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Suicidal Tendencies (USA) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 87-06-07)



(0:40) Suicidal Maniac / (3:18) Subliminally / (6:22) The Prisoner / (9:50) Fascist Pig / (11:15) Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right / (14:12) I Saw Your Mommy / (18:53) War Inside My Head / (23:20) Possessed to Skate / (25:55) Suicidal Failure / (29:06) Join The Army / (32:53) Human Guinea Pig / (35:48) Looking In Your Eyes / (38:46) I Shot the Devil

[not recorded: I Feel Your Pain / I Want More / Institutionalized]

We were all wild about the band’s self-titled debut. My own band (‘Repulsives’) even covered some of their songs but by the time the LP Join The Army came out (recorded January that year) – on Caroline recs, a subsidiary of the major label Virgin/EMI – my enthousiasm had cooled down more than a bit. I questioned the band’s commercial attitude and went to the gig to do a critical interview with Muike Muir (published in Tilt! #3)

The concert was organised by Hageland Hardcore (Werner Excelmans and friends) in Scherpenheuvel. On the original flyer (87-07-06) ‘Upset Noise’ from Italy (who had a record out on Hageland recs) was announced together with ‘Unwanted’ Youth (Ger) & the local ‘Capital Scum’ (Bel). The Italians had to cancel because their guitarist Fausto Franza broke his pelvis and a leg in a motorcycle-crash a few days before, and were replaced by the Germans of ‘Leberwohlstand’.

The band here was: Mike Muir (vocals), Rocky George (guitar; replacing Grant Estes), Louiche Mayorga (bass) & Ralph (Raymond J.) Herrera (drums; replacing Amery Smith) – The line-up of Join The Army.

This was the band’s first European tour (June 26th – July 8th; 4 gigs in The Netherlands, 5 in Germany, 1 in Belgium and 2 in the U.K. ). The show was recorded by Kurt Christiaens. Thanks for sharing!