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Anti-Toxin (Ger) demo (1986)


(A) Intro / The Servitude Of Society / Hunger Und Schmerz (“hunger and pain”) / South Africa’s Youth / Ami Pictures Proudly Presents / It’s Plain To Be A Fascist

(B) The Dipsomaniac / Jesus Loves You / Pictures Of A Shattered Child / Brutal Scenes… / On Stage / Soft Rains… / Outro

This is a donation by Koen ‘Sies’ L. a.k.a. Mad Mohawk.

‘Anti-Toxin’ (from Bielefeld/Versmold) did a show on a Smurfpunx concert (88-10-23) and played for Hageland Hardcore (87-08-30). I described their music as fast, slightly metal-influenced HC, reminiscent of ‘C.O.C.’; others referred to ‘Agnostic Front’ or ‘Crumbsuckers’. The People in the band were: Christoph Ulbich (vocals), Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek (drums), Gerald Kirsch (bass) & Bert Hobein (guitar).

This demo (recorded Sep. 1986) was their first release. After that they did a 7″ EP (The Enemy Is You; ’87) and an LP (The Tower; 88) for Till Neurath’s label TPC (later re-named Sell-Out Activities). They also had a track on the compilation-album Something Is Wrong (’89).

The Enemy Is You; review in Tilt! #4: >>Bought this after seeing them live. The bass stirrs everything up and then the guitar and drums join the attack of our body and soul. This piece of vinyl is only a faint reflection of their possibilities. Good lyrics.<<

The Tower; review in Tilt! #5: >>A superb album by a truly interesting and great live band. […] Their attitudes as shown in their personal lyrics are great. Nice people too.<<


We started the band in 1984, first in a very simple and primitive way using acoustic guitars and drumming on comic-books. But living on the countryside turned out to be an advantage, as long as we were able to jam a lot without disturbing any neighbours. We bought amps and a drumkit, and started to cover hardcore bands like ‘Minor Threat’, ‘Government Issue’ or ‘D.R.I.’. The tape came out in 1986, in 1987 we published an EP, in 1988 our LP. The 7″ was probably the best we ever did, very straightforward hardcore; it helped us become quite popular in Germany. The LP was influenced by ‘R.K.L.’ and ‘Negazione’; the songs became more complicated, including at least 10 different parts. We toured together with ‘Sacred Denial’ in 1988 [Brob: I saw them in Bielefeld (88-07-15) when ‘Hate Crew’ played.] and split up in 1989, when all of us started studying at universities all over the country. The tape is a good documentation of how it sounded when German bands tried to get away from British punkrock by imitating US hardcore during the 1980s.

Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek

The Wrecks (USA) Teenage Jive; tape (1982)


I Love To Shoplift / Couldn’t Believe It / High School Anthem / Communist Bucks / S.B.S. / Lullaby Of The Womb / Slowboat To Yuba / Punk’s An Attitude / This Land Is Your Land

The tracks were made available on archive.org by Dan of memories-for-tomorrow (blogspot)…

The Wrecks (from Reno, Nevada) were Bessie ‘Wrecks’ Oakley (bass), Jone ‘Jetson’ Stebbins (guitar), Lynn ‘Lust’ Perko/Truell (drums; later ‘The Dicks’, etc.) & Hel(l)en Keller/Johnson (vocals). Their music was dirty, loud and fast punk described as “all-female, proto-riot-grrrl” hardcore. The women were in their teens while in this band. They started in 1980 and did their last show on 82-07-04. Besides this tape here (recorded Jan. ’82; self-released) they also had a track (Punk’s An Attitude) on the Not So Quiet On The Western Front compilation double LP (Alternative Tentacles, ’82).

‘The Wrecks’ photographed by Gary Elam

In a later interview (Reno News & Review, 2015), Bessie states that “one of the defining characteristics of the Reno scene, compared to other punk and hardcore scenes of the 1980s, was its gender inclusiveness”… “When gigs started getting violent, girls stopped going in other cities. In Reno, we never had much violence…during that time. I believe that had to do with the female influence. … It was mutually beneficial. We had this environment that was accepting of us, but I think we also, in a way, were also able to say, ’Hey, your conception of a girl as just as girlfriend or whatever is not necessarily true.’.”

