Oncle Slam (Fra) Skate Gremlins (1988)


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This skate-core (some said straight-edge hardcore) band was from the region around Pau (in the Pyrenees of southern France). The guys playing in the band were ‘Spontex’ Nicolas Volle (drums/vocals), ‘Lö’ Laurent Elissalde (bass), ‘Marmott’ Thierry Courcet (guitar) & ‘Yopi’ (guitar).

After this demo (also referred to as Make It Boneless see review in Trust #13 -July ’88- by Armin Hofmann) they recorded their LP First Attack which was released on the Parisian label Jungle Hop International. The tape was reviewed in my Tilt! #5: >>Mostly fast and intense HC. Teenager-lyricsbut well intented. Rather good…<<

In the early 90s they became ‘Hate Force’ (a trio), the first french NY HC band. Later these guys started the metalcore band ‘Pantin Hilare’.


R.K.L. [Rich Kids On L.S.D.] (USA) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-25)



(part 1) [soundcheck] Beautiful Feeling pt I / Break the Camel’s Back / Lies / Blocked Out / Scab On My Brain / Think Positive / Senseless Violence / Tribute To The Jester / Coming Home / Lay Your Weapons Down / Why? / Hangover (Popeye) / Meltdown / Catch Your Breath /// (part 2) Rock’n’Roll Nightmare / Pothead / Find A Way

This is an registration of the band’s performance at their Smurfpunx gig on 88-06-25  kindly provided by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt. Thanks to Chris Rest for checking the set-list.

The band, at that time, was: vocalist Jason Sears (R.I.P.), bassist Joe Raposo (17 years old on the European tour), guitarists Barry Ward & Chris(topher) Rest (later ‘Lagwagon’), and the funny and hyper-active Richard Anthony ‘Bomer’ Manzullo (R.I.P.) on drums. Their album Rock’n’Roll Nightmare had been recorded May 1987 (with ‘Bomber’ doing both bass & drums). Some of the tracks also come from the Keep Laughing LP and most feature on the double album Greatest Hits Double Live In Berlin, recorded in (West) Berlin on July 9th 1988 at the end of that tour. ‘R.K.L.’ was a Californian skate-core band associated with the ‘Nardcore’ scene that evolved out of Oxnard (but the band formed in a suburb of Santa Barbara). A year later (the band had called it quits), I met Barry in San Francisco, where he was setting up another band and hanging around with the ‘M.D.C.’ crew (a band he would later tour with)…

Earth Citizens (Swi) promo (1991)


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‘Earth Citizens’ (Zürich, Switzerland) was the anarcho-punk band my comrade and ultra-productive zinester (No Sanctuary, Alternative, Brain Death, …) Pablo (‘The Prophet’ from Zürich, later Biel/Bienne) was in. He also ran the DIY label Resistance productions (and later Strongly Opposed recs). He was the drummer of the band. The others were ‘Schrein’n’hart’ Reinhard (vocals at first; later ‘Oi!Siris’), Fritze ‘Furz The System’ (guitar & backing-vocals) and Dani / ‘Sammy Soyhead’ (bass). Pablo had been in ‘The Brains Of Humans’ before, he went on to form more bands such as ‘Protest’, ‘Domo Arigato’, ‘Umbrella Tribe’, etc.

This tape contained a bunch of tracks recorded in the band’s rehearsal-space and was intended as promotional material for the tour they were planning for May/June 1991. I helped them with a couple of gigs between France and the UK. The one on 91-05-10 was orginally planned at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper but was re-scheduled (last-minute) to Sliedrecht (The Netherlands) – together with ‘Concrete Sox’ – by Bruno VdV. 91-05-11 was in ‘Kalashnikov’, Terneuzen…

Some of the songs here were released on a 7”, entitled No God No Leaders No State No Religion, right before the tour. In ’92 the Swiss label Romp productions released a split-7″ (Wie Lange Noch?) with the Luzerner band ‘Dekadent’. Before these, they had a tape out with live recordings (@ Friedensgasse squat, Zürich, 90-10-07) and one with studio recordings (To A Nation Of Party Lovers – line-up: Päasche (vocals/guitar), Isa (vocals), Ninja (guitar/vocals), Fritze (bass) & Pablo (drums).). Other releases are mentioned in an interview from 1992.


‘Protest’ was formed while ‘Earth Citizens’ was still around; it was the final band I played in! ‘Umbrella Tribe’, ‘Total Control’, ‘Domo Arigato’ came all later but they were one-off projects, except for ‘Domo Aarigato’ that played one gig but with a completely different line-up (and the other band – ‘Fingerprint’ – didn’t show up, so the gig was just the 2 Japanese songs we had and that was it!). ‘The Brains Of Humans’ was way before ‘Earth Citizens’ (1985-1989, with a one year break in between).

