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Squandered Message (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-04-02)


Listen to the live set:

(Beware-)Teddy(Bear) / Relevancy / Fourth Reich / Agonizing Death / Mankind / Bergmann / Hidden Powers / Biggest Walls (In Mankind) / Seeing Red / God’s Change Of Plans /  Social Worker / For Who Or What? / Kaja (Blunt Is Trump) / Big City Soldier

[recordings courtesy of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

The tracks come from their debut-LP (Getting Blunt; out on David Pollack’s Destiny recs in 1986) and their second album Life (Destiny recs, 1988). The latter was recorded with ‘Rotze’ Uwe Haseman doing vocals, ‘El G’ Lars Gunzler on drums, Achim von Kredelbach playing guitar and ‘Flo’ Florian Helmchen on bass. The band was a part of the Berliner Kreuzberg scene…

This live registration is from their first concert for Smurfpunx (88-04-02), they came back a second time when they toured with ‘R.K.L.’ (88-06-25). A friend did an interview with them around that time in his zine (Geef Nooit Op #1)…

Later Achim played with David Pollack (ex ‘Porno Patrol’/’No Allegiance’) in ‘Happy Hour’, Florian started his label HeartFirst recs.

Review in Tilt! #4 (Getting Blunt): >>This band is a rage on stage! Achim treats his guitar as if he’s going to strangle it, so it produces desperate, wild sounds. Everything’s supported by Flo’s effective bass and Lars’ tight drumming. When I tell Rotze I like the way he sings, he just grumbles. Lyrics are intelligent bu they tend to depress me…<<