Escape (Fra) demo (1993)



(Unfortunately my copy contains only the first six tracks)

‘Escape’ was labeled a pre-emo band (with mixed vocals and “old-school French hardcore punk influences”) from the Orléans area (France) with Stéphane ‘L’oizo’ L’Oiseau (vocals), Kathleen Simonneau (vocals, later ‘Anomie’), ‘Seb’ Sébastien (guitare), Gilles Auvinet (bass, later ‘Anomie’), Sylvain (batterie). They did a 7″ (Echappe à l’Histoire) on Ape recs (the label ran by Kathleen & Gilles) in 1993. The band also had a track on the compilation-LP Reconstruction (Stonehenge recs ’94), and 3 on a benefit-tape for Wolnitza (squat in Lyon).

Check also the post on the ‘Anomie‘ demo.


I don’t think ‘Escape’ was an “emo” band, music-wise but also lyrics-wise, no? I don’t think they actually had any contact with anything related to “emo” before 1991-1992… Other than Gilles and Kathleen, there was the male singer, whose name was Loiseau (or was it L’oiseau?… I have never known if it was a nickname – meaning ‘the bird’ – or his real family-name, but everybody was calling him this way…). He was a respected older punk from Orléans and was also the singer of another punk band called ‘Les QQQ’ (an old-school typical French punk band). I mistakenly had the idea that the guitarplayer’s name was Stéphane… I think their drummer was named Gwen (he would later drum for ‘Cross On Your Past’). ‘Escape’ did some kind of discography tape later when they had disbanded… (They quit very rapidly and started ‘Anomie’ in 1994.) I’m supposed to have it and I remember it was coming with a rather big booklet, because ‘Scholl’ (from ‘Undone’) did the artwork for it.

Christophe Mora, Stonehenge recs

Ulrike’s Dream (Bel) Burn The European Swastika; tape (1998)



Dec 27, 1997 ‘Ulrike’s Dream’ did their first show in their hometown Leuven (@ ‘Clockwork’; supporting ‘Oi Polloi’). A few months later they played at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (98-04-18). The band started in February ’97 when ‘Het Preekgestoelte’ split up but bassist-changes held them from gigging a lot. I believe these were the people involved: Anton Meeus (drums), vocalists ‘Sapé’ Sebastiaan Putseys (Reflex & Wolfpack recs) & Jeroen Verbeeck – later replaced by Magalie & Saar, Hans (guitar), Daan (guitar; nowadays in ‘The League of MentalMen’) and Erik (bass). The demo was recorded a month before the V.V. gig. Their DIY 7” (If It Leads… It Bleeds) by Bruno ‘Sloef’ Mastyn in July 2000. They played grindcore and sung political lyrics; some compared them with ‘Disaffect’ and early ‘Conflict’…

Some more history: “Somewhere in 1997/1998 Anton and Hans were looking for a new bass-player. They asked Erik N. to join ‘Ulrike’s Dream’. Later Johan sung for a while. After three times or so, ‘Sapé’ and Jeroen came on vox. Daan joined the guitar-squad. We played a couple of gigs: some were brilliant, some were awful. Every band has these kinds of moments. We recorded our first demo-tape in 1998. It was called Burn, Burn, Burn the European Swastika!. The sound-quality wasn’t perfect but it had a cool booklet an it sounded grind. [raw and messy] It *had* to sound grind: it was recorded in a sixteenth century basement under a grotty punk-hole [Clockwork] full of drunks and drop-outs. It was great.”.

Anton went on to play for ‘The Usual Suspects’ (anarcho ska-dub-reggae-punk; also with Hans) & ‘Cop On Fire’… 2017 is the year a new album – entitled Anarchie in Leuven – is released (by the French labels Maloka & Deviance, and the German Wahnfried recs).


Nowadays all our hits are sung in Dutch and when we used to play grindcore, it’s now more of a mix of punk, metal & crust. Our previous record Van 9 Tot 5 came out in 2011. That was still with Kim singing. Nowadays Hans does the vocals.

