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Metal Duck (UK) Quackcore; demo (1987)


tracks: Mother Death / Destruction / Bomb Bay Duck / Stepping Stone to Hell / Visions And Reality / (pause) / N.D.Q.C. / The March of the Metal Duck to the Ponds of Hell

A tape donated by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt.

‘Metal Duck’ was a thrashcore band from Manchester/Wigan that Andy Barnard (guitarist of ‘Electro Hippies’) joined on guitar & vocals. The others were Dave Burton (drums; ex ‘Rampant Duck’), Fozzy Daniels (guitar) & Keith (bass). The vocalist on QuackCore 87 was ‘Arse’. ‘Huttie’ (ex ‘Reprisal’) sang on the LP…

Some of the tracks re-appeared on the split- with ‘Lawnmower Death’ (’88) and their Drunk And A Flirt tape (’89).


‘Metal Duck’ as such formed about 86-ish. The start line-up was with was me (drums),  Foz (guitar) & Keith (bass). We just jammed in the cellar of my old house. Eventually got a few songs together and then decided to record a demo. We got a mate from back in punk-scene, ‘Arse’, on vocals. He only had 2 band-practices (in Stockport) I think; that was before we recorded. We sent it to Don Kaye (Kerrang): he did a page called Deathzine (demo-page) every month or so. It got a really good review apart from the vocals (too loud)… It got us a lot of orders from all round world.

Andy didn’t play on this demo; only on Drunk & A Flirt.

N.D.Q.C. stands for Napalm Death QuackCore… Our sort of ‘Napalm Death’ type song. If you listen to the words: it’s us counting 1>10… That’s how we kept in time also.

Dave Burton

Erosion (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-12-04)



Erosion / The Way Of Force / Bilharzia / Nuclear Frost / Catatonia / Into The Void / Aftermath / The King / Mortal Agony / The Unborn / The Scourge / Humanity / (New Energy)

[recorded by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

This German band (from Pinneberg, Hamburg area) was touring with ‘Ludichrist’ (USA) – who were on the same record-label (We Bite recs) – so both played a Smurfpunx concert on 88-12-04 – together with ‘Angry Red Planet’ (USA) & ‘Stengte Dører’ (Nor). In the band during that tour: Chris Zenk (vocals), Jan Bünning (bass), Steve Römhild (guitar), Klaus Nowakowski (drums) & Michael Hankel (guitar; replacing Ulf Kaiser). They played “progressive thrash-metal or “techno thrash”. At that time their album entitled Mortal Agony was out. Some of the tracks were also on their 1987 demotape. Both were recorded with Ulf.

Sheer Terror (USA) promo; live at CBGB (1989)


live at CBGB

(A): Cup O’ Joe / Smile For A Price /// (B): Absolution / Not Giving Up / Only 13

This tape was a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R., who got it from Mike Just (Starving Missile record-label, München; R.I.P.) – the person about to release the band’s album Just Can’t Hate Enough (recorded in the fall of 1988, out in ’89). I reckon the recordings are from the same gig as on the the 7″ released by Blackout! recs (different songs though).

The members of the band, from New York City, were – at that time – Alan Blake (guitar), Mark Neuman (bass; later ‘Zippy’ Keith McAdam), Jason Martin (drums; later Dave Todd a.k.a. Sticky Spankowitz) & Paul Bearer (vocals).

‘Stel’s review in Metallised #11

School Of Violence (USA) promo (1987)


Tracks: Religion / Stranger / Reign Of The Clown / Following Blind / U.S.B.S. / Man At The Top

When I travelled to Kopenhagen and Odense (Denmark) – summer of 1986 – I ran into Karl Agell in Anderz Nielsen’s flat. Karl was the singer of the Connecticut-based HC band ‘Seizure’… A few years later I received a promotional copy of We The People…?, the album of ‘School Of Violence’ (NYC metal/crossover band) for which Karl was doing the vocals. It was released on Death recs (a division of Metal Blade recs)…

review in Metallised #9

This tape is from the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R. The cover is the same as a tape which was recorded live @ C.B.G.B. in 1986 (but there’s different tracks listed). The song Religion was also on the Complete Death II compilation. The others appeared on the album. Apparently Brian Childers (later in ‘Crawlpappy‘) was just replaced by Karl Agell (ex ‘Seizure’, later ‘C.O.C.’). The others in the band were M.S. Evans (drums), Rick Stone (bass) and Stegmon Von Heintz (guitar).


This demo is with previous singer Brian Childers. We were friends. He died several years ago.

Karl Agell

Suckspeed (Ger) promo/demo (1988)


Listen! (side 1) & (side 2)

A tape from Steven ‘Stel’ R.’s collection, who reviewed it in Metallised #11:

This thrash/crossover band from Hannover (formed in 1987) recorded these tracks with Guido Steinchen (guitar/vocals), ‘Stoffi’ Olaf Krebs (guitar/vocals), ‘Michi’ Michael Bothe (bass/vocals) & ‘Ollie’ Oliver Bertram (drums; ex ‘Smarties’). The songs also appeared on theirst first album The Day Of Light (on Jörg Schaper’s Funhouse recs; 1989). References were made to (early) ‘Metallica’ & ‘Prong’. In the early 90s the original guitarists were replaced by Ingo Schröder. They signed to We Bite recs…


Ancalagon (Fra) demo (1989)


(A) Johnny Got His Gun / Graine De Potence – (B) Insane Girl

Thrash-metal band from Paris with ‘Bibiche’ Thierry Septier (vocals; ex ‘Smegmatics‘), Jean Martin (drums), Laurent Ferdinand (guitar) & Stephane Jaquet (bass; later ‘Mass Hysteria’). After this they released 2 tapes with other guitarists (e.g. Tristan Hervo of ‘Wide Open Cage’).

