrong’s zine Testament Of Reality)


The name ‘Dan’ comes from a character in a dodgy American soft-porn flick that Ian Armstrong had… We were only young!

Most of our early rehearsals took place in my bedroom with a mattress over the window and a partially deaf neighbour! This would have been the first incarnation of the band featuring myself, Armstrong, ‘Steely’ on drums and Dave ‘Slob’ Robinson on guitar… All still at school and very amateur! Think we’d only played a few gigs locally, and a couple of squat-gigs in Leeds & Newcastle. Heretic was one of the first songs we wrote (on a 3-string guitar) with the others you mention just being songs played for the hell of it and mainly influenced by Armstrong’s love of less serious punk bands, psychobilly and surf music; although Full Moon [In My Pocket] is actually a cover of the [Birmingham rock band] ‘Swell Maps’ original. Home and some others may have Helen on vocals who, along with another local girl called Jane also provided vocals. It was really the later line-up featuring ‘Wal’ on guitar, and Julie & ‘Georgie’ on vocals that ‘Dan’ started to record onto vinyl with Armstrong’s Meantime label becoming more established. That said, they went through pretty much every vaguely punky person in Darlington on vocals and a couple of ropey guitarists before ‘Wal’… I think his addition really gave the band a “sound” as he was and still is an excellent guitarist (once playing in a band called ‘Trout’ with [comedian] Vic Reeves – oddball fact!).

The tracks on this very early ‘Dan’practice are indeed as follows: 1. CHUCK ROCK (a warm-up instrumental), 2. HERETIC (first ‘proper’ song we wrote), 3. JACK & JILL (originated from an Armstrong funky bass-line), 4. JESUS WAS A HIPPY (another comedy classic from Armstrong), 5. GREEN HILLS (I think I wrote this one…was well into ‘Crass’ at this stage), 6. HOME (with Helen on vocals, bit ropey!), 7. FULL MOON IN MY POCKET (read above).

Andrew Bayles

Pic of the line-up that recorded this: L=>R ‘Slob’, ‘Steely’, Ian Armstrong, Helen, Andrew Bayles, ‘Sned’, Jane (ca. 1983)

Crack Babies (UK) demos (1992 & 93)


(demo 1): Euthinasia / Feels So Good / Mezmorized / Switch On / Gate Crash / Big Mouth / Just Go / Living Proof / You Don’t Say

(demo 2): On Your Marks / Fight / Losing It / Hole In Your Head

Another band from Peterborough. Steven ‘Stel’ R. contributed their untitled first demo. I guess he was introduced to the band through his mate ‘Gizz’ Butt (‘English Dogs’, ‘WarDance’, ‘Sundance’ etc.). The band’s guitarist provided me their second tape (Still Smoking). Line-up was: Ian Tasker (guitar/vocals), Ross ‘Rennie’ Edgar (drums), Simon Lister (vocals) & Steve Cracknell (bass). Straightforward, thrashy hardcore…


‘Crack Babies’ formed in 1991 out of the remnants of their previous thrash band ‘Cruise Ducks‘, which consisted of Ian, Steve & Ross Ed. Tasker wanted to concentrate on just playing guitar and they wanted to sound more hardcore like bands they were into such as ‘Scream’, ‘Bad Brains’, ‘Fugazi’, ‘Gang Green’, etc. They scrapped all the old songs from the previous band, brought Simon, a friend of theirs, onto vocals and took of. Tasker and Ross were sharing a house at the time so set their equipment up in the front-room and practised continually writing a batch of new songs much to the annoyance of their neighbours.

From there they gigged locally around the Peterborough region bringing a new energy to their shows with Lister’s boundless style as frontman. They gigged wherever they could supporting bands such as ‘UK Subs’, ‘Oi Polloi’, etc.

They recorded their self-titled 1st demo in March 1992 consisting of 9 songs recorded on a friend’s 4-track, which lead them to doing a couple of gigs on the continent. One in Ghent, Belgium and then playing in Amsterdam with ‘Jawbreaker’. They continued gigging through 1992 and then early 1993 Steve Cracknell left. A friend, Luke Day filled in briefly on bass and the band decided to go into the studio in May to record a 4-track demo (called Still Smoking), where their style was more experimental, away from just hardcore. Luke’s stay was brief, and another friend Stuart West joined on bass.

