Mental Diarrhoea (Hol) demo (1990)


side Aside B

Another contribution by Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski…

‘Mental Diarrhoea’ was a hardore outfit from Rotterdam with ex-members of ‘Sex Slaves’ and ‘Political Asylum’ (Scotland). The band consisted of Harold Sauer (bass), Steve Dewar (guitar), Jeroen (drums) & Hans de Haan (vocals). They had a track (Tormented Earth) on the first Zooid compilation-LP.


‘Mental Diarrhoea’ or however you spell it was me, Hans, Jeroen ‘something’ on drums and Harold on bass. Those 3 were once called the ‘Sex Slaves’; they had Len Groen on guitar who went on to play in ‘Hardheaded Soul’ [Len Groen played drums for ‘Vanity 4’], I believe. We played a few gigs with ‘Anarcrust’ and appeared on that compilation with quite a few other Dutch punky bands at that time. I played with ‘M.D.’ from about 1990 ’til 1993, I think. It was good fun. Later I played in another band with Harold and new drummer: we were called ‘Bastard Sugar’.

There was a lotta squat-punk activities in Rotterdam at that time although that was nothing new there of course. Luckily for myself I arrived there after the speed-junkie years (some time after ‘P.A.’s tour with ‘5Les’). I also was in ‘Debiele Eenheid’ for a while after ‘M.D.’.

Steve Dewar (‘Political Asylum’, etc.)

‘Mental Diarrhoea’ was a part of the hardcore/punk scene in Rotterdam. Descendant from the band ‘Sex Slaves’. The guitarist left, Steve joined. We played ‘Sex Slaves’ songs and a new one. The latter were featured on For Those Who Are Deaf…Tough Shit!, a tape with 3 other Rotterdam hardcore/punk bands [‘Anarcrust’, ‘Vanity 4’ & ‘Ptooooing’] from that era…

Harold Sauer

from the booklet (provided by Harold) that came with the tape, as released by the band (that had another cover, other songs and another sound-mixing):



Sarah (Fra) Latcho Drom; tape (1997)



Sarah’, from Rennes, are Bretons “fighting for their future, their language”. Their address stated “Breizh via France”. Breizh is the Breton name for Brittany (Bretagne, a region in the North-West of France). They wrote: “The French laws are improper for what is going on in Brittany, e.g. concerning water-pollution, agriculture,…” but they didn’t see themselves as nationalists: “We are communists.”. They were also a SxE band…“to show people that it is possible to live without drugs or alcohol”. They played (post-)hardcore (sometimes industrial or metal sounding, also use of accoustic instruments; some compared them with ‘Neurosis’), sang lyrics in Breton, Gaelic & French, and also did a zine named An Eeunded.

Erwan H. (who played guibasse/mandoline/piano in the band) sent me this tape. It was supposed to be an introduction to get them some gigs. They eventually played the Vort’n Vis twice (98-04-19 & 98-09-19). The others in the band were Fabien Lecuyer (vocals/fiddle), Michaël Genevée (drums/accordion/fiddle) & Jérôme Bouthier (bass). Thierry Jolivet and Stéphane Hardy (who’re mentioned on the tape-insert) were their friends. Besides this cassette they did another (entitled Herzelomp Betek An Trec’h in 1997) and in 1999 they released Ez Eterninmens (4 track CD).

Review in Tilt! #9: >>Two tracks of dark, dragging metallic (almost industrial) slow-core with raw vocals. The band talks about 2 things that seem to be important to them: the future of the youth (SxE) and living their own Breton culture. Difficult to get into…<<

Belgian Asociality (Bel) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-25)



B.A. / Trap ‘t Af / Politics / Keerbergen / Boerderie / Wodka / Miep Miep / Tomorrow’s World / Funeral Bells / Feasty Boys / Khomeini / Beuark / Voor De Noele / Why Didn’t You Call Me / Harde Tijden / Koppijn Morgen / Skinhead / Goa (Gij) Da / Non Non Rien Est Changé / Boerderie / Wodka

