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Hate That Smile (UK) & Corporate Grave (UK) tour-promo (1989)


Corprate Grave & Hate That Smile tourHate That Smile‘: 1. Out of Nowhere / 2. Easy Prey / 3. Oblivious To Pain (from the Energise demo)

Corporate Grave‘: 1. Sorry / 2. Square Pegs / 3. Wasted Life / 4. Richards’ Blue Underpants (first demo)

Both bands played at a show our Smurfpunx collective organised (89-04-23), they were touring with the help of ‘Vernon Walters’ frontman Hans Engel (R.I.P.), who was friends with Rich(ard) Levene (editor of The Plot Sickens zine and organiser of D.I.Y. gigs with the S.T.E. collective from Southampton). Hans provided this promo-tape and info:

>>’Hate That Smile’, from Dorset, have done 3 demo-tapes so far, all were received with enthusiasm. They’re influenced by such bands as ‘Minor Threat’ & ‘Dag Nasty’, mixed with ‘Descendents’ & ‘Rhythm Pigs’; producing a fresh, healthy musical mix with personal and political lyrics. The same surprising way e.g. ‘Visions Of Change’ are also able to do.<<

Hate That Smile info

The band consisted of Shaun Hemsley (vocals, ex ‘Atrox’), Paul Simmons (guitar, ex ‘Atrox’; original guitarist Rich Wakelin left “when they started playing proper hardcore”), Paul Chambers (bass/vocals; ex ‘Atrox’) & Alex Vann (drums; ex ‘Atrox’, later  ‘Wordbug’ & ‘Annalise’). They were featured on the compilation-LPs Spleurk*2 (Meantime recs 1990) & Living On The Edge (on Paul C’s Coalition recs). Later Shaun & Paul C formed the band ‘Fusion’ with Tony Whatley of Suspect Device zine on drums. Their first demo (Energise) was recorded in 1987, the second (Again And Forever More) in 1988 & the third in early 1989. Check Shaun Hemsley’s Shocking Smiles for more ‘Atrox’ & ‘Hate That Smile’ music…

>>’Corporate Grave’ are from Southampton. For this merry foursome, ‘The Stupids’ are one of the big examples; musically but also in terms of humorcontent during their musical saturnalia. They call their music skate-rock! Their demo (Don’t Die Of Ignorance – Fuck A Member Of Corporate Grave And Die Of Embarassment [alternatively named Start To End, recorded in 1987]) is recommended; although chance are slim that the gem is still available.<<

Corprate Grave info

In the band at the time they played the aforementioned gig: Mike Fox (vocals; later ‘Older Than Dirt’), Steve Burgess (guitar; R.I.P.), Rich ‘Ricky’ Godfrey (bass; he replaced Bren Carter) & Scott Ainger (drums/vocals). Rich Levene played in the band’s original line-up. They also recorded a second demo (entitled No Sheep) in 1988.