Dani was Sammy ‘Soyahead’s replacement, Iris tried the bass for a little while but the final line-up was ‘Oi!Siris’ (vocals), ‘Furz The System’ (guitar), Lara (bass) & ‘The Prophet’ (drums). We even did 2 new songs (Terrorists Kill Again & Society’s Greed) with these and have a crappy recording of them. I actually planned to see if anything can be done about the recording to restore it and make it sound as good as to put out a very limited 7″ (just for us and a few friends) but so far I haven’t managed to sort it out.

Shortly after Lara got pregnant [she gave birth to Suzy, Pablo’s daughter] so she quit and so did ‘Earth Citizens’. (We were just tired of getting yet another bassist and teach him/her all the songs). A little while later ‘Oi!Siris’ died a tragic death (not even 20 years old) when she’d just announced she’d be doing more stuff for the zine/label! Iris died and Suzy was born…very mixed feelings time back then…


Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques (Bel) rehearsal (1994)



‘Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques’ (‘L.S.A.’; “the alcoholic smurfs” were a band from Merchtem (near Brussels), where bassist Gerd Van Hoof helped organise gigs at the local youth-centre Ifigineia). The others in the band were Mike Du Bois (drums & vocals) and Raf Du Bois (guitar; R.I.P.). The guys used to be ‘frequent flyers’ at Smurfpunx shows. They played (poppy/melodic) punk. Later (’95) they released another tape (entitled Play It Loud). Some of those tracks appeared on a 4-way split (Screams From Belgium) with ‘Muggles’, ‘Hirudo’ & ‘Honey Honey’ that Tim Leten of Filth Ear distribution (also in the band ‘Karma’) released in ’97. There was also a self-titled CD recorded in 1998. Gerd & Mike started ‘Sunpower’ after all this…

Review in Tilt! #8: >>Slowish to midtempo , simple but effective HCpunkrock with selfconfident vocals. Lyrically not always so enlightened…<<

>>8:11 On A Summer Night<< (Can) compilation (1997)


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‘New York City Rhythm’ – Left With The Radio… Pull The Trigger / ‘Slough Of Dispond’ – Candlelight Dinner For Two / ‘Third World Planet’ –  Survival Of The Fittest (live in Toronto 97-06-18) / ‘Petty Forward Thought’ – 6 / ‘Rot:Ironsmile’ – 3 Weeks

side B:

‘From Maggy To Margaret’ – Better, Someday / ‘Third World Planet’ – Ranting Isn’t Enough / ‘Let’s Put The X In Sex’ – Balls To The Wall (live in Duncan B.C. 97-09-26) / ‘Warsaw Union’ – Black Tie, Midnight / ‘Rot:Ironsmile’ – One Year Ago (Live In Duncan B.C. 97-10-19)

Somewhere in the second half of the 90s this guy from Victoria (Britisch Columbia, Canadian west-coast), Greg Pratt, wrote me about his label (Dimunitive recs) an his zine distribution (Tavis). He might have distributed some copies of my zine and sent me this tape to promote his releases.

I learned that he’d received an inheritance and that enabled him to release some records by his friends’ bands. The first was a split-7″ flexi (‘Third World Planet’/’The Republic Of Freedom Fighters’; together with Jason Flower of Break Even recs). The next were a split-tape with his own band (‘Wrought:Ironsmile’) & ‘The Warsaw Union’, and the ‘Wrought:Ironsmile’ debut 7”. After that, Sean Thomas, ‘Wrought:Ironsmile’s bassist joined to help with the label and they decided to do this compilation-tape…


New York City Rhythm (Victoria, BC / emo): Brad Kurushima (guitar/vocals), Evan Raine (bass), Mateos ‘Matty’ Marnik (drums), Steve Bays (guitar/vocals)

Slough Of Dispond (Vancouver, BC): ?

Third World Planet (Nanaimo, BC / powerviolence): Eric Boros (guitar/vocals), Jason Flower (drums/vocals) [previous members: Caro (vocals/bass), Janet Woods (bass; replaced Corey Peet)]

Petty Forward Thought (Victoria, BC / emo): Greg Pratt (drums), Keith Jones (vocals), Tom Saville (guitar), Sean Thomas (bass)

Wrought (a.k.a. Rot):Ironsmile (Victoria, BC / emo): Greg Pratt (drums/vocals), Neil Cooke-Dallin (guitar/vocals), Sean Thomas (bass/vocals)

From Maggy To Margaret (Nanaimo, BC): ?

Let’s Put The X In Sex (Sidney, BC): Bill Horsfield (vocals), ‘The Count’ Stewart Fulke-Griville (poetry), ‘The Cruiser’ Jeff Kruys (keyboards/bass on first demo), Greg Pratt (drums), Tavis Radford (vocals), Tom Saville (bass)

Warsaw Union (Duncan, BC / emo): ?