Hans & Anton gained their first experiences ever regarding the production of noise in ‘Het Preekgestoelte’ [pulpit]. After that they started ‘Ulrike’s Dream’. They also founded ‘The Usual Suspects’. And after that ‘Death Church’, a ‘Rudimentary Peni’ tribute-band. And I have been in ‘Les Baudouins Morts’ and the hiphop-sensation ‘Flahaut’. That covers our side-projects…

The mate that did the demo-cover and the drawing of the cop (page 4) also did the sleeve for the Anarchy in Leuven album. [more trivia on the demo]

Erik, ‘Ulrike’s Dream’ bassist



Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel) live (Alphen aan de Rijn, Nl, 87-10-04)


tracks: Ballad Of Nature / Skeletons Of War / Behind Suffering Lies / If They Only Could Speak / When Reality Stops / Sane – Love The Animals / Pornography Of Life / Tortured And Abused (‘Antisect’ cover) / Lies Behind The Eyes

After ‘Brutal Society’ (Antwerp) – Manfred ‘Munpie’ Vinck’s first band – split up (’86), he got together with Dirk Wouters (bass), Gerrit (guitar) & Alex (drums) to form the anarcho-punk band ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ – often dubbed “the Belgian Antisect”. ‘Munpie’ did the vocals and played guitar. I saw them a bunch of times live (87-88) and shared a bill with them (87-06-28). I really like that band!

Apart from this tape (recorded while on tour with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’, in The Netherlands) there’s no studio-recordings of them. These live tracks appeared on a split-tape (together with ‘Chumbawamba’) that the Yura collective (Dick van Doorn, R.I.P. & Gijs from Alphen a/d Rijn, NL) put out. There are also live recordings (88-02-21 @ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp) that ‘Chronic Disease’s bassist ‘Vrokker’ made. And Manu & Alain of Nabate put the track Ballade Of Nature on their Exclusion compilation-LP.


Our tour with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’ was very amusing. The order of the bands was different every night: sometimes ‘Generic’ played first, then ‘D.N.P.’ and ‘Electro Hippies’ last; but the Brits both had left-handed drummers: we had to swicth the drum-kit over each time… After ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ I played for ‘Bad Influence’ a while and later (when I had discovered ‘Kyuss’) I started played stoner-rock. In my last band ‘Dukes Of Desert’ I wrote the songs, played bass and sang…

Dirk Wouters

Yes, we did a small tour with ‘Generic’ and ‘Electro Hippies’ throughout The Netherlands. Fantastic times. We shared car/van; switched the band-order… That whole period of the 1000 Appeltjes was a great time for us (it was our rehearsal-space). Unbelievable how many good bands we got to see there for little money. And an incredible atmosphere! Incredibly fun memories…


‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ @ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp (87-06-28) [pic by ?; courtesy of Dirk Wouters]



Citizen Fish (UK) promo (1991)


tracks: Supermarket Song / Small Scale Wars

Our Smurfpunx-collective had had the honour of wellcoming ‘Culture Shock’ a few years before (88-05-13). In the meantime Dick Lucas (vocals; ‘Subhumans’ and Bluurg recs) had formed a new band that mixed anarcho-punk with reggae-dub-ska. The combination of very danceable tunes and insightful socio-political lyrics was loved by many so I didn’t hestitate to help out when ‘Toddi’ asked to try and find them a show, even more so because they were touring with ‘Cringer‘.

For ‘Citizen Fish’ ( Dick got back together with some of his old mates of ‘Subhumans’: Phil Bryant did guitar and ‘Trotsky’ drummed. Jasper Patterson (who’d also been in ‘Culture Shock’) played the bass. By the time of this tour they already had 3 albums under their belt: Sink Or Swim (recorded Feb. ’90) and Free Souls In A Trapped Environment (spring 1990); both still with Larry on guitar. A bit after this tour (Nov. ’91) they went into the studio for the LP Wider Than A Postcard (with Phil playing guitar).

A few years later I would see them back at the Vort’n Vis several times (93-02-21, 93-10-24 & 94-09-17)…

Cringer (USA) promo (1991)


tracks: Petrograd / Despair Ends / (If I Had A) Pen

I got to know Lance Hahn as a collaborator of Maximum Rock’n’Roll. I might’ve run into him when I visited the MRR-house (San Francisco) in 1989. In 1991, I was contacted by (German tour-pomoter) Torsten ‘Toddi’ Mergell again: he was organising a tour for Lance’s band ‘Cringer’ (together with the British ‘Citizen Fish’). I arranged contacts and my friends of Nabate did set up a show in Liège in a small but cozy (squatted? [read comment]) place called ‘Chez Lulu’. The gig was intimate but I will never forget it!