A review in MRR #2 (’82), by Steve Spinali, goes as follows: >>You probably won’t be able to get this garage-punk gem anymore, but suffice it to say this nine-song cassette is both funny and wise – with lots of hardcore thrills mixed in. Even though ‘The Wrecks’ are no longer with us (sigh), songs like Couldn’t Believe It will live on in the annals of punk history. Mark my words.<<

‘The Wrecks’ live (source unknown)


The Sikhs Dah-Nies / Naked Nuns (Bel) demo + live (1986)


demo (86): Bad Natives / Faustian Bargain / Go Climb A Mountain / Going Somewhere / No Words / Runaway Russians / Suicide / The Sensation Of Crime / Too Wild To Be Born

live Dendermonde (86-05-03): Big Brother, We’re Watching You / Devil Is Bad / Faustian Bargain / Going Somewhere / Runaway Russians / Too Wild To Be Born

live Gent (86-06-05): Bad Natives / Go Climb A Mountain / Suicide / The Sensation Of Crime

Re-reading back 80s zines I was reminded of a band I saw a couple of times locally but who got lost in the lesser active cells of my brain…

In the early 80s some friends from the Deinze/Gent area started making music under the name ‘L’Union Fait La Force’ (“unity makes strength”): guitarist Peter, bassist Piet, drummer Eric and singer Ben. They split up in ’84 but re-started in ’86 as ‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ (a name referring to pretending to be Danny to mislead the police) with Piet also behind the drum-kit (yes, 2 drummers). They said they were influenced by West-Coast HC bands (e.g. ‘Dead Kennedys’) but also thrash, hardrock & blues. They also liked punk bands such as ‘Sham 69’, ‘Stiff Little Fingers’, ‘Clash’ etc.). I think a good description of thier music would be garage-punk. The lyrics dealt with socio-political subjects: imperialism/colonialism, the illusion of freedom, the hypocrite religious cult, etc.


The live sets were recorded (through the P.A.) at the Vooruit in Gent [86-06-05; supporting ‘Sonic Youth’] and at the Ack-Ack concert [actually Smurfpunx together with Kurt Boelens] at the Roxy in Dendermonde [86-05-03]. In Dendermonde we were still called ‘Naked Nuns’, later we changed the name to ‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ (referring to the 6 band-members but no other special meaning). The demo-recordings (May/June ’86) were made via a mixing-table in our rehearsal-space in Deinze. Both the live tapes and the demo recordings were distributed at gigs.

‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ line-up was: Piet Van Oost (drums; R.I.P. 88-01-30), Eric Monsaert (drums), Luc Van Den Heede (guitar), Peter Van Paemel (guitar), Erwin De Waele (bass) & myself (vocals).

As ‘L’Union Fait La Force’ (1981-1983) we played mostly locally (Deinze, Astene, …). ‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ took us a bit further: we played De Marbel in Tielt twice, Benefietski Libertadski (for the striking miners, organised by Mario Mathijs) with ‘Sponky Business’, in Gent (@ Kanivoo with ‘Magic Mushrooms’, @ the 17), Watervliet, Oudenaarde, etc. etc.

Ben Standaert


‘The Sikhs Dah-Nies’ @ Vooruit, Gent; 86-06-05

Ben Standaert @ Benefietski Libertadski, St-Niklaas; 86-03-15

>>Sentenaarke Moet Blijven<< (various) compilation (1988)


(side 1): NASA / Wars / Scunge Buckets (‘Septic Saw Blades’) *** Hollow Minds / Path To Decadence (‘Heresy’) *** The Power Of Expression / Multi-Dead World (‘Kazjurol’) *** New Age / I’m No Better (‘Maka-I’) *** Moshquito Attack / Rights Of The Black (‘Violent Mosquitos’)

(side 2): Move Your Ass (‘Burning Ambitions’) *** Allt Eller Inget / Dumheter (‘16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna‘) *** Seeing A Pig / Nobody Is Listening (‘Dawn Of Liberty’) *** Make Every Minute Count / What Seems Right (‘Half Off‘) *** We Fight Back / What’s Up Doc? / White Soldier (‘Hund Als Waffe’) *** Porton Down / The Struggle (‘Man’s Hate’)

