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Carcer Molochi (Bel) demo (1995)


Listen: side (A)side (B)

‘Carcer Molochi’ (from Ieper) was the band of fellow-collaborators at the autonomous centre Vort’n Vis: Johan Seys (vocals), Inge Cappoen (vocals), Michael ‘Mike’ Maes (guitar), Erwin Degryse (guitar), David Stubbe (drums; also in ‘Neuthrone’, nowadays in ‘Gura’) & Danny Suffys (bass). They played at the V.V. several times: 94-12-31, 95-03-05, 95-09-16, 96-02-24, 96-04-05 & 96-09-21.

The gang played pagan, back-to-nature crust-punk (“a mix of ‘Antisect’, ‘Hiatus’, ‘E.N.T’ & ‘Antischism’…”, I wrote in my ‘zine). Others compared them with ‘Misery’ (because of the female/male vocals). Also ‘Contropotere’ & ‘Nausea’ could be a reference.

Michael, Danny & Johan had been in ‘As Usual’ before. In ‘96 Bram ‘Lawaai’ Calbrecht (R.I.P.) replaced David. And by autumn that year ‘Mike’ took over, and ‘Gork’ (ex ‘Coche Bomba’ guitarist) became the second vocalist and Yannick ‘PikPik’ Moulière played bass. In ’97 Michael and Inge (who are a couple) started ‘Link’… Nowadays (2019) Michael plays the drums in ‘Scraps’ (Fra).

Band-presentation by ‘Carcer Molochi’ * 1995 (in Tilt! #8)

Review in Tilt! #9: >>One of my favourite 8000 bands (ha!). This got out when Big Mike was doin’ guitars besides Mr E and tall Jo did the male half of the vocals. The recordings are decent but one needs to play this loud to capture what they were really like live. Their pagan, back-to-nature crustpunk is an original mix of Antisect, Hiatus, E.N.T. and Antischism. It reflects their sorrow and fury for the loss of earth’s beauty: shredding metal-riffs and slower, more epic parts. Strong, heartfelt fe+male vocals. The lyrics speak for themselves. This tape is presented with a nice booklet, containing the words, some far-out art by David ‘Snuitlap’ and poems in Dutch by singer Inge and bassman Danny. They don’t make ’em like this too much anymore…<<

Raw Power (Ita) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 86-06-06)



Intro / Don’t Let Me See It / I Don’t Wanna See Your Face / Bastard / What Have We Done / Start A Fight / You Are The Victim / Army / Hate / We Shall Overcome / Politicians / Power / No Card / Is There Anything You Like / Factory [Fabbrica] / What For / Nihilist / Shut Up / I Do What I Like / Raw Power / Police Police / … / … / Joe’s The Best / Fuck Authority / We’re Gonna Die

First ever show of ‘Raw Power‘ in Belgium – organised by Werner Excelmans (for the 1st time in the big venue in his hometown), on 86-06-06; together with ‘Negazione’, ‘No Pigs’ & ‘Cyclone’. Recordings courtesy of Kurt Christiaens.

This was the year their LP After Your Brain was released so I believe the band played here with Helder Stefanini (drums); Maurizio Dodi (bass; or was it ‘Ale’ Alessandro Paolucci?), Giuseppe Codeluppi (guitar; R.I.P.) & Silvio Stefanini (guitar; or was it Davide Devoti?). I don’t see Mauro Codeluppi (vocals) on the pictures though… [In an interview that appeared in the Belgian zine Het Schandaal #10, ‘Stel’ mentions that Mauro wasn’t present – a problem with his vocal chords or his job…]


The pictures show Silvio (lead-guitar), Giuseppe (rhythm-guitar), ‘Ale’ (bass) and Helder (drums). I thought I recognised my voice in the songs but then again I could be wrong: on the photos there’s no one near a mic! Maybe it’s just my brother singing with Silvio?

Mauro Codeluppi


A few years later I got some records and a comprehensive promo-pack in the mail from the label Sonic Attack that was promoting ‘Raw Power’. Here’s a few clippings from that:



Abhinanda (Swe) promo (1994)



Dragon (demo) / Inner Qualities (demo) / Remark Of Frustration (Straight Edge As Fuck compilation) / Confront Yourself / Thousand Years / Rising Fire / Lifestyle / Darkness Of Ignorance / Revolution (Northcore: The Polar Scene compilation) / Spiritual Game (Northcore: The Polar Scene compilation)

José Saxlund (Desperate Fight recs) send this promo-tape in 1994 when he was inquiring for gigs for his band… On their 1st Euro tour they played in Belgium @ Nieuwland in Herentals (94-08-14) and the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (94-08-20).

The band (from Umeå, Sweden) played “spiritual” SxE hardcore: José was the vocalist, Jonas Lyxzén did drums (later replaced by Daniel Berglund; was also in ‘Separation’, ‘Demon System 13’, etc.), Adam Nilsson & Kris(tofer) ‘Stone’ Steen (also ‘Refused’; later replaced by Pär Hansson) played guitar, and Mattias ‘Abris’ Abrahamsson was the bassist.

I reviewed the tape in Tilt! #8 as follows: >>Music can be the soundtrack to a period in one’s life. The thundering storms these Scandinavians unchain, illustrate very well the existential fear everyone of us feels every now and then. Desperate trials to exorcise our darkest feelings of hate and anger are made a lot easier with this mix of brutal, shredding guitars and adrenalin-inducing rhtyhms. Great!<<

Also read one of their earlier interviews: Abhinanda (1994)