Transgression (USA) demos (1987)


Another tape from Steven Stel R.’s collection… It contains 2 demos: one entitled Better Days, the other untitled.

‘Transgression’ was a HC/thrash band from Indianapolis. On these demos the line-up was: Bob Cripe (guitar; later Dino Codalata), Doug Ketchem (bass), John Zeps (guitar/vocals), Matt Van Kersen (drums) & Paul Linhart (vocals; R.I.P.). The tracks on the Better Days demo and some of the first also made it to onto the Cold War LP that Shane Dabinett released on his label Manic Ears recs (’88). The year after they had a split-7″ out with ‘Apocalypse’ (from California) on Desperate Attempt recs.


untitled demo:

Check / Working Class Dick / Killing You / Hostile Environment / Holocaust / Busted Up /// Mass Hysteria / My Madness / Go To Hell / We’ve Got To Fight / Open Casket / Death To All


Better Days:

Head In The Smoke / Better Days / Go To Hell /// Think For Yourself / We’ve Got To Fight / Final Conflict + some extras

I was quite into American speed-metal acts such as ‘Septic Death’, ‘Attitude Adjustment’ and early ‘D.R.I.’. ‘Transgression’ provided that outlet of extreme speed-metal and hardcore. They played extremely fast metal hardcore with attitude. Cold War was a killer album with some fast and furious music. Totally extreme.

Shane Dabinett (on his website)

Unity Squad (Den) The Mysterious Footprints In The (S)layercake; demo (1989)


Tracks: Mommy / The Cloud / The Horse / Pergatory Likvid

This band (from Ålborg, north of Denmark) played HC+thrash. They were part of the 1000 Fryd scene (venue where my mate Jakob ‘Sorte Rose’ Nielsen booked bands). The people playing on these recordings were ‘Billig’ Bill Pedersen (drums/vocals), ‘Germo’ Gert Andersen (guitar/vocals), ‘Rocker’ Jan Meijer (bass) & ‘Snuden’ Thomas Christensen (vocals/guitar). Before this they did a self-titled tape with the first singer Carsten ‘Coma’ Sejrskild Vittrup and ‘Snuden’ on bass. They also have a track on the Nostalgia II compilation-tape (Plague tapes, ’86). I reviewed this demo here in Tilt! #5 as fast HC with metal influences…

Bionic (Ger) & Kick’n’Run (Ger) split-tape (1989)


On this tape (a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R.), Spirit Family – a band-collective and small label from Hannover ran by Karl Nagel (and friends) – is presenting 2 bands from the scene there. ‘Kick’n’Run’ was the band of Olivié Wolf (guitar; later in ‘Militant Mothers’); and ‘Bionic’ was with Arne Langguth (bass), ‘Chico’ Roland Wedig (guitar; also ‘M.M.’), Lars Langguth (vocals) & Tilo Drescher (drums). By the way: the guy pictured on the cover of their 12″ is NOT Jens Gallmeyer (‘Gigantor’ guitarist)…


Both bands split up in 90/91 – and their guitarplayers became the guitarists for ‘Militant Mothers’ [Olivié Wolf / ‘Chico’ Roland Wedig].

Karl Nagel (real name Peter Altenburger; singer of ‘Militant Mothers’)

We were just four friends who started a band, lived, skated and did all kinds of “funny” things together. It was our first expirience in music and we had so much fun doing it we decided to record some tunes. We continued several years in other bands…

Lars Langguth

I founded ‘Kick’n’Run’ with ‘Schwein’/Mirco Lepinski [vocals]. There were several drummers an bassplayers involved – Richi (‘Kybernetics’), Hein (‘Alte Kameraden’) and H.W. [‘Harvey Hustler’ Hans-Werner Quast] who was also playing in ‘Militant Mothers’. I joined ‘M.M.’ because Eike, the former guitarist, left the band. Since H.W. and me were practicing for the ‘M.M.’ European tour, we didn‘t have the time for ‘Kick’n’Run’ and the singer left. We were playing 5 ‘Kick’n’Run’ songs with the ‘Mothers’…all with different lyrics. They’re on the ‘M.M.’ album Different Souls (e.g. Planet Of The Apes).

‘Kick’n’Run’ split up December 89. As I said myself and H.W. were also in M.M. H.W. is Hans-Werner Quast… I don‘t know where ‘Hustler’ comes from. Perhaps from his fast slapping???

Olivié Wolf

I’m a record/memorabilia dealer and “all around punkrock/HC nerd” who reads/consults blogs like yours on a daily basis when it comes to finding out details about rather “obscure” releases. I’m a collector, run a label, play in bands and therefore make a living out of HC/punk. Do as you please; I couldn’t care less about ‘Bionic’.

Tilo Drescher (G-Force recs)

Transgressor (USA) demo (1987)



D.U.I. / Cold Storage / Poverty Of Intellect, Vacancy Of Mind / Power Trip / Do What Thy Will / Useless War / The Enemy Within / Sonic Dismemberment / One Foot In The Grave / Phantasmal Chaos

‘Transgressor’ was a crossover/ thrash metal band from San Jose (California) with Eric Garrett (drums), Jay Fackler (bass), Pat (vocals) & Steve Von Till (guitar/vocals; later ‘Neurosis’, etc.). This tape was donated by Steven ‘Stel’ R. They also contributed some tracks (from this, plus some others) for the compilation-tape Brainwashed Into Submission.

review in Metallised #8