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Political Asylum (UK) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-09-03)


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(soundcheck) / (2:36) Solitary / (5:35) Flight Of Fancy / (8:03) System Of War / (12:17) Window On The World / (15:21) Symptom / (17:31) Apathy / (22:33) ??? / (25:53) Down Amongst The Olive Groves / (27:58) Winter of Our Discontent / (31:30) Disarm Or Die / (33:49) Not For Tomorrow / (36:58) Do They Care? / (42:57) Standing Over Me

This is a recording (by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt) of the second concert that Political Asylum’ did for Smurfpunx (88-09-03; with ‘Ripcord’, ‘Lethal Gospel’ & ‘Yuppies’Death’).

The band-members at that moment were Ramsey Kanaan (vocals), Keith Burns (drums), Ewan Hunt (bass; R.I.P.) & Steve Dewar (guitar). Their first Smurfpunx gig (87-07-05) was still with guitarist Stephen Brown. During the summer of 1988 ‘P.A.’ played all over Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands & Belgium), promoting their album Someday (recorded with Stephen Brown) – most were also on the Window On The World LP (with Steve Dewar) – and playing some older songs…

Someday reviewed in Tilt! #4: >>To all people who say ‘P.A.’ plays pop: fuck you! There’s definitely something wrong with your brains. One of the most refreshing and addicting records ever. What a power and enthousiasm, in both words and music. There’s an all-cleaning storm waving through my mind when I hear this. Fabulous guitar-wizardry (slobber, slaver…). Excellent lyrics too…<<

Window On The World reviewed in Tilt! #6: >>One of my all-time faves. Super-melodic and sensitive stuff here. These Scottish ‘lads’ sure know how to brew a decent song. Tight rhythm-section, inventive guitar-playing (brilliant) and convincing vocals. Intelligent lyrics that put your mind at work. Yeah, I really like this a lot!!!<<


The unknown track is a song we never recorded. I think it was called Henry and dedicated to H. Rollins but also about all the straight-edge madness at the time and hordes of baseball-capped boys’n’girls (uniform)…

I believe I joined ‘P.A.’ 1987-88. Previously I was in ‘Sad Society’, another Edinburgh punk-band with more of a ‘Sex Pistols’, ‘The Clash’, 77 attitude rather than the anarcho sound that came later. I was impressed by the honesty and non-punky attitude of the band, they were a bit like more like me at that time and that appealed. At the same time, I found the music a bit too prog-rocky and something had to be done about that, and they knew it. We started working on my tightness, since it was lacking and I got working on giving them a harder sound. In retrospect though now I would have made it sound harder. There was still too much cleanliness to the sound. We live and learn…

Ramsey was good at getting gigs through all his contacts and teamed up with ‘5Les’ to tour Europe. For me it was a big experience, having never been on the road before. I lost it once in Winterswijk (NL), throwing Ewan’s bass-guitar out the bus. I think I still have a temper.

Steve Dewar


‘Political Asylum’ @ Finkel, Jette, 88-08-28 (photographed by Mike Du Bois)

>>Badgers Protection tape<< (various) compilation (1988)



[intro (in Dutch) on animal-rights activism] * Suicidal Driving / Fascist Skins (‘Repulsives’) * Fifty Bucks / Big Brother (‘Depression’) * Blue / Finger In A Throat (‘The Grabbits’) * Seeing Better Now / Big Depression (‘Jaywalker’) * All The Faceless People / The Desert (‘The Gentry’)


[De Russische Bewolking; slip of the tongue by a (Dutch) newsreader] * Seeing A Pig / Money (‘Dawn Of Liberty’) *Apathy / Symptom (‘Political Aslylum’) * Run For It / Fit In (‘The Vernon Walters’) * Cowboy Song (‘Deadly Serious’) * Blind Eye (‘Instigators’) * You See Me A Boy, Don’t Think Me A Toy (‘Kaptain Donximan & Inie Irie’) * The Hanging Party / The Deed Is Done (‘Yahoo’)

Compiled by ‘Stany’ (from Bree): Peter Bergmans a.k.a. ‘Pete Borrelnootje’ a.k.a. ‘Stany Blitzmobiel’ was the nephew of ‘Swat’ Steven Schepers (Zelfkrant zine & tapes). He wrote columns (as ‘Gyzmo’) for the zine and also did vocals/drums for the band ‘Emotional Blackmail (later renamed ‘Struggle For Peace’).