Recordings made by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt at Netwerk, Aalst where the band played a Smurfpunx show (88-06-25) – togther with ‘R.K.L.’ (USA), ‘Squandered Message’ (Ger) & ‘Atavistic’ (UK) – filling in for ‘Chronic Disease’ last minute. At that time the band consisted of Tom Lumbeeck (bass), Chris Raffo (drums) & ‘Vlie’ (a.k.a. Patrick Van Looy) (guitar); nowadays only singer Mark Vosté remains…

People can read some recollections on the Smurfpunx website… It was ‘B.A.’s 4th performance… Mark remembers that the lights suddenly went dead during their set and when they went back on after a minute or so, the whole audience had turned into an enormous whirlpool of people pogo-ing, a stampede and a pell-mell of people. Dirk of Punk etc. was there too and they gave him a demo-tape to have a listen to – a few weeks later the first LP was recorded.



Sound Of Disaster (Swe) demo (1983)


side A: Lagar Och Förordningar (Laws and Regulations) / Modesvin (Fashion Pig) / We Want / Minoritet (Minority) / Fuck / Zomos Kommer (Zomos Comes) / Warfare / Sound Of Disaster

side B: Wellpaid Murder / Church Want Power / Låt Djuren Leva (Let The Animals Live) / Dator (Computer) / Fucking Pollution /

[tape from Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection]

‘S.O.D.’ – no, not ‘Stormtroopers Of Death’ – ‘Sound’ Of Disaster’ was a hardcore/thrash band from Mjölby (Sweden) with Göran Lind (vocals; editor of Arrrrrrrrrrgh zine), Magnus Jonsson (drums), ‘Nutte’ Anders Rehn (guitar) & Petri Nyman (bass). The cover says the recordings are from October 1983. The songs were re-released on vinyl in 2005 (the bootleg 7″ Lagar Och Förordningar).


I met Göran Lind at the ‘Conflict’ gig in Antwerp (June ’84), bought the tape from him and asked if I could use one of the songs for the Smurfpunk compilation-tape that I was getting together. We exchanged records and tapes for years…


The band started in February ’83 in a different line-up than on the recordings (an October weekend with several takes in our practice-room). I sat in my room and compiled a tape with the -in my opinion- best versions of all the songs we did. I did all the cassette-copying, the sleeve, etc. myself and sent them all over. Most songs didn’t survive untill we did a proper recording about 6 months later. In ’85 we did a 2nd demo, that eventually became 2 7″s: the first released in September ’85 by ourselves and the second in late ’90 by Really Fast recs.

Göran Lind

The band started with a different line-up, but that also had a different name. They were called ‘Anti M’. As far as I remember they changed drummer and name in August 1983. I recorded this demo by the way.

Patrik Jonsson

Electro Hippies (UK) Killing Babies Is Tight; tape (1986)



(Intro) / Unity / Run Ronald / Wings of Death / Vivisection Song / Say Goodbye Now… / (Outro)

Under the motto ‘Play Fast Or Die’ this band (from the Wigan area) played crustgrind/punk. These first studio-recordings date from March 1986 and were done with Andy Barnard (guitar/vocals; later in ‘Metal Duck’), Simon (drums; later replaced by ‘Whitey’ Mark Wightman), Jeffr(ey) Walker (vocals; also bass in ‘Carcass’) & Bruno (Brian Rylance; bass). Dom(inique) Murphy joined a bit on bass later: he was on the 1987 tour that landed them a gig with my own band (87-06-28).

Some of these songs also appeared on their first vinyl release (split-12″ with ‘Generic’; recorded -with Bruno on bass- July ’86 and released in March ’87 on Flat Earth recs). Their second tape (If Killing Babies Is Tight…Killing Babies For Profit Is Even Tighter) was recorded in January 1987).

