Constant Summer (Fra) demo (1991)



Emmanuel ‘Manu’ Othelet (guitar, violin), ‘Boukknio’ Richard Bouqueniaux (bass, piano, vocals), Ludo(vic) Charlier (sax, trumpet, vocals) & Franck ‘Franky Mookill’ (drums, R.I.P.) were in this band from Fourmies (North-France). They described themselves as “NoMeansNo meeting 2BAD”. Manu gave/sent me this tape to get gigs. We invited them to the Vort’n Vis in Ieper but even though the guys visited our gigs, their band never made it over… Their friend and driver Arnaud ‘Barney’ Boudart was the a tour-driver for many bands and squatted in Liège for a while, so we saw quite a bit of him over the years.

Besides this demo there was also their Involution tape (recorded Dec. ’92 in Valenciennes) that was released by a Polish label; and they had a track on the benefit compilation An Insult To Our Freedom – Smash Fascism (on the Belgian labels Gnome and Grinding Madness, ’94).

I reviewed this demo in Tilt! #7: >>Fresh poppy HC/punkrock. Occasional reggae-touch, and use of sax and piano. Songs talk about sun, girls, beer and small-talk. Silly but OK.<<


‘Constant Summer’ existed from 1991-94; we were friends from secondary school: Manu & Franck played in ‘Gore’ (thrash), Richard was in ‘Flambed Bananas’ (thrash/grind) and myself in ‘Two Sides’ (melodic HC) before. We did some mini-tours, 2 demos and appeared on compilations. We reformed (with the same line-up) in 2000 as ‘Ahellagoodbandname’ (in 2007 Manu left, he lives in the South of France now). Franck unfortunatelly died in 2017; Richard does the one-man band ‘T.a.K.O’ and myself, I play in ‘Gura’ with Leen & David [Stubbe; ex ‘Neuthrone’, etc.]!

Ludo Charlier


Atavistic (UK) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-25)


live set:

(intro tape) / Perpetual Motion / Timshel / Mentally Starved* / (intro tape) / Common Ground / Maelstrom [from the compilation-LP A Vile Peace] / Means To An End / (intro tape) / A Question Of Priorities / Creatures Of Habit / Half Life / (intro tape) / Liberty For Whom?/ It’s All Lies** / Your Time’s Up /// Sun Fell To Earth /// Standardised And Compromised***

These recordings were made by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt in Netwerk, Aalst where the band played a Smurfpunx show (88-06-25) together with the American ‘Rich Kids on LSD’, the Berliner ‘Squandered Message’ and ‘Belgian Asociality’.

‘Atavistic’ was an East Kent (Whitstable) HardCore (thrash/crust/grind) band with Jeremy ‘Jez’ Upcroft (guitar/vocals), Patrick McKernan (bass) and John Brenchley (drums; R.I.P.). At the time of this gig they had done a tape (From Within; 1986) and released 2 7″s out (Equilibrium & Life During Wartime; both ’87). Profane Existence put out their album Vanishing Point in 1990. The band spoke out against major labels and had political lyrics.


I’m delighted and amazed that you’ve managed to track this recording down and even more so that you’ve been able to identify the songs [Brob: our mate ‘Bux’ copied most titles from the set-list] out of what sounds to my ears (in 2018) to be largely indistinguishable noise. Fantastic stuff!

(*) This song at the beginning also contains the intro riff for the album version of Survival Of The Fittest, but is still essentially Mentally Starved.

(**) This is the song starting at 30.46 and running to 31.59. I think this song might be called It’s All Lies. In truth I actually have no real memory of it at all and was totally surprised to hear this in the set. It might be one of two or three songs that we wrote in our early days (even before From Within) that we never did anything with for one reason or another. It gets quite a good cheer and isn’t really even a bad song so I can’t tell you why we never recorded it. As far as the set (and your website) goes it is certainly a collector’s item and may be the only version of it in existence!

(***) Although this is Standardised and Compromised (as named) it also has most of the intro-section that we eventually used on Unlearn (included on the CD which accompanied Ian Glasper’s book Trapped in a Scene) but was otherwise unpublished in the lifetime of the band.

This has been a real trip back into the past and I’m delighted that you’ve sought to include it on your site. Thank you again for your support for the band and for keeping the name and the interest alive.

