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Spellbound (Hol) Use Your Headphones; live demo (1994)


Side ASide B

Cry Of Terror‘ (Winterswijk) called it quits in 1991, their singer Hans Aalbers moved to Curaçao and later Amsterdam, and got involved with ‘Spellbound’. The others in the band were Michael Wedel (drums), Paul ‘Wally’ Wallerbos (guitar) and Sven Giersmann (bass).

Hans had also been in ‘Royal Vomit’ with Walter Raben halfway the 80s and joined a few bands in the 90s: ‘The Unknown’, ‘Dripfeed’ & ‘7HATE6’.

My review of this tape ended up in Tilt! #8: >>This new band was announced as metal but that would be to simple. I’ld call it fusioncore (metal, funk, rap, pyscho, jazz, HC,…). It also sounds as if the band has listened to ‘Urban Dance Squad’ a lot [in retrospect: also ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’]. It’s certainly very complex and technical music, but it made my head nod more than once.<< Hans tells me the tape was recorded live at a show in Vragender (Oost Gelre, The Netherlands) on 94-11-04; their first gig ever… Most of these tracks also appeared on a CD (live recordings from 1995).


After ‘C.O.T.’ broke up, Walter [Raben], Marc [Baks] and myself formed ‘The Unknown’ with Paul Wallerbos & Michael Wedel (temporary drummer of ‘Disabuse’) – a project that only lasted for a year. Michael and I left to go abroad. When we returned Paul Wallerbos approached us again and Sven Giersmann (from the German hardcore-band ‘Distorted Truth’) – who had come to live in Winterswijk – became the bassist of ‘Spellbound’. In 1997 Sven & Michael quit and I moved on with the band ‘Dripfeed’… After a year I decided to leave that band because it wasn’t really my thing. Then I was contacted by Arch(y)/Arno [Wamelink] (ex ‘Disabuse’ [vocals]) and ended up in ‘7HATES6’, including Pierre [ter Bogt] (drums; ex ‘C.O.T.’ [also in ‘Mad Rats’ with ‘C.O.T.’s Wouter Maarse halfway the 80s]) & Erwin Ruijs (bass). After rehearsing a few months Pierre was replaced by Jeroen Keetels (‘Disabuse’) and after a year Erwin was substituted by Harm Lutter (nowadays ‘Rise Above’ bassist). ‘7HATES6’ did pretty well: we went into the studio and did some demos but despite the recordings/songs sounding pretty OK, nothing happened with them  and in 2004 the curtains closed for ‘7HATES6’. Archy/Arno went on with Patrick van der Beek [‘Disabuse’ bassist] at first and after a few changes they became ‘Rise Above’.

Hans Aalbers