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Teenage Warning (Hol) demo (1995)


side A: Punk Ass Motherfucker / New Reality / Keep The Beat

side B: Don’t Go With The Flow / Easier Said Than Done / Wicked While

The www informs us this band was “Active as a punk-band since 1980 but called themselves a punk-hardcore band since 1998.”… The guys were from Wormer (village North of Amsterdam, home of the legendary scene with bands such as ‘Zowiso’, ‘Sv√§tsox’, etc. and Villa Zuid squat). Danny ‘Firsetone’ Weeland (guitar/vocals; R.I.P.) & Tjakko Kleimeer (drums) had been in ‘N.V. Le Anderen’. Danny & Tjakko were also in ‘N.V. Boys’ in-between. Bert Martens (ex ‘Legal Axion’ from Groningen) played the bass in ‘T.W.’. This ‘demo’ is actually entitled Punk Ass Motherfucker. Before this (1994) they also released a self-titled tape and a 7″ (Salt Lake City).

Tilt! #9: >>The Wormer-genre used to be a standard in the old days so let’s check this out… They’re opening with a song based on a riff that is a mix of Smells Like Teen Spirit and that catchy Rollerball-thing by Kim Deal’s band. Pretty trendy and far away from the orginal Wormer-style: fast and uplifting melodic HC that rocks your socks of. No pretentions. Or is this just entertainment? You tell me…<<