Jeremy Upcroft

Read more about the band: ‘Atavistic’ interview (1987) in Ripping Thrash #3

Putrid Fever (Ita) anthology (1994)


Demo-tape (1984): Draw Of Fear / Motorhead / Reality / Anger / Song From War / Mix Blood / Goophy / Rats / Putrid Fever / Vietnam 1983 * Goot From The Boot compilation-LP (1984): Aikido / Never Again / Reggae People * Senza Tregua compilation-tape (1984): Aikido / Never Again * Putrid Fever 7” (1985): Life Is Pain / Period Of Slump / Showman / Can’t Hope In Dead / Rhythms Of Paranoia

[G.D.H.C. = Gran Ducato HardCore; Granducato di Toscana (Grand Duchy of Tuscany)]

I’d gotten to know this hardcore band from Florence through their 7″ on Belfagor recs (1985). Members were: Andrea ‘Vipera’ Salani (drums; also ‘I Refuse It’), Daniela Petrova (bass), Federico ‘Fefo’ Forconi (guitar/vocals; later ‘Toxic Reasons’) & Marco Cellini (vocals). They split up pretty quickly, didn’t get to hear their other tapes so I gave that 7″ a regular spin. Until 1994, when an anthology (demo * tracks from the Goot From The Boot compilation-LP * tracks from the Senza Tregua compilation-tape * 7″) was released, which a correspondent (Roberto Lentino of Provincia Attiva tape-label) put out on tape. 2 tracks are sung by Syd ‘Migx’ Piercecchi of ‘Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers’. Consider this a tribute to this band.

Jaywalker (Swi) promo (1991)


(A): Homo Sap / Big Depression / Eat My Shit / Aural Exciter

(B): Dick Titt / Am I Really Mad / Remember Nothing (‘Joy Division’ cover) / I Wanna Be Your Dog (‘The Stooges’ cover)

Late 80s/early 90s, ‘Dee Dee’ Dietmar Gallhammer of the Swiss (Zürich) anarcho-HC/experimental band ‘Jaywalker’ contacted me trying to find gigs. We corresponded for a while and he sent me this tape. He played guitar and did vocals (previously he had been in the punk band ‘Miscast’). Sadly enough I learned that he passed away in 2012. The others in the band were Dominique Mollet (drums), Urs Schwaller (bass) & Joke Lanz (vocals/bass; only mentioned on the first tape). Their first tape Oben Und Unten  was recorded in their rehearsal-space in 1988. ‘Deedee’ released their first album (Free Energy Through Unconnected Coils Like Tesla & Reich Generators) on his label Aural Exciter recs in 1989. Their roots where those of “the DIY spirit and anarchistic ethics of punk and HC”. Besides designing, booking, distributing and organising everything themselves, flyers and all artwork were printed at Dietmar’s daytime working-place after office-hours… The same year Pablo of Resistance prods put out a live-tape (recorded in Łodz, Poland). Their second LP (I Told Them My Dreams…) was recorded in 1990 (released on Aural Exciter recs ’90). The band gave out this promo-tape with live recordings to concert-promoters.

Review in Tilt! #5: >>Pounding, furious industrial rock with HC influences. Depressive views on mankind and society. Nice proganda-like cover. A piece of art, this tape.<<


The band was formed in 1986 as a trio: ‘DeeDee’ on guitar, Dominique on drums and myself on bass and vocals. Later (87/88)  Urs Schwaller joined the band as bassplayer and I focussed on vocals. Sadly Urs died in the early 90s (consequence of a skinhead-attack in Spain). We played many shows in squats all over Europe, touring in former Yugoslavia, Benelux, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France. During my time with the band we released some tapes and had two tracks on a compilation-LP called Avalanche Swiss Underground.

I left the band in 89 shortly before the birth of my son. That’s when I started my own industrial-noise project ‘Sudden Infant’. I saw Dominique (the drummer) briefly at ‘DeeDee’s funeral in 2012. He obviously still lives in Zürich. I moved to Berlin in 1998 where I’m still living with short interruptions in London and Zürich.