Dawn Of Liberty (Neerpelt, Bel): Stefan Joosten (vocals), Stijn Persoons (drums), Luc ‘2Va’ Deckers (bass), Danny ‘Frits’ Brebels (guitar), Danny Vandevelde (guitar)

Deadly Serious (Helchteren, Bel): ‘Veld’ Edwin Vande Velde a.k.a. ‘The Big Blaster’ (drums), ‘Swat’ a.k.a. The Mighty PhD’ (vocals/guitar)

Depression (Melbourne, Oz): ‘Liddy’ (bass), ‘Smeer’ Stephen Lazaros (guitar/vocals; also ‘Gash’ drummer), ‘Dakka’ (drums); earlier ‘Spike’ Errol Akyalcin was the singer

Instigators (Huddersfield, UK): Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (vocals), Somon Mooney (guitar), Steve Curran (drums), Andrew Turnbull (bass)

Jaywalker (Zürich, Swi): ‘Dee Dee’ Dietmar Gallhammer (guitar/vocals), Dominique Mollet (drums), Urs Schwaller (bass), Joke Lanz (vocals/bass; only mentioned on the first tape)

Kaptain Donximan (Aarschot, Bel) & Inie Irie: Erik Vermeulen & Michel Verhoeven [first Belgian soundcrew]

Political Asylum (Stirling, UK): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals), Stephen Brown/Steve Dewar (guitar), Ewan Hunt (bass; R.I.P.), Keith Burns (drums)

Repulsives (Tielt, Bel): Bart ‘Stinky Vanseveren (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Brob Tilt (guitar), Dirk Pattyn (drums), ‘Disorder’ Stefaan Dedeurwaerder/Joeri Arteel (bass)

The Gentry (Wormer, Ned): Andre Berkhout (drums), Hans Postel (vocals), Laurens Vredevoort (guitar), Louis Nagtegaal (bass)

The Grabbits (Hoorn, Ned): Marike Groot (vocals; later ‘The Gathering’), Wieger Janse (guitar), Tet(je) Groot (bass), Rob(by) Pater (drums)

The Vernon Walters (Hoorn, Ned): Hans Engel (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Joost Warnik (bass), Niels de Wit (guitar), Danny Schouten (drums) – Dim van der Waal: guitar (on first EP only)

Yahoo (Hoorn, Ned): Ahri Tuinman (vocals), Nico van Schagen (guitar; earlier Niels de Wit), Robert Jan ‘R.J.’ van der Woud (bass), Martijn Klaver (drums)


The two songs of the Repulsives on this tape come from the master-tape that should’ve been used for the split-LP [with the Brazilian band ‘Cólera’]. As everyone knows by now, the gentlemen of the ‘Repulsives’ have starved to death or…no, they hung up their guitars because of some disagreements. Brob told us that ‘Stinky’ has since joined a crossover (or should I say a kots [barf] -over) band. These are called ‘Brain Dead’ and that says it all… Nevertheless, I think these two songs here are very strong.


The music that Depression produces is, according to them, a crossover between hardcore-punk and metal. They prefer to call it metal-punk (which has nothing to do with cross-kots-over). And no they’re not ‘brain-dead’: they say the lyrics are very important. Fifty Bucks deals with hard-drug addiction. It’s about the fact that you always have to struggle to get those ‘fifty bucks’, and then inject them in your arm, while that money could be used for much better things. Big Brother tells about how important freedom is. Definitely worth it.


This is music that blows my fuses! That singer is certainly a plus. Her voice is truly enchanting. I’d never heard of them until ‘Yahoo’ sent me a tape and asked if I had some extra space and if I wanted to use to for ‘The Grabbits’. Didn’t doubt for a moment. They also have an EP [Aliens; out on Let’s Make Our Own recs (the label of ‘Vernon Walters’ frontman Hans Engel)] out now; a must-buy…


These songs were sent to ‘Swat’; who thought they deserved a place on this cassette. Well, I also kinda like it. Judging from their interview, this is indeed ‘noise with brains’. According to the band their music is more energetic more.


They also appeared on the Zelfkrant compilation last year. Those songs came from their first LP and now that they put together a new record [Solitary; 1986], I thought: why not include two live songs from ‘The Gentry’? Oh yeah, just let me mention that All The Faceless People is indeed also on the first LP [Fragments Of Truth; 1984]…!


This cassette here contains two songs of an earlier live-tape; nowadays their music is a bit topped with a metal-sauce thanks to the acquisition of second guitarist Danny. Due to a combination of circumstances I was forced to take these somewhat older songs, but don’t worry: these are very strong both musically and lyrically. Regarding vinyl: the gentlemen take part in a compilation-LP [A Vile Peace; 1987] that was released on the English Peaceville label. I also thought they were working on an EP [In Honour And Defense Of Mother Earth. To Hurt Her Is To Hurt Us; 1989] ‎or an LP…


These tartan-kilted dancers are well known in the world of compilation-tapes. Because they produce beautiful music with brains, I thought they should be on this tape too. They have some very good tapes that you can order from Ramsey for 1 pound. Their LP [Someday; 1987] is also out. Also a thumbs-up for the traditional, very good recording-quality.


I hope I don’t have to convince you that some great music is being made in Hoorn. I think the foundation of all that is certainly the – much to my regret – recently split-up ‘Indirekt’. ‘The Vernon Walters’ aare also a band like that. It’s difficult to pigeonhole their music; it varies from late seventies punk to… All bolstered with personal flavours and fantasies. The music is completed with ‘biters’ of lyrics.


Here they come then, the ‘rapcore’ god(s) from the of peace and flower smelling city of Helchteren! Rap-rapping-rappest is covered in ripping metal-punk-hardcore-phlegm-spitting guitars (shit now I also begin using those strong words). Well, I guess you’ll know of them. And, by the way, that studio of 500.000 BeF…? ‘Swat’, you shouldn’t exaggerate eh!!!


The tape was a benefit for the Dartmoor Badgers Protection League:

>>Trash Till Death #1<< (various) compilation (1986)


This tape was a donation by Murielle ‘Mumu’ Celis, one of the vocalists of the Belgian HC/punk band ‘Anguish’. Click on the tracks (rehearsals/live or demo) below to listen (and download)…


Jules Dirven a.k.a. Juul ‘Anguish’ didn’t do any tapes. The guy who did this tape is Bart Jules Oosterlinck. Our recordings here could well be from another gig than the ones Smurfpunx did for us (87-03-15 & 88-01-30)… Juul wasn’t in the band anymore at that time: he was replaced by a friend of Kris Vandegoor and later by Alain Louie.

‘Mumu Anguish’

I practically forgot who were on that thrash-tape but I reckon they were bands that I corresponded with (probably around 1985-86).

Jules Oosterlinck


Anguish (Leuven, Bel): Murielle Celis (vocals), Bart Willemsen (vocals), Steve Demaret (drums), Kris Vandegoor (guitar), ‘Juul’/Fons Ceuppens (bass) – Gossip / Biefstuk (Steak) / Nuclear Madness / Bullfight

Heibel (Diepenbeek, Bel): Ivan ‘Bollie’ Nijs (vocals), Jo Reynders (drums), Pé Reynders (guitar), Erwin Reynders (bass) & Steven Luts (guitar) – Vlaams Blok (extreme right party in Belgium; track has never been released) / Forget It / We’re Against You / Now You’re A Big Boy / Fuck Your Propaganda /// Live Your Own Life

Capital Scum (Scherpenheuvel, Bel): Peter ‘Pies’ Laeremans, Paul ‘Larrie’ Laeremans (guitar), Jurgen ‘Jurgenowski’ Surinx (bass) & ‘Sox’ Filip Mulders (drums) – Clucth The Flag / Final Nail In My Coffin / Slavery / Animal Aid

No Numbers (Tielt, Bel): Danny De Coninck (vocals), Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren/Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt (guitar), Kris Vereecke (bass) – Wild Thing / Human Life / God And Violence / Outlaw

Political Asylum (Stirling, UK): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals), Stephen Brown/Steve Dewar (guitar), Ewan Hunt (bass) & Keith Burns (drums) – Disarm Or Die / Nothing Left /// Autonomous Youth / Passive Fist /// Where Next? (songs that were on the Fresh Hate tape, 1983)

Disturb (Blois, Fra): Antoine ‘Tonio’ (vocals), Manu ‘Biondette’ (guitar), Daniel ‘Luche’ (bass) & Franck ‘Guiche’ (drums) – Juste Un Espoir [Just Some Hope] / Klaus Barbie / Prison (tracks from the Cornettos Pour Dégonflés [Cornettos For The Deflated] tape, 1986)

Gore (Venlo, Ned): Danny Lommen (drums), Pieter De Swart (guitar) & Martin van Kleef (bass) – The Hunt / Out For Blood

Oh’ Dev (Venlo, Ned): Ruud Wolters (drums), André Alberts (vocals/guitar), André Kaysers/Dirk Teunissen (bass) & Chris Reutelingperger (guitar) – The Gutter / Raving Bonkers (tracks featured on the Raving Bonkers 12″, 1985)

Man’s Hate (Peterborough, UK): Andi ‘Xport’ (all instruments) – Man & Women On Horses With Dogs / President Botha Kills Children As Well / Dewhurst The Master Bastard(Butcher) (tracks were on the Raiders Of The Stolen Hearts tape, 1987)

Zaubépine (Péruwelz, Bel): Jean-François Fleury (bass/vocals), Frank De Waegenaere (?) & Christophe Van Runkele (?) – Anti-vivisection


>>Eject It<< (UK) compilation (1983)


A compilation on Holocaust Tapes, done by Will Binks from South Shields (England, UK). A tape from Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection…


Basically, in 1982 I did 2 issues of Hate & War fanzine with my cousin Paul Briggs. By the end of 82 and beginning of 83 I started a new venture, Still Dying, with my mate Gary Payne. We did 3 issues and 1 compilation-tape, Yes, You Guessed It! (the title was a reference to every other zine putting out tapes). Still Dying came to an end but I still wanted to contribute to our scene as I was an enthusiastic writer and I was in contact with many, many people so I put out the Eject It! compilation and a tape by the Danish band ‘Enola Gay’ before calling it a day.

Will Binks

side A:

Criminal Justice (Huddersfield, England): Andy ‘Brooky’ Brook (drums; also ‘Xpozez’), Lee ‘Chaz’ Netherwood (vocals), Kev ‘Kitty’ Kitson (bass), Paul ‘Nobby’ Ibbotson (guitar) * The Race Is On *

Political Asylum (Stirling, Scotland): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals/bass), ‘Cheesy’ Stephen Brown (guitar/bass), ‘Spike’ Chris Low (drums; also ‘The Apostles’) * System Of War * Autonomous Youth *

Blood Robots (Newcastle, England): Micky McGuinness (guitar/vocals; later ‘Generic’, ‘One By One’, ‘Ebola’, etc.), David ‘Sned’ (guitar/vocals; ater ‘Generic’, ‘One By One’, ‘Pleasant Valley Children’, ‘Health Hazard’, ‘Suffer’, etc.), Andy (bass), ‘Hec’ David Gascoigne (drums) * The Valley * Poppies *

The Abductors (Newcastle, England): Scotty (vocals), Tully (vocals), Hairy (vocals) Carl Craig (bass), Hindey (guitar), Jeff (drums) * Your Decision *

The Deceased (Wigan, England): Hatty (guitar) Poddy/Mark (bass), Eddy (drums), Gassy/Stu (vocals) * Realisation * I Don’t Wanna Die *

Self Abuse (Bournemouth, England): Andy Nazer (vocals/bass), Dave Brown (guitar/vocals), Roger Smale (guitar), Steve Ridgeway (drums/vocals) * Teenage * Beirut *

Stress (Stockton, England: Andy Burns (bass), Clifford Milner (drums), T. Harris (guitar/vocals) * State Of Decay * Fight For Justice *

side B:

Flux Of Pink Indians (Bishop’s Stortford, England): Colsk Latter (vocals), Derek Birkett (bass) Andy Smith/Simon Middlehurst/Kev Hunter (guitar), Neil Puncher (guitar), ‘Sid Ation’ (drums; also in ‘Rubella Ballet’)/Dave ‘Bambi’ Ellesmere (also ‘Discharge’)/Martin Wilson * Left Me To Die *

Diabolists (Chesterton, England); ??? * Devil Surrounds Me * Ashes To Ashes *

Kulturkampf (Barnsley, England): Mark Wroe (guitar/vocals), Carl Wroe (drums), Paul Kirkwood (bass), Andy Clough (guitar) * Violent Pride * General Instigators *

Shrapnel (Briton Ferry, Wales): Paul Summers (guitar), Stew(art) Summers (vocals), Andy Bull (bass), Geoff ‘Jeff’ James (drums) * Fight For Freedom * Missile *

Impact (Cwmbran, Wales): Tony Thomas (guitar), Paul Thomas (vocals), Glyn ‘Sid Lovely’ Bendon (drums), ? (bass) * Law Of The Land * Your Decision *

Legion Of Parasites (Bedford, England): Cian Houchin (vocals), Sean Houchin (guitar), Scott Hickman (bass), Simon ‘Wag’ Wagstaff (drums) * Savages * Hypocrite *

review in Maximum Rock’n’Roll

The ‘Political Asylum’ tracks are from the first demo Fresh Hate [recorded spring 1983].