This was a benefit compiled by Kurt Boelens (who did Ack Ack tapes & concerts in the second half of the 80s). He was active in the area around Eeklo (East-Flanders, Belgium). Sentenaarke was a youth-centre in Sint-Laureins (where Kurt also invited some punk bands) that was threatened with closure. Sentenaarke Moet Blijven = “Sentenaarke needs to stay”…

16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna (Tranås, Sweden): ‘Löken’ Mikael Karlsson (guitar), Jimmy Karlsson (bass), Frank Bergsten (drums), Magnus Grehn (vocals)

Burning Ambitions (Le Havre, France): Doris Le Mat (bass/vocals), ‘Bouboul’ Dominique Raas (guitar/vocals), Fabrice ‘Moshé’ Bosman / ‘Gooloo’ (drums/vocals)

Dawn Of Liberty (Neerpelt, Belgium): Stefan Joosten (vocals), Tweeva’ Luc Deckers (bass), Danny Vandevelde (guitar), ‘Fritz’ Danny Brebels (guitar), Stijn Persoons (drums)

Half Off (Long Beach, California): Jim Burke (guitar; R.I.P.), Vadim Rubin (drums), Jeff Boetto / John Bruce (bass), Tim / Billy Rubin (vocals)

Heresy (Nottingham, UK): John March (vocals), Kalv(in) Peiper (bass), ‘Steve’ Stephen Charlesworth (drums), Mitch Dickinson / ‘Baz’ Steve Ballam (guitar)

Hund Als Waffe (Veldhoven/Eindhoven, The Netherlands): Roland Molegraaf (guitar), Walter Withagen (vocals), Maarten Van de Ven (drums), Antoine Adams (bass)

Kazjurol (Fagersta, Sweden): Lars ‘Bodde’ Eliasson (drums) Thomas ‘Bäs’ Bergström / Kjelle (vocals), ‘Andy’ Andreas Larsson / Håkan (bass), ‘T-ban’ Tommie Petterson (guitar), Pontus Andersson/Ekwall (guitar)

Maka-I (Enschede, The Netherlands): Rick Kup (vocals), Maarten van Schoorl (bass), Frits van der Lee (drums), Frank Tuunter (guitar)

Man’s Hate (Peterborough, UK): Andi Xport (vocals/guitar; A Man’s Hate Production)

Septic Saw Blades (Whyalla, Oz): Andrew Foley a.k.a. Andy Septic (guitar), ‘Dirty’ Dave Scunge (vocals), ‘Nevus’ Neil Guiver (drums), Flem (bass)

Violent Mosquitos (Aalst, Belgium): Frank ‘Drank’ Parewijck (bass/vocals), Jean-Claude ‘JC’ Roosen (guitar), Moiz’ Jean-Yves Bogaert (drums)

Political Asylum (UK) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-09-03)


Listen =>

(soundcheck) / (2:36) Solitary / (5:35) Flight Of Fancy / (8:03) System Of War / (12:17) Window On The World / (15:21) Symptom / (17:31) Apathy / (22:33) ??? / (25:53) Down Amongst The Olive Groves / (27:58) Winter of Our Discontent / (31:30) Disarm Or Die / (33:49) Not For Tomorrow / (36:58) Do They Care? / (42:57) Standing Over Me

This is a recording (by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt) of the second concert that Political Asylum’ did for Smurfpunx (88-09-03; with ‘Ripcord’, ‘Lethal Gospel’ & ‘Yuppies’Death’).

The band-members at that moment were Ramsey Kanaan (vocals), Keith Burns (drums), Ewan Hunt (bass; R.I.P.) & Steve Dewar (guitar). Their first Smurfpunx gig (87-07-05) was still with guitarist Stephen Brown. During the summer of 1988 ‘P.A.’ played all over Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands & Belgium), promoting their album Someday (recorded with Stephen Brown) – most were also on the Window On The World LP (with Steve Dewar) – and playing some older songs…

Someday reviewed in Tilt! #4: >>To all people who say ‘P.A.’ plays pop: fuck you! There’s definitely something wrong with your brains. One of the most refreshing and addicting records ever. What a power and enthousiasm, in both words and music. There’s an all-cleaning storm waving through my mind when I hear this. Fabulous guitar-wizardry (slobber, slaver…). Excellent lyrics too…<<

Window On The World reviewed in Tilt! #6: >>One of my all-time faves. Super-melodic and sensitive stuff here. These Scottish ‘lads’ sure know how to brew a decent song. Tight rhythm-section, inventive guitar-playing (brilliant) and convincing vocals. Intelligent lyrics that put your mind at work. Yeah, I really like this a lot!!!<<


The unknown track is a song we never recorded. I think it was called Henry and dedicated to H. Rollins but also about all the straight-edge madness at the time and hordes of baseball-capped boys’n’girls (uniform)…

I believe I joined ‘P.A.’ 1987-88. Previously I was in ‘Sad Society’, another Edinburgh punk-band with more of a ‘Sex Pistols’, ‘The Clash’, 77 attitude rather than the anarcho sound that came later. I was impressed by the honesty and non-punky attitude of the band, they were a bit like more like me at that time and that appealed. At the same time, I found the music a bit too prog-rocky and something had to be done about that, and they knew it. We started working on my tightness, since it was lacking and I got working on giving them a harder sound. In retrospect though now I would have made it sound harder. There was still too much cleanliness to the sound. We live and learn…

Ramsey was good at getting gigs through all his contacts and teamed up with ‘5Les’ to tour Europe. For me it was a big experience, having never been on the road before. I lost it once in Winterswijk (NL), throwing Ewan’s bass-guitar out the bus. I think I still have a temper.

Steve Dewar


‘Political Asylum’ @ Finkel, Jette, 88-08-28 (photographed by Mike Du Bois)

Leberwohlstand (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-10-23)


(part 1): (soundcheck; Insane) / Verstehen Sie Spaß? / Conform / Wasted Vinyl / Leberwohlstand / Schizophren / Weißt Du Noch? / Iron Curtain / (new song; no title) / Insane / Vergangenheit

(part 2): Vergangenheit / Tonight / Schreie In Der Nacht / (pause) / Greensleeves (instrumental) / [no space on the tape for Streets Of London]

I got know ‘Leberwohlstand’ (“prosperity of the liver”) (‘L.W.S.’, from Wilhelmshaven, Germany) when they replaced ‘Upset Noise’, supporting ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ in Scherpenheuvel (87-07-06). This is a recording (by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt) of the show they did for Smurfpunx (88-10-23; with ‘No Pigs’, ‘Anti-Toxin’ & ‘Violent Mosquitos’).

The band-members were ‘Jacke’ Carsten Bucher (bass/vocals; later ‘Acid Rain Dance’), ‘Ölz’ Jens Ölze (guitar/vocals), ‘Fuchs’ Stefan Groβe (guitar) and ‘Hipp’ Heiko Sudholz (drums). In the beginning of 1988 they had finished the recording of their LP, entitled Just Confused…, which was released on We Bite recs.

My review of their LP in Tilt! #4: >>Solid hardcore/punkrock-mixture; energetic and powerful. Now and then you hear some reggae-influences. Catchy chorusses and Ölz’ guitar playing tuneful melodies, make this a very good album. When I saw and heard them live in Aalst, I knew they had something but I never thought they were going to bring out an album (specially not on We Bite recs…) because they weren’t giving in to any trend. Keep it up lads! Lyrics wander in the dark side of our existence and deal with (as I see it) powerlessness. Powerless to live one’s own life, to understand everything; powerless againts authorities…<<

Metal Duck (UK) Quackcore; demo (1987)


tracks: Mother Death / Destruction / Bomb Bay Duck / Stepping Stone to Hell / Visions And Reality / (pause) / N.D.Q.C. / The March of the Metal Duck to the Ponds of Hell

A tape donated by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt.

‘Metal Duck’ was a thrashcore band from Manchester/Wigan that Andy Barnard (guitarist of ‘Electro Hippies’) joined on guitar & vocals. The others were Dave Burton (drums; ex ‘Rampant Duck’), Fozzy Daniels (guitar) & Keith (bass). The vocalist on QuackCore 87 was ‘Arse’. ‘Huttie’ (ex ‘Reprisal’) sang on the LP…

Some of the tracks re-appeared on the split- with ‘Lawnmower Death’ (’88) and their Drunk And A Flirt tape (’89).


