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Seein’Red (Hol) Punk Is Verzet; live (Ieper, Bel, 95-04-28)



(side A) Punk Is… / P.C. Not / No Shelter / De Broekriem / Manipulation / Cross The Street / Legitimatie Plicht / Eye For An Eye / Happy Me / Shut The Fuck Up / W.A.S. Lied / Nothing More / Dat Wilde We Effe Kwijt       / C-in Red / D.I.Y.O.F.D.

(side B) Choices In Life / Red Bullet Fired / Change / Life Is Short / Nazi Tuig / Shitty Job / Dream / Hometown Blues / Imagine / Nothing Is Hard / Hate The Rich

(bonus – live @ Ratingen, Germany, 90-11-23) Principal / Direct Action / 2 D Boon

Sascha May (Evilspeak zine) recorded the set ‘Seein’Red’ played at the first day of the ‘Ceaseless Suffocation’ festival (95-04-28) at the Vort’n Vis autonomous centre in Ieper (Belgium) and put the tape out (together with his mate Gregor Kanitz) under the name Punk Is Verzet (Punk Is Resistance).

Paul, Olav & Jos were almost like ‘brothers’: since the days when they were still doing ‘Lärm’ I had a lively correspondence with Paul and I met them at various places when I (or others) invited them for gig. Off course everyone should know their vast discography but just to give an indication: they had just recorded for the Trefwoord Punk 7” (Dutch lyrics) and Wicked Witch recs (Edwin Feenstra) had put out the More Of The Same 7” (recorded late ’94)…