Steve Brown

I’m on those ‘Political Asylum’ tracks, recorded when I was thirteen. I wrote the lyrics to those songs too. System Of War was written for the band I was in before: ‘Toxic Noise’. There’s some photos online from the third ever ‘P.A.’ gig and there’s a full recording of that gig at Mayfield Centre, St Ninians, Stirling 83-07-04.

Chris Low

>>Oorlogstuig!<< (Bel) compilation (1988)


Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) cover

This was a benefit-tape for 2 guys (Jaak DC & Patrick H) who were ‘total-refusers’ (objecting to do military service, as well as civil service). People like them were facing jail-sentences and/or had to flee out of the country. Oorlogstuig! is a play on words and means ‘war-mongering scum’, and ‘weapons, ammunition and related equipment intended for war’. “Militarism Murders”… It was compiled by Bart Schoofs (at that time singer of ‘Taartje Aardbei’ and editor of Kwalpol zine). Our Smurfpunx-collective also organised a benefit-concert for the ‘V.I.A. Fonds’, an organisation set up to raise money in support for total-refusers…

Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) info

Side ASide B

Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) tracks

Bad Influence (Antwerp, Bel): Herwin De Winter & Chris(tel) Joosen (vocals), Joris Rombouts (drums), Bart Belmans (guitar), Danny Van Honsté (bass). [Herwin: “The song The Way I Feel has never been released anywhere else.”]

Deadly Serious (Helchteren, Bel): Steven ‘Swat’ Schepers, ‘Veld’ (drums; but here TR505) & Mark Thijs (bass).

Indecency (Brussels, Bel): Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Onno Hesselink (guitar), Dirk  Jans (drums), Chris Dexters (vocals) [In the very beginning they were called ‘Hyperactive Children’ and Kockie was singing… They went on as ‘5Les’ with Fons Ceuppens as vocalist. The tracks here were from thir gig on 87-09-19].

Instigators (Huddersfield, UK): Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (vocals), Simon Mooney (guitar), Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran, Andy (Andrew) ‘Trimble’ Turnbull (bass).

Kikkerspuug (Utrecht, Ned): Rob van Aller (guitar), Jerry van der Valk (drums), Jos / Frank Roemer (bass), Thomas van Straten (vocals).

Mulligrubs (Dilbeek, Bel): Frank Geeraert (guitar/vocals; plays in ‘Stiller‘ nowadays) [editor of Zin van de Onzin zine], Michel Walgraeve (bass), ? (drums)

No Fraud (Venice, Florida, USA): Dan ‘Destructo’ (vocals), Terry Huber (guitar), Jason ‘Buzz’ Cockrill (bass), Mike Shenkin (drums).

Political Asylum (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals) Stephen (guitar), Keith Burns (drums), Ewan Hunt (bass).

President Fetch (Kopenhagen, Den): Anderz Nielsen (bass), Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals), Per Eriksen (guitar), Martin Larsen (drums).

Scoundrels (Wernhout, Ned): Patrick DeLabie (vocals/guitar), Frank de Hoon (bass), Luc Proost (guitar), Geert ‘Bootsie’ Budts (drums).

Ultimate Sabotage (Nijmegen, Ned): Andre Bentlage (guitar; R.I.P.), Isabelle (vocals), ‘Loony’ (bass), ‘Chaos’ (drums; R.I.P.).

Vernon Walters (Hoorn, Ned): Joost Warnik (bass), Niels de Wit (guitar), Danny Schouten (drums), Hans Engel (vocals/guitar). [Niels: “Fast Cars was an out-take of the 1st LP.”]

W.C.F. (Winterwijk, Ned): Victor van Bruggen (vocals), Ronald Hogeboom (guitar), Lambert ‘Lampie’ van Druenen (drums), Harm Kortschoot (bass).

Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) contacts

Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) thx