‘Metal Duck’ as such formed about 86-ish. The start line-up was with was me (drums),  Foz (guitar) & Keith (bass). We just jammed in the cellar of my old house. Eventually got a few songs together and then decided to record a demo. We got a mate from back in punk-scene, ‘Arse’, on vocals. He only had 2 band-practices (in Stockport) I think; that was before we recorded. We sent it to Don Kaye (Kerrang): he did a page called Deathzine (demo-page) every month or so. It got a really good review apart from the vocals (too loud)… It got us a lot of orders from all round world.

Andy didn’t play on this demo; only on Drunk & A Flirt.

N.D.Q.C. stands for Napalm Death QuackCore… Our sort of ‘Napalm Death’ type song. If you listen to the words: it’s us counting 1>10… That’s how we kept in time also.

Dave Burton

Evasive Action (NZe) Looking For A Battlefield; demo (1984)



A Nation Divided / DogFight / Possession / Agony / Slow Death / Militant Takeover / Evasive Action / Humungus (Ayatolla) / Live For Fun 2 / Seconds To Live / High Walls / Friday 27th / Bureaucrat / Live For Fun 1

This tape is from Steven ‘Stel’ R.’s collection. It’s indicated as “studio demo”. It contains the same songs but in an other order. It was probably meant as a promo… The B-side of the tape is a live registration of ‘The Union’ @ the Auckland Uni Café (84-08-04)…

The band, from Christchurch (New Zealand), was Mark ‘Gibby’ Gibson (drums), Erik Van Den Hoven (bass), Eugene Butcher (vocals), Harry Hepworth (guitar).

From Audioculture, The Noisy Library Of New Zealand Music: >>Eugene and Erik wasted little time on ‘Desperate Measures’ demise in early 1983. They quickly formed ‘Evasive Action’ with two former members of ‘Unauthorised’ – bassist Mark on drums and Harry Hepworth, ‘Unauthorised’s singer, playing guitar. […] A Nation Divided, Dogfight, Possession, Agony (Harry on vocals), Slow Death, Militant Takeover, Evasive Action, Humungus (Ayatolla) and Live For Fun 2 were recorded at Nightshift Studio on 9 February 1984 and released along with the July 1983 sessions as Looking For A Battlefield on Failsafe tapes in 1984.<<

Nowadays Eugene lives in London where he has a contemporary version of ‘Desperate Measures’ (his other band) going. He’s also the publisher/editor of Vive Le Rock & some other music-magazines (Big Cheese Publishing Ltd)…


We remastered this tape and did some nice artwork for it: evasiveaction.bandcamp.com The band went on to become ‘Southern Front‘ and before that they were 2 different bands: ‘Desperate Measures’ and ‘Unauthorised’. Eugene from ‘Desperate Measures’ is actually performing under that name in the UK playing songs from all 4 bands in their set. He’s managing their material. [Eugene agreed to publish this.]

I’m a big fan of blogs on music. Great to see people write about music with passion.

Rob Mayes (Failsafe recs)

Eugene – Harry – Erik – Mark

>>Lorteland<< (various) compilation (1983)


(side 1):

War / Country & Western / The Last – ‘The Zero Point’ *** Rascisme / Tid (“time”) / Sindssyg (“insane”) – ‘War Of Destruction’ *** Nazi Siat (“nazi pig”) / Disco Paskat ‘”disco shit”) / Kaikki Hyvin? (“everything allright?”) / Sota Poika (“war boy”) / Boston Babies / Vietnam Vuonna 1982 (“vietnam in ’82”) / Sadetanssi!? (“raindance!?”) – ‘Anti Disco League’ *** Fortabt (“lost”) / Du (“you”) / Government Get Away / Magtbegær (“lust for power”) / Køter (“meatproducts”) / Lorteland (“shitty country”) / The Queen Is Mad – ‘Crap’ *** Täystuho (“total destruction”) / Pissaa Ja Paskaa (“pee & shit”) / Mulla On Liian Lyhyt Sänky (“my bed is too short”) / Mä Haluan Rahaa (“I want cash”) / Onnellisia Kytkentöja (“happy coupling”) – ‘Terveet Kädet’ *** Copenhagen Hauptbahnhof (“Copenhagen central station”) – ‘Klar Pest’ *** Psykoanalysen (“psychoanalysis”) / Stille Først (“quiet at first”) / I Krig (“at war”) / Sig Nej Til Atomkraft! (“say no to nuclear power”) – ‘Disaster’ *** Apathy – ‘Camouflage’ *** Punished & Humbled (‘Freshly Riots’)

