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Inhuman Conditions (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 87-11-14)


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(1) Positive Or Dumb? / (2) Same Assholes / (3) Be Counted / (4) Destroyed Earth / (5) Drugdeath / (6) Fascist Crap / (7) This Is Bochum – Not L.A. / (8) Last Steps / (9) Doppelkorn / (10) Inhuman Conditions / (11) Right To Booze / (12) Money Isn’t Everything


While setting up the ‘Ripcord’/‘Napalm Death’ tour (spring 1987), I got in touch with Bernd Backhaus (editor of Battlefield zine at that time). We corresponded and met at Smurfpunx gigs. He was also kind of the ‘manager’ of a metal/crossover band from the Rhurpott area (Bochum): ‘Inhuman Conditions’. I didn’t really know the band before but Bernd introduced me to them and sent me a tape asking to book a few shows for them. So I arranged that they could play this Smurfpunx show (87-11-14) and sorted them a gig for the next day with ‘Attitude’ in Scherpenheuvel (87-11-15).

At that time (I believe they’d just abandonned their old name ‘Evil Prophecy’), the band consisted of ‘Ridi’ (vocals), Arnie (bass), Piefke (drums), Thorsten Arndt (guitar) & Thomas ‘Tom’ Schremmer (guitar). Later Tobias ‘Tobi’ Falarz replaced ‘Ridi’.

Their first demo (Proceeding Decay) was recorded in May ‘87; their second (Positive Or Dumb?) was recorded 2 weeks after this Smurfpunx-gig. The live tracks from the above-mentioned show were pretty much the same as on the this second demo. In May ‘88 they recorded for their first 7” (Sanction S.A.)… Full discography & info


Review (of the studio-recordings of Positive Or Dumb?) in Tilt! #4: >>My favourite German metal-band. Positive attitudes and good lyrics. The music is a mixture of speed-metal and thrash (cross-over as you might call it). Two guitars, some breaks…all the ingredients for powerful music. Comes with an extensive booklet. Excellent sound-quality.<<

Some bits from their promo-booklet: