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>>Eject It<< (UK) compilation (1983)


A compilation on Holocaust Tapes, done by Will Binks from South Shields (England, UK). A tape from Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection…


Basically, in 1982 I did 2 issues of Hate & War fanzine with my cousin Paul Briggs. By the end of 82 and beginning of 83 I started a new venture, Still Dying, with my mate Gary Payne. We did 3 issues and 1 compilation-tape, Yes, You Guessed It! (the title was a reference to every other zine putting out tapes). Still Dying came to an end but I still wanted to contribute to our scene as I was an enthusiastic writer and I was in contact with many, many people so I put out the Eject It! compilation and a tape by the Danish band ‘Enola Gay’ before calling it a day.

Will Binks

side A:

Criminal Justice (Huddersfield, England): Andy ‘Brooky’ Brook (drums; also ‘Xpozez’), Lee ‘Chaz’ Netherwood (vocals), Kev ‘Kitty’ Kitson (bass), Paul ‘Nobby’ Ibbotson (guitar) * The Race Is On *

Political Asylum (Stirling, Scotland): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals/bass), ‘Cheesy’ Stephen Brown (guitar/bass), ‘Spike’ Chris Low (drums; also ‘The Apostles’) * System Of War * Autonomous Youth *

Blood Robots (Newcastle, England): Micky McGuinness (guitar/vocals; later ‘Generic’, ‘One By One’, ‘Ebola’, etc.), David ‘Sned’ (guitar/vocals; ater ‘Generic’, ‘One By One’, ‘Pleasant Valley Children’, ‘Health Hazard’, ‘Suffer’, etc.), Andy (bass), ‘Hec’ David Gascoigne (drums) * The Valley * Poppies *

The Abductors (Newcastle, England): Scotty (vocals), Tully (vocals), Hairy (vocals) Carl Craig (bass), Hindey (guitar), Jeff (drums) * Your Decision *

The Deceased (Wigan, England): Hatty (guitar) Poddy/Mark (bass), Eddy (drums), Gassy/Stu (vocals) * Realisation * I Don’t Wanna Die *

Self Abuse (Bournemouth, England): Andy Nazer (vocals/bass), Dave Brown (guitar/vocals), Roger Smale (guitar), Steve Ridgeway (drums/vocals) * Teenage * Beirut *

Stress (Stockton, England: Andy Burns (bass), Clifford Milner (drums), T. Harris (guitar/vocals) * State Of Decay * Fight For Justice *

side B:

Flux Of Pink Indians (Bishop’s Stortford, England): Colsk Latter (vocals), Derek Birkett (bass) Andy Smith/Simon Middlehurst/Kev Hunter (guitar), Neil Puncher (guitar), ‘Sid Ation’ (drums; also in ‘Rubella Ballet’)/Dave ‘Bambi’ Ellesmere (also ‘Discharge’)/Martin Wilson * Left Me To Die *

Diabolists (Chesterton, England); ??? * Devil Surrounds Me * Ashes To Ashes *

Kulturkampf (Barnsley, England): Mark Wroe (guitar/vocals), Carl Wroe (drums), Paul Kirkwood (bass), Andy Clough (guitar) * Violent Pride * General Instigators *

Shrapnel (Briton Ferry, Wales): Paul Summers (guitar), Stew(art) Summers (vocals), Andy Bull (bass), Geoff ‘Jeff’ James (drums) * Fight For Freedom * Missile *

Impact (Cwmbran, Wales): Tony Thomas (guitar), Paul Thomas (vocals), Glyn ‘Sid Lovely’ Bendon (drums), ? (bass) * Law Of The Land * Your Decision *

Legion Of Parasites (Bedford, England): Cian Houchin (vocals), Sean Houchin (guitar), Scott Hickman (bass), Simon ‘Wag’ Wagstaff (drums) * Savages * Hypocrite *

review in Maximum Rock’n’Roll

The ‘Political Asylum’ tracks are from the first demo Fresh Hate [recorded spring 1983].

Steve Brown

I’m on those ‘Political Asylum’ tracks, recorded when I was thirteen. I wrote the lyrics to those songs too. System Of War was written for the band I was in before: ‘Toxic Noise’. There’s some photos online from the third ever ‘P.A.’ gig and there’s a full recording of that gig at Mayfield Centre, St Ninians, Stirling 83-07-04.

Chris Low