Joke Lanz (

Cry Of Terror (Hol) live (Hengelo, Hol, 87-11-14)

When visiting gigs in Chi Chi Club, Winterswijk, The Netherlands I met some of the people of ‘Cry Of Terror’ – probably after introduction by ‘W.C.F.’s singer Victor. I quite liked their music and corresponded with the band’s vocalist; who sent this tape as promo. Their releases (on the German label Old World recs) were always welcome for my mailorder/distribution. I also invited them for a Smurfpunx-show (88-01-30) and plugged them elsewhere… Early on (late ’87) Ronald Hogeboom (‘W.C.F.’) was the 2nd guitarist. He’s also on these recordings here. The core of the band was Hans Aalbers (vocals), Peter/Pierre te Bogt (drums), Walter Raben (bass) & Wouter Maarse (guitar). Later (1989) Marc Baks joined on 2nd guitar. Some of theses tracks here never made it onto vinyl; the band’s first studio-recordings happened 1,5 year later…
88-11-26 ‘Cry Of Terror’ (Terneuzen, Nl)

President Fetch (Den) tape (1987)


A: Furred Animals / I Hate Cowboys / Three Pills / Terror & Coffee / Bestial / Ill Dog / Police Crime / Fuck KKK / Alternative Incarnation

B: Blasphemy / What’s The Matter Cowardy / Pregnant Skeleton / All Right / Warhead / Excelsior State / Amazing Grace / Melted Plastic / Bible / Rats

In 1986, I visited Anderz Nielsen in Kopenhagen. He was a friend of my mate ‘Duco’. Anderz had been the guitarist of ‘Enola Gay’ (1984) and was in ‘Misanthropic Charity’ at the time. He also did the zine Alles Krig Mod Alle (“everything war against all”) and ran a tape-/record-label (Boston Tea Party). He also set up tours (nowadays he runs Gearbox agency) and organised gigs at the squatted alternative centre Ungdomshuset. Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals) started ‘President Fetch’ and soon after Anderz joined – he played bass – together with Per Eriksen (guitar) and Martin ‘Morgengrim’ Larsen (drums). In 1989 they did the album The Eternal Need Of… and in 1990 a tour which brought them over here (90-05-27 @ the Vort’n Vis). After that, they kinda disappeared from my radar; though they kept recording in the 90s. From 1995 to 2000, Anderz also played in the band ‘Heatfarm’. In 2012 ‘P.F.’ celebrated their 25th anniversary with a new album.

Five of the tracks on this tape also appeared on the compilation-LP La Nouvelle Frontière…Pas De Frontière (on the French label Panx Productions). In 1989 they released their album The Eternal Need Of…, which I reviewed in Tilt! #5: >>After the already superb demo, they have their record out. Their music’s both melodic and powerful: wandering and punching HC with a raw edge (‘Black Flag’ isn’t far away).<<

‘President Fetch’ interview (Rise Or Fall? #2)

Power Age (S-Afr) Who Are You?; demo (1985)


(A) studio (1985): System / Future Fun / Venegance Of Youth / World Today / World War III / Waiting For The War / War Machine / World War III (Radio 5)

(B) live in Durban: I’m Not Gonna Die / Disco Beat / Venegance Of Youth / Man Destroy Man (83-03-08) – Total Onslaught (83/05/28) – Victimized (83-10-01) – I’m Not Gonna Die / War Machine (83-03-15) – Why! / War Machine (85-04-27) – Adapt Or Die (85-05-03) – Radio Shima/W.W.III (84-09-15)

‘Power Age’ (from Durban, South-Africa) was a political hardcore-punk band blatantly resisting the apartheid-regime; they had an “aggressive performance-style” and their “lyrics were angry/cynical”. This is their first real demo; it contains studio- and live-tracks. The songs World War III and Vengeance Of Youth were already on their first vinyl – a 7″ released in 1983 (and the band had also appeared on the UK compilation-LP Beating The Meat in 1984). After that (’85) there was the Protest To Survive 7″ on a French label (that also featured them on a compilation EP – Single Ticket To Paradise – with ‘C.C.M.’, ‘Rattus’, etc.). But people here got to know them even better with the releases of their self-titled 7″ & The Last Dove EP (’87)…

The tape comes from my mate Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection. He tells me: “I think I read a review of ‘Power Age’s demo in MRR and wrote to their address. It took quite a while for the reply to arrive but it turned out Brett had spent some time in prison for ‘inciting to refusal of military service’. We kept in contact for years. Always had a huge respect for that band: very courageous guys that had to live under constant police-surveillance in the South-African state of those days, regularly being arrested by the state-security, etc.”.

The people playing on this tape were vocalist ‘Spike’ Lance Rattray, bassist ‘Vacant’ Paddy Beverley, drummer ‘Wildman’ Rubin Rose (ex ‘Wild Youth’; replacing Mark Pills) & guitarist Brett ‘McKaye’ Rattray.