(side 2):

Politiker Vold (“political violence”) / Elektrochoc / Dead Cop / Nægt (“refused”) – ‘Spild Af Tid’ *** 317 Nitter (“317″ rivets”) / Gift (“poison”) / Vold (“violence”) / Guds Børn (“children of god”) / Enola Gay / Blodrus (blood intoxication”) / Bud Bad – ‘Enola Gay’ *** Dio Salvi Il Vaticano (“god save the vatican“) / La Vostra Violenza (“your violence”) / Giustizia (“justice”) / Polizia – ‘Impact’ *** Allucinazione Metropolitana (“metropolitan hallucination“) / Ricambio Umano (“human replacement”) / Rabbia E Disperazione (“anger and despair“) / Occupazione (“occupation”) / PunkAminazione (zine) – ‘5° Braccio’ *** No Al Sistema (“no to the system”) / Nessuna Ragione (“no reason”) / Nessuna Giustizia (“no justice”) / Crea Veleno (“produce poison”) / Polvere Fastidiosa (“annoying dust”) / Detesta (“hate”) / Sentimento Altruista (“altruistic sentiment”) – ‘Indigesti’ *** I Hate The New Romantics / Urolige Tider (“troubled times”) / Slütters Kabinet (“?”) – ‘Diarrè’ *** Et Andet Nummer (“another song”) – ‘Freshly Riots’

[Apparently some of the tracks listed on the insert didn’t make it to side 2…]

This tape (a donation by Steven ‘Stel’ R.) is the very first that Anderz Nielsen compiled. Lorteland is Danish for “shitty country”. He did it in 1983 under the name Boston Tea Party tapes, together with his band-mate Brian Hansen (both living in Albertslund, Denmark). At the time Anderz was playing in ‘Enola Gay’ and did a zine entitled Alles Krig Mod Alle. Later he moved to Kopenhagen, expanded B.T.P. to a distribution, organised shows (at the local punk venue Ungdomshuset) & tours, and played in HC/punk bands such as ‘Misanthropic Charity’ & ‘President Fetch’.


How did I gett B.T.P. started? The whole idea about doing a compilation-tape already formed late 1981 when I was living in Jutland [the peninsula part of Denmark] and the only chance to get to music that I liked was to write to bands I read about in fanzines. Some bands sent me their demo – great demos that I thought others also should have a chance to hear – so I started contacting even more bands asking them if they had a few songs I could use. In 1982 I moved to Albertslund (Zealand [largest island of Denmark]) and together with my good friend Brian (‘Bad Brain’) we started The Boston Tea Party Tapes and released the Lorteland compilation. The first edition was 150 copies (minus the 15 tapes that we gave to the bands involved). Later on I kinda lost track of how many copies we did but it’s only the first 150 tapes that got the black & red cover. Why did we choose those particular bands? Because we liked them and they wanted to get involved. The idea was to get less know bands/music from around the world out to more people. The name of the tape refers to the way the Danish government was handling the housing-situation (especially in Copenhagen) and youth in general. The picture on the cover shows the demolition of a squat/venue called Allotria [evicted in January 1983], a very important venue in the early squat/punk-scene in Denmark.

Anderz Nielsen


5° Braccio (“5th arm”) (Torino, Ita): Orlando/Filippo (bass),  Mara Caberlin (vocals; also ‘Contrazione’), Paola/Orlando Furioso (drums), Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano (guitar; also ‘Declino’ & ‘Negazione’), Sergio Tosato (vocals; also ‘Contrazione’ & ‘Panico’)

Anti Disco League (Salo, Fin): Jouni Niemi (bass), AF/Affe Vajanto (drums), O-P Salo (guitar) [started out as a 4-piece, later became a 2-piece without a bassist]

Camouflage (Århus, Den): Anne (drums), Dennis (guitar), Key (vocals), Gladys (bass) [Anderz: with members from bands such as ‘Zero Point’, ‘Le Cra.p’ & ‘War Of Destruction’]