‘Cringer’s melodic HC/punk was right up my alley. The band was formed by Lance (guitar/vocals) and Gardner ‘Fusuhara’ Maxam (bass/vocals) when they were still living in Hawaii. In 1990 LookOut! recs released the Karin 7″ (recorded with drummer Derek Imose and extra guitarist Harry Sherrill) and Jack Kahn did a split-7″ (with ‘Hopeful Monsters’) on HippyCore recs. 1991 was the year of the Time For A Little Something 7″, the split-7″ with ‘Holy Rollers’ and the Live In Europe 7″ (some shows in England & Germany). Andy Turner (Full Circle) had also compiled a bunch of their songs on the LP I Take My Desires For Reality… On this European tour they had recruited Kamala Lyn Parks (co-founder of the famous punk venue 924 Gilman Street and of the band ‘Kamala And The Karnivores’) to play the drums. Afterwards Lance & Gardner formed ‘J Church’, and Kamala joined ‘The Gr’ups’.

Lance died in 2007 (Oct 21st; aged 40). he left us a book on the early anarcho punk scene in the UK (Let the Tribe Increase). He has released some solo home recordings under the name ‘Cilantro’, was Beck’s touring guitarist in 1994-5 and was in the final line-up of Bay Area pop-punk band ‘Monsula’ in the early 1990s. He has also run the label Honey Bear recs that released a lot of ‘J Church’s material…

Smegmatics (Fra) demo (1988)


Side ASide B

Early 1989 I arranged a short tour for 2 Parisian bands: ‘M.S.T.’ & ‘Smegmatics’. The first was the band of my zine (M-Extäz) -mate Jeannot and the latter were their friends. ‘Smegmatics’ consisted of singer Thierry ‘Bibiche’ Septier (later in ‘Ancalagon’; he was the brother of the singer & drummer of the ‘Trotskids’), guitarists Laurent Bizet (also ‘Treponema Pal’, later ‘Hoax’) & Giovanni, bassist Morgan and drummer Patrick ‘Pat Le Tag’. They played fast hardcore/thrash. Besides this tape they also had a track on the compilation-LP Hardcore Evolution (Jungle Hop International ’89).

‘Smegmatics’ @ Finkel, Jette (Bxl, Bel), 89-02-18 – photo by Serge H

And here’s them playing live in Nanterre (Fra) 88-04-09


F.F.F. (Ger) promo (1988)


tracks – also appeared on the band’s first demo:

Armes Schwein (Poor Pig) / Zuviel Ist Zuviel (Too Much Is Too Much) / Schwarze Hirne (Black Brains)

These tracks were on a tape that the band’s drummer Dominik sent me (after having met at a show in Winterswijk, The Netherlands) to promote them and try to find them a few gigs (together with their Italian friends ‘Upside’). I recall booking them  for a Smurfpunx show (88-08-13; that summer they did this ‘Punkrock Tour 88 * Italohardcore meets electric violin thrash’ through Switzerland, Italy, Germany) and at Van Hall in Amsterdam (88-12-25). Later I also interviewed them (‘F.F.F.’ in Tilt! #6). The name of the band is short for “Fanatike Feinde des Facismus” (Fanatic Enemies of Fascism) and proves their political stance…

According to Andi these 3 songs were probably recorded in 1987 or 1988. They were only used as a demo and re-recorded for the Electric Violin Thrash LP (1989). Their demos were actually recorded 87-11-29, their (self-titled; but sometimes referred to as Arbeit Macht Dumm) 7″ in May ’86 and the LP was their last release… (History, Discography, Lyrics & more)

The band (from Bonn) consisted of Vladimiro Olavarria (guitar), Dominik Schetting (drums; ex-guitarist ‘Canal Terror’, nowadays in ‘Molotow Soda’), Andreas ‘Andi’ Gohlke (bass; nowadays in ‘Dr. Ranzik’) & Dolly Enzenberger (vocals/electric violin). In 1996 ‘Vladi’ returned to Chile (where he was born). He got married and has a daughter but is not playing any music anymore. Dolly is living in Italy (in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere), together with her partner ‘Gamba’ (drummer of ‘Upside’) since 2009. They got married in 2013…

‘F.F.F.’ live 1988

Review of Electric Violin Thrash in Tilt! #6: >>Always busy but not often in the spotlight. After a few demos and a 7″, their first album (on their own label). If you were able to witness them live, you know their qualities. Strong and inventive HC. Their (female) singer has got an enormous vocal capacity and gives the music an original touch by adding some electric violin (which fits in brilliantly). The lyrics are sung in German and prove they’re a politically engaged bunch of people. Excellent!<<