Disturbing Foresights (Hol) promo (1993)


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‘Disturbing Foresights’ (from Zoetermeer, between Rotterdam & The Hague) was a bunch of guys that were visiting some of our Smurfpunx concerts and/or organising gigs at the their local youth-centre Mevr. Latenstaan (where I sometimes booked bands). They played innovative HC with some metal/rap influences. (I invited them over to play at the Vort’n Vis, 91-12-31.) The band consisted of Cor Hoogerdijk (drums & vocals; also in ‘The Incredible Softies’), Chiel/Michiel Schouten (guitar; also in ‘The Incredible Softies’; later replaced by Sebastiaan ‘Bas’ de Neef and then Arjan van der Schee, ex ‘Brutal Obcenity’), Koen ‘Coenraedt’ Bakker (bass), Iwan P. Vol & Ron Osephius (vocals).

This tape contained 4 tracks (recorded in ’93) intended as a promo for their De-Grunged CD (that was released many years later). The same songs were sold as a demo entitled Walking Violations Of The Laws Of Nature. My review in Tilt! #8: >>Technically high-standing music: these men master quite some styles and mix them into their own brand of HC: thrash, jazzy bits, rap, metal, melody, etc. But no time to stay with your mouth open in astonishment; it’s also moving music. Check ‘m out!<<

They already had 5 tracks on the Tegenwind compilation-LP (out on WRF recs) in 1990, did a split-7″ with ‘Antic Hay’ – the socalled Couch Potatoes (zine) EP – for the same label (’91), the 7″ 1992. They also featured on a Destroy Fascism compilation-tape recorded at Arnhem’s Goudvishal and on the other WRF compilation-LP Welcome To Our Scene. Their last 7″ Come On Baby was recorded at De Blauwe Aanslag squat in The Hague in 1995.


Koyaanisqatsi (Bel) rehearsal (1985)



Intro / Koyaanisqatsi / Wounded knee / War / Final touch / White Power, White Disease / Lost Youth / I Hate The World Death Strike Now / Dop (Dole) Always The Same – Airplanes / Stomme Wedloop (Stupid Race) / Reggae Song / Day Of Doomed / Satanist

This was the second punk-band (the first being ‘Nightshift’) my mate Dirk Ceustermans was in (he played bass here). Later he would form ‘Ear Damage’ with Marc & ‘Bie’ of ‘Zyklome-A’… Things started when Dirk met up with Ludwig (guitar), Ivo Cloetens (vocals) & Bart Steens (drums) in November ’84. ‘Banshee’ joined in January ’85 to do vocals: he was also on the studio-recordings. A bit later Ivo came back. They had been in various other not-so-productive bands from the Leuven-area (such as ‘Vlaanderen Stinkt’), and existed for about a year. Their very first gig was in Antwerp on 85-04-06. The only recordings they did in a studio were the tracks on the Punk Etc. compilation-LP Alle 24 Goed (Justified Violence / War / Koyaanisquatsi / I Hate The World / Stomme Wedloop). These tracks here were enregistred after the compilation (October/November 1985), so with Ivo on vocals.


Things started when I hung out with Bart Steens at concerts; we were both doing fanzines (Bart: Het Schandaal / Dirk: D.R.O.L.) and got befriended. We both thought it would be fun to do our own music as we had done a bit of music in before. Bart knew a bit of drumming and Dirk bought a 500 BeF [12,50 Euro] bass; we got introduced to 2 friends of Bart that joined in on the fun: Ludwig Goedhuys (guitar) and Ivo Cloetens (vocals). They had been in bands before; one was called ‘Vlaanderen Stinkt’ [Flanders Stinks]. ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ started rehearsing around end of 1984, played a first gig at De Waag [Antwerp]. More gigs in Belgium & Holland followed and hilarious times were spent while doing so. I remember Ludwig cutting the body of his Les Paul (copy) guitar into a sort of Flying V shape and doing so, he’d cut off all the electronics from the body of the guitar as well… He came to rehearse with a guitar that did no longer work at all hahaha…

Ivo got kicked out for musical differences (not really: he messed around with someones girl) and ‘Banshee’ was put on vocals. After that the band felt ‘Banshee’ was not what they wanted and Ivo returned to the band. From then the style of the songs changed, initially into a ‘Discharge’-like (or lets say ‘Capital Scum’ & ‘Subversion’ kinda’) vein 🙂 … And later on into a crossover metal-punk style. Along with ‘X-Creta’ and ‘Heibel’ we were in fact amongst the earliest Belgian crossover bands. A gig in Leuven with those 3 bands, late 1985, must have been one of the first crossover punk shows… [85-11-29 @ Q 104]

By the end of 1985 the end for the band set in when Ludwig and Bart discovered Jimi Hendrix (nothing personal against that but I wanted to continue what was starting at the time: crossover punk). So I formed ‘Ear Damage’ with Marc & ‘Bie’ of ‘Zyklome-A’ who’d folded at about the same time as ‘Koyaanisqatsi’…

Dirk Ceustermans

‘Koyaanisqatsi’ @ Rio, Hamme (Bel) 85-11-08