Crap (Århus, Den): ‘Daller’ (vocals), ‘Donny’ Dan Sørensen (guitar), Enrico Andreis (drums), Jan ‘Key’ Hansen (bass)

Diarrè (“diarrhea”) (Albertslund, Den): Charlotte Bagge (vocals), Carsten West (drums), Henrik ‘IB’ Jørgensen (guitar), ‘Phüs’ Peter Waldorph (bass)

Disaster (?, Den): ? [Anderz: my first band, while still living in Jytland]

Enola Gay (Albertslund, Den): Anderz Nielsen (guitar), Brian ‘Bad Brain’ Hansen (bass), Jesper ‘Liselotte’ Jørgensen (vocals), Claus Jyderup (drums)

Freshly Riots (Aars, Den): ‘Ghetto Mike’ Hammer (bass), ‘Tjalfe Hørenbach’ Jørn Iversen (guitar), ‘Mr Volt’ Christian Frank Pedersen (drums), ‘Bo Weany Nightinghal’ Bo Led Andersen (vocals), ‘P.G. Stink’ Michael Touborg Andersen (keyboards)

Impact (Ferrara, Ita): Diego Fabbri (bass; taking over from ‘Bistek’), Alberto ‘Gigo’ Gigante (drums), ‘Janz’ Stefano Ragazzi (guitar), ‘Bistek’ Massimo Ragazzi (vocals; replacing Andrea ‘Infa’).

Indigesti (Vercelli, Ita): Rudy Medea (vocals), Enrico Giordano (guitar), Silvio Bernelli (bass), Massimo Corradino/Massimino Ferrusi (drums)

Klar Pest (“plain plague”) (Albertslund, Den): Carsten West () [Anderz: with members of ‘Kalashnikow’]

Spild Af Tid (“waste of time”) (Den): Lars Hedegaard Jørgensen (guitar), Mads Thøger Veddinge (vocals), Peter Frøby (drums), Tom Gruschy Knudsen (bass)

Terveet Kädet (“healthy hands”) (Tornio, Fin): Veli-Matti ‘Läjä’ Äijälä (vocals), Timo Viik (guitar), ‘Piäsky’ Markus Saarenpää (bass), ‘Peedro’ Petri Rankka (drums)

The Zero Point (Århus, Den): Lars ‘Louis’ Kristensen (drums; later Dennis Jensen), Thomas Maintz (guitar; later Steen Thomsen), Henrik Lund (bass), Steen Thomsen (vocals)

War Of Destruction (Århus, Den): ‘Donny’ Dan Sørensen (guitar), Hans Simonsen (vocals), Jan ‘Key’ Hansen (bass), Steen Thomsen (drums)


Smoldering Remains (USA) I Stepped Off The Curb And Got Hit By A Bus!; tape (1989)


(part 1): I Stepped Off The Curb … / Blah / The Pigeon Strut / Speck / Spooge / U Make Me Wanna Puke / Black Twinkie

(part 2): Smoldering Remains / Fat Albert / Fiend / Burgertime / Dawg /  Unnamed Mosh Song / Grandma’s Got A Tattoo

From the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

I reckon this was the first band of Ty Smith (later ‘Resist’, etc.; R.I.P.). Early on ‘Smoldering Remains’ was a HC/punk trio from Peoria (Illinois). Besides Ty (here nicknamed ‘Nimrod), the other members were Matt ‘Peglor’ Ziegler (guitar/vocals), Marty Gray (bass/guitar) & Jason Pellegrino (bass) – The latter wasn’t on the tape.

Laurent Seiter (on his webiste churchofzer) mentions ‘Stikky’ and early ‘Adrenalin O.D.’ as references, though “slighlty more chaotic and rougher”.


We were a 3-piece with me on guitar and vocals. Marty Gray on bass and Ty on drums. We added Jason on bass at the end Marty moved to guitar and I did vocals then.

Here’s a video of the band as a quartet: live @ Itoo Hall, Peoria, Il (89-08-04).

Matt Ziegler

I came when Marty moved to guitar so Matt Ziegler could just “sing” (LOL)… Ty Smith’s first band was actually with me in ‘Armageddon’, we then changed our name to ‘Leviathan’, and Ty was our original drummer. ‘Smoldering Remains’ came after.

Jason Pellegrino