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Brutal Obscenity (Hol) We Don’t Have An Image!; demo (1988)


Brutal Obscenity - coverBrutal Obscenity - line-up

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Singer ‘Klef’ Kees Klomp (he did background-vocals on – Dutch SxE band – ‘Betray’s 7″) sent me this tape and a letter (in English!) to try and get some attention for his band. Quite some people playing crossover/thrash/metal were trying to make a connection with the HardCore/punk-scene at that time… These guys were from Bloemendaal (Haarlem area); the other musicians playing on this one were Ernst ‘Renske’ van Baak (bass), Emiel Hannink (drums), Ben Humpig (guitar) and Louis Melger (guitar). Here’s my review – from Tilt! #5: >>Very technical thrashmetal with fast and mosh-parts. Political lyrics – no metal-attitude (?!) Songs are a bit long…<< The tracks (God Is Just A Fairy-Tale / Defensor Minor / No More Feelings Left / Hangover D.D.D. / The Overtaking) were added as bonus-tracks on the CD-version of their first LP (It’s Because Of The Birds And The Flowers).

Brutal Obscenity - lyricsBrutal Obscenity - lyrics'

From their ‘press-package’:

Brutal Obscenity introBrutal Obscenity lyrics extra

Brutal Obscenity pic

Brutal Obscenity sticker

Brutal Obscenity info


A Bokajarro (Spa) Acción Directa; tape (1997)


A Bocajarro coverSide ASide B


Miseria Y Dolor (Misery & Pain) / Nadie (Nobody) / Chiapas / Macho Hombrio (Macho Man) / No Escapara (No Escape) / Acción Directa (Direct Action) / Jesusito (Little Jesus) / Testigos (Witnesses) / Skacobeo / Perros Vendidos (Sold Dogs)

Can’t remember how I obtained this tape; possibly from my correspondent Carlos Leon Liquete (editor of El Otro Mundo zine)… Or was it sent to me by the band or someone in their entourage asking for a review or a show…? No recollections… The band on these recordings consisted of Victor (vocals), Rober(t) (guitar), Chema (guitar), Foxy (bass) & Hevylin (drums), and they resided in Valladolid. A Bocajarro means ‘close combat’ or ‘at point blank’. A political band playing enraged trashy HC; lyrics on anti-fascim, anti-sexism, anti-religion, etc.


‘A Bokajarro’ was a HC-punk band from Valladolid (Spain) that started in 1995. The original line-up was: Victor (vocals), Rober (Roberto Marina; bass), Isa (Isabel Carpintero Extremo; guitar) & Jebi (Antonio Carpintero Extremo; drums). Later Fosi (Jorge Martin) joined to play bass and Rober took on second guitar. In 1997, they recorded the tape – the booklet is entitled Ni Olvidamos Ni Perdonamos (“neither forget nor forgive”) – when Chema (Chema Lorenzo Parro) joined to play guitar (instead of Isa). Besides this tape, there are some recordings from the last concerts with new and emotional HC songs. The band quit in 2000.

Some explanations about the songs… Miseria Y Dolor talks about the clergy, the misery and pain they cause. The lyrics of Nadie deal with oppression (social, personal) and speak out against all authority (nobody can rule you). Chiapas is about the conflict in that Mexican district, and the solidarity towards the people and their social revolution. Macho Hombrio speaks out against sexism and the social behaviour of the ‘virile’ man. Acción Directa is against fascism and racism. No Escapara is a song that tells a story of a rape, and calls for a response against all rapes and rapers. Jesusito is a parody on the life of Jesús and christianity. Testigos speaks out against sects and the Jehova’s witnesses. Skacobeo is a parody on religion and talks about the business around the pelgrimage-route to Santiago de Compostella [Camiño de Santiago]. Perros Vendidos is a song talking about the manipulation of the media.

Carlos Leon Liquete

A Bokajarro booklet coverA Bokajarro lyrics 1A Bokajarro lyrics 2A Bokajarro lyrics 3A Bokajarro lyrics 4A Bokajarro lyrics 5A Bokajarro lyrics 6A Bokajarro lyrics 7A Bokajarro lyrics 8A Bokajarro lyrics 9A Bokajarro lyrics 10A Bokajarro infoA Bokajarro booklet back

Rough Justice (Bel) Pink Elephants In Yellow Trees; demo (1988)


Rough Justice + tape cover

Rough Justice k7Side ASide B

During the Smurfpunx days (late 80s) there was a metal-pub in Aalst (de Kiët) where sometimes HC bands played. It was ran by Veerle Taeleman. Her brother was the singer of ‘Rough Justice’, a metal-influenced HC/thrash band. They played for our collective on 88-04-29. They also visited the shows. Besides vocalist Koen Taeleman, there was guitarist Piet Marcoen, bassist Manu Cambier & drummer Joost Vandenbroeck.

From the review in Tilt! #4: >>These “idiots from Aalst” (not my words) have brains in their heads. The play standard speedmetal but they’re interested in the thoughts behind hardcore. Not over-original but decent lyrics. Good recordings.<<

Anyone who wants to see some old recordings (live @ de Kiët Aalst 1988): there’s some links in one of the comments on their Smurfpunx show…

Rough Justice + booklet introRough Justice + booklet coverRough Justice aRough Justice bRough Justice cRough Justice dRough Justice eRough Justice fRough Justice gRough Justice hRough Justice + booklet outro