New Year 1993 was Tasker’s final gig as he’d decided to go travelling. A replacement was found in Lloyd Metselaar and they continued gigging through 1994 until the last gig on August 13th 1994 as Stuart left to concentrate playing with the ‘English Dogs’…

Ian Tasker


Oi Polloi (UK) live (Antwerp, Bel, 88-07-03)



Go Green / Thugs In Uniform / Leaders / Resist The Atomic Menace / Death By Night / Pigs For Slaughter / Secret Servants / Outrage / Punks Picnic

These recordings were made July 3rd 1988 at 1000 Appeltjes in Antwerp (a gig with local bands ‘Comrade’ & ‘Vais’). The tracks ended up on a split-tape with ‘Comrade’, released by Stephen Parsons’ (R.I.P.) B.B.P. Records And Cassettes. Thanks to Koen ‘Siesiele’ Lammens for providing them!

The songs were from the Outrage 7″ (Words Of Warning, ’88) and some others (Death By Night was supposed to be on Nabate’s Exclusion compilation-LP.)… At that time the band consisted of Deek Allan (vocals), Dave Osborne (bass), ‘Arf’ Arthur Dalrymple (guitar) & Gavin Robertson (drums). It was the first time ‘Oi Polloi’ crossed The Channel: the day before they’d played the coastal town of Bredene…

Early stuff of the band: Destroi The System!; demo (83)

photo by Serge Harvent pics (@ Bredene, 88-07-02)

Headache (UK) tape (1994)


These are the tracks of ‘Headache’ on this split-tape with ‘Recusant


‘Headache’ was an eclectic combo of European crusties who lived at the 120 Rats (One Twenty Rats) squat in Leeds. I remember ‘Titi’ (guitar; also in ‘Love, Chips and Peace’ – NOT the drummer of the French band ‘Alcatraz’) and Max ‘Of Tomorrow’ (who was in the Canadian band ‘Shitfit’); and there was also John, Birdy (drums), Ratus, Barb, Sue & Sissou a.k.a. Sisoux Sioux (“the invisible member”). Their music was crazy and quirky jazz-punk-core. Someone once wrote they were “the bastard child of ‘NoMeansNo’ & ‘Doom’ going power-violent”… They did this split-tape here with ‘Recusant’ (from Bradford) & a split-7” (Flat Earth recs) with the same band in ’94. Sned & Alec also released the band’s LP in ’97. There’s also a live-tape of their gig @ MKNŽ (Slovenia, 98-01-03). After the turn of the century Max and Titi were in the Swiss experimental noise punk band ‘J’m’en Fous’.

From Tilt! #8: >>They play, at first-hear, chaotic punk based on colliding rhythms (influences of ‘Dog Face Hermans’, ‘Archbishop Kebab’, etc.) but incorporate thriving and faster pieces in their songs, and the vocals (mixed) are harsher than ‘Recusant’.<<

Exit Condition (UK) Impact Time; tape (1988)


(A): Twisted Tracks / Fast Forward / Stop At Nothing / White Collar Witch / Skate Hero / Fear For Tomorrow

(B): instrumental / Bite Down Hard / Direct Hit / Needle On Red / 10.000 Lights

A band from Stoke-on-Trent that played melodic hardcore. On this tape (from Steven ‘Stel’ R.’s collection) the line-up was: Shaun ‘Crabby’ Higgs (vocals), Darren Harris (guitar/vocals), Rob(ert) Jones (bass; later switched to guitar/vocals and was replaced by Dave Ellis) & Richard Stanier (drums). The recordings date from early 1988. Some tracks also appeared on the Bite Down Hard 7″ that Pushead released on his label the same year, others on the Days Of Wild Skies LP (Meantime recs 1990).


Impact Time was recorded in two sessions in January and March 1988. These were the first ‘proper’ recordings by the band following 18 months of hard gigging around our home-area of Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. Shaun ‘Crabby’ Higgs was singing on the March session. We had 200 copies of this tape professionally reproduced with red labels and about 50 copies were circulated to record labels, fanzines and promoters, with the rest being sold at shows. The tape brought the band some recognition in the International scene, with a good review in Maximum Rock’n’Roll, and interest from a few record-labels, including Pusmort.

