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Turun Tauti (Fin) Lokki; tape (1989)


Turun Tauti - Lokki

(Listen: side A & side B)

Track-list A: 1. Lokki (Seagull) / 2. Jotenkin Keisari (Somehow Emperor) / 3. Joskus… (Sometimes…) / 4. Klovnin Sydän (Clown’s Heart)

Track-list B: 1. Nälkä (Hunger) / 2. Ase Ei Ole Ase (A Weapon Is Not A Weapon) / 3. Ensi Rakkaus (First Love) / 4. Kääritty Muoviin (Wrapped In Plastic)

Prior to touring outside of their own country for the 1st time, ‘Turun Tauti’s Jace sent me a tape with the tracks of their mini-album (self-titled but referred to by the title of the first track). They ended up playing for our Smurfpunx collective 90-09-02. The line-up on these recordings was: Jari ‘Jarza’ Heimola (vocals), Arto ‘Luigi’ Toikkanen (guitar), Janne ‘Jace’ Ollikainen (bass) and Tom(i) ‘Tomppa’ Arpiainen (drums). They came from (former capital) Turku and definitely didn’t play the ‘typical Dis-style’ that Fin-punx are mostly known for but melodic (still energetic) stuff… From the review in Tilt! #6: >>Powerful uptempo HC with varied structures, original riffs and quite some melody. Thoughtful Finnish lyrics.<<

Some explanation in English about the Finnish lyrics:

Turun Tauti (engl)

Turun Tauti (logo)