Thanks to Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski for borrowing this…

W.C.F. (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-11)


Listen to the live set:

Intro / Chesspieces / Leger [Army] / Winnen (Zullen We Altijd) [Win (We Will Always)] / The End / Little Child / PCP (Angel Dust) [set-list reads: Punx] / The Crow Cries / Kanker Tyfus [a.k.a. KankerTyfusTeringZooi] / Try To Find / Systems Kill / Zoo 2000 / We Refuse / Late At Night / I Refuse / Too Much Wrong / Pay Off / Punx / Wargames / Cry-Scream

‘Winterswijx Chaos Front’ were a bunch of mates from Winterswijk, The Netherlands, where Guus Sarianamual and his mates regularly set up gigs at the Chi Chi Club (where I sometimes booked bands and visited concerts). I’d gotten to know singer Victor (van Bruggen) through his (at that time partner) Murielle Celis (‘Anguish’ vocalist) and hanging out at gigs. His band had been invited to play in my hometown (Tielt, Belgium) on the 5th anniversary concert of the ‘Dirty Scums’ (87-05-31) but thet cops closed the place down before they could hit the stage. I had to negotiate with the police to keep Victor out of jail (he didn’t have an ID on him). Read the story about how or venue De Marbel got closed down

The others in ‘W.C.F.’ were guitarist Ronald Hogeboom, bassist Harm Kortschoot and drummer ‘Lambert ‘Lampie’ van Druenen.

These recordings were made by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt in Netwerk, Aalst where the band played a Smurfpunx show (88-06-11) togther with the British ‘Mega City 4’, the Belgian ‘Disgorge’ and their fellow citizens ‘Disabuse’. Studio-recordings of some of the tracks are on the band’s self-titled 7″ (recorded and released in 1986). They also had a track (Wargames) on the compilation-LP Babylon Bleibt Fahren (live recordings from the club Babylon in Hengelo, where Guus used to be the promoter). And people might also know them from their song Willem Duin on the Alle 55 Kort compilation-tape.


The intro to The Crow Cries is fantastic. Victor at his very best!


‘W.C.F.’ (top=>bottom: Harm/Lampie/Victor/Ronald) @ Finkel, Jette, Bel (87-04-12) – photographed by Kockie

‘W.C.F.’ (goodbye concert, 1989, Chi Chi Club, Winterswijk)

Capitol Punishment (USA) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 87-10-25)



Jack The Ripper/I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) (covers) – Jody Is My Bloody Love – Fuhrer Des Punk – El Salvador – Slum With A View – Surfin’ Bird (‘Ramones’ cover) – Feast Or Famine – Living Crying Dying – Two-Party System – Hanky Panky (cover) – Big Deal – Folsom Prison Blues (cover)

This is a registration (made by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt) of a gig organised by Werner Excelmans in Scherpenheuvel (“Sharphill”) on 87-10-25. ‘Capitol Punishment’ were billed with (fellow Americans) ‘Verbal Abuse’ (Bel), the Germans of ‘LWS’ and my own band ‘Repulsives’. We were about to split up and cancelled; for some reason the other 2 bands didn’t show up either. Replacements were the Belgian bands ‘Heibel’, ‘Creep Insanity’ & ‘No Debt’…

Capitol Punishment‘, a hardcore/punk band from Fresno, California, consisted (at that time) of vocalist Ralph Lotspeich, guitarist Dale Stewart, bassist Joceylin Fedrau and drummer Mike Branum (later in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’). Their album When “Putsch” Comes To Shove (recorded in 1985) was about to be re-released on David Pollack’s label Destiny recs (Berlin). The LP Slum With A View (recorded in ’86) was licensed to We Bite recs (from Germany). This was their first European tour (organised by We Bite) and their roadie was Jimi ‘Haze’ Hayes (later vocalist of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’).


crowd (‘Capitol Punishment’; 87-10-25) – where’s Brob? (photo by Pieter Vrints)

Jocey and I listened to the files and IT FUCKING ROCKS!!! Thank you for sending it. The last song, Folsom Prison Blues, is pretty awesome! I’m putting this all on a CD!!! Cover-artwork and info below…

Dale Stewart