‘Exit Condition’ was never a “political band”. We were all fans of the first generation of punk bands, and when those bands became stale and boring we latched onto the energy of the hardcore scene. We we loved the raw power of ‘Discharge’ but many of the other UK 82 style bands left us a bit under-whelmed, and it was the North American bands that really influenced us to play the way we did. We saw ‘Hüsker Dü’ in 1985, and that very down-to-earth approach with the great tunes and their uncompromising approach was really appealing to us. Britain’s ‘Stupids’ were also very important.  For me, being in a band with your friends was the best thing. That idea of creating something of your own and battling against the rest of the world…

Richard Stanier

L => R: Rob Jones, Darren Harris, Shaun Higgs & Richard Stanier

Sundance (UK) The Beyond Within; tape (1990)



+ Extras (Ban On Impunity / Caught In The Act / Cloned To Obey / The Beyond Within #2 / Invincible (?) / Eye To Eye)

NOTE: Links to the tracks have been removed because ‘Gizz’ Butt (despite his initial permission) decided he doesn’t want to see them made public: he makes a living from his music (sic) and apparently wants to ‘revive’ this himself, after 30+ years of silence… Also other of his band-projects (e.g. ‘Monkey Jungle’) will remain in oblivion.

A tape from ‘Stel’ Steven R.’s collection; an advance tape to the LP that was released on Loony Tunes recs (1990). ‘Sundance’ (from Peterborough) was a band with ‘Gizzy’ (Graham Anthony) Butt (formerly ‘English Dogs’ & ‘WarDance’) doing guitar/vocals. The others were David Reid (bass/vocals) & Spike(y) T. Smith (drums; also ‘Sacrilege’ & ‘English Dogs’).


So this band sprang from the splitting of my old band ‘WarDance’ which I formed with Andy ‘Frantic’ [‘WarDance’ bassist]. It was a bit sad really but in a nutshell, I really enjoyed being in a band with Spike T. Smith as the drummer, and didn’t enjoy so much Andy as the bassist. We were mates but he was a bit of a cock! Spike and Andy lived together but their relationship was becoming more and more fraught. It peaked one day, they had a ridiculous argument and Spike let Andy have it, letting him know what he thought of him and he didn’t want to play with him anymore. I had a decision to make and this time I chose to go off piste and form a new band with Spike and semi stealing the old band-name; ‘Sundance’ was formed with me, Spike and a local musician Dave Reid. Dave was into Bowie, ‘The Pixies’ and avant-guarde . I was the lead singer and taking a departure from my usual punk vocals which I’d been used to, I took a more melodic vocal.

The overall sound came out not a million miles dissimilar to ‘Rush’ although I was probably trying to be something else. Many of the songs [‘Gizzy’ talks about the album] were imported from my punk-metal band ‘The Desecrators’: The Beyond Within (about LSD), Sentenced To Life (about suicide), Ban On Impurity (which travelled with me through every band I was in), Caught In The Act (about prejudice), Cloned To Obey (about the refusal to voice up) and Rose Garden Funeral (a semi gothic horror song). With this new musical treatment, they were given a hint of ‘Bad Brains’, ‘Living Colour’ and early ‘Faith No More’. The new songs like Too Far Away, Soul Inside and Put Something Back came along when I was searching for some meaning in everything, and along the way stumbled into self-healing, dream-reading, numerology, astral projection , magic and I guess a mild interest in the paranormal. It was my spiritual discovery. I was visiting stone-circles and burial-chambers and the like. Victoria Falls was a melodic punk song from ‘WarDance’ and to top it all off there was the song Invincible which was about John Lennon and had my typical ‘Metallica’ influenced chugging and riffing. Above all, I was trying to make a stand as a guitarist and I felt I needed a vehicle like ‘Sundance’ to do it.

The album was recorded in Boston at the studio GEMS where ‘Saxon’ had recorded and overall the production was very good.

‘Gizzy’ Butt