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Abhinanda (Swe) promo (1994)



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José Saxlund (Desperate Fight recs) send this promo-tape in 1994 when he was inquiring for gigs for his band… On their 1st Euro tour they played in Belgium @ Nieuwland in Herentals (94-08-14) and the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (94-08-20).

The band (from Umeå, Sweden) played “spiritual” SxE hardcore: José was the vocalist, Jonas Lyxzén did drums (later replaced by Daniel Berglund; was also in ‘Separation’, ‘Demon System 13’, etc.), Adam Nilsson & Kris(tofer) ‘Stone’ Steen (also ‘Refused’; later replaced by Pär Hansson) played guitar, and Mattias ‘Abris’ Abrahamsson was the bassist.

I reviewed the tape in Tilt! #8 as follows: >>Music can be the soundtrack to a period in one’s life. The thundering storms these Scandinavians unchain, illustrate very well the existential fear everyone of us feels every now and then. Desperate trials to exorcise our darkest feelings of hate and anger are made a lot easier with this mix of brutal, shredding guitars and adrenalin-inducing rhtyhms. Great!<<

Also read one of their earlier interviews: Abhinanda (1994)