Here I will gradually post info on and links to mp3s of tapes (demos/live/rehearsal) of HC/punk bands that I find/found interesting, historical, meaningful, influential, funny, intelligent, surprising, peculiar, … In short: that are/were worthwile in one way or another.

Don’t expect the music always to be CD/DVD quality. These are ‘punk’ tapes! If you have a better version or know where to find one: feel free to share…

I will try to get in touch with the bands but I’m sure I won’t succeed to contact everyone involved. If you think your recordings shouldn’t be here, then drop me a line…

Brob Tilt!

[Brob_Tilt (at) yahoo (dot) com]


“Weren’t we all idealists, ‘assailers of heaven’, who want to leave something behind that is bigger than themselves? Don’t we all wanna become a tiny bit immortal…?”


Suggestions wellcome !


This ‘project’ is made possible through the ‘international DIY conspiracy’. Thanks a lot to Marcel ‘Ko’ Kok & Ruud Swering (‘Indirekt)’ for borrowing the digital music encoder; and to Bernd Backhaus (Battlefield zine) for providing server-space !!!


I would appreciate it if these mp3s do NOT end up on YouTube…

Just click on the links to listen to the tracks!

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