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>>Our (R)Age<< (various) compilation (1988)


(A): ‘President Fetch’: Blasphemy – Terror & Coffee – Bestial / ‘The Vernon Walters: Fast Cars (‘Buzzcocks’ cover) – Same Old Song – Run For It / ‘Agen’: Kirchenglocken – Cerebral Am Ende / ‘Nox Mortis’: In Memoriam – Arms And The Boy / ‘Magnetic Ad’: Self Control

(B): ‘Magnetic A.D.’: Solution Or Preservation / ‘Flower Buds’: Police Force – Fraze My Brain Out – It’s Me / ‘Union Morbide’: All The Harm Done – Hope / ‘The Ruminants’: Pressure – Nobody Knows / ‘Dross’: Mat & Knulla / ‘Nasty Nation’: Outro

This is one of the three compilation-tapes that Björn Brauer (from Hamburg) released via his label Without Renown tapes. The other were entitled Unser Täglich Gift (“our daily poison”) and Kill For Peace! There was also a live-tape by ‘The Vernon Walters’.

In the review I wrote for my zine Tilt! #5 I read that 1 DM (50 Eurocent) per sold copy was donated to Greenpeace…

The last known about Björn Brauer is that he has a career with the major label Warner Music Group (label-manager of A.D.A.).


President Fetch (Kopenhagen, Denmark): Anderz Nielsen (bass), Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals), Per Eriksen (guitar), Martin ‘Morgengrim’ Larsen (drums)

The Vernon Walters (Hoorn, The Netherlands): Hans Engel (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Joost Warnik (bass), Niels de Wit (guitar), Danny Schouten (drums) – Dim van der Waal: guitar (on first EP only)

Agen (Verden, Germany): ‘Todde’ Thorsten Sindel (vocals), ‘Amok’ Maik Dudda (guitar), Michael Woelke (drums), ‘Goldi’ Jürgen Goldenstein (bass)

Nox Mortis (Southampton, UK): Simon Gregory (bass/vocals; R.I.P.), ‘PJ’ Paul Jay (guitar), Andy Long (drums), Fran(ces) White (backing-vocals)

Magnetic A.D. (Hamburg, Germany): Björn ‘Borg’ Brauer (vocals), ‘Bodo’ Matthias Bodeit (guitar), ‘Hobbel’ Frank Diederichs (bass), Thorsten Wegner (drums)

Flower Buds (Lübeck, Germany): ‘Anker-Martin’ Martin Ehlers (bass), Tim ‘Ove’ Kuhlman (drums), Jenne (guitar), ‘Klüwi’ Dirk Klüwer (vocals)

Union Morbide (Heemskerk, The Netherlands): Eelco Boonacker (bass), Philip van Koeveringe (guitar), Maxim Aafjes vocals), Michel Weijgertse (drums; R.I.P.)

The Ruminants (Hamburg, Germany): Björn Brauer ()

Dross (Gävle, Sweden): Patrick ‘Putte’ Söderberg (vocals), ‘Micke’ Mikael Bye (guitar), Jäger (bass), Bördn (drums)

Nasty Nation (Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany): Uli Hopf ()

Mektoub (Fra) tape (1996)



Le Teneur De Mur / Guernica / Haché / Z / Fini Le Rêve

‘Mektoub’ (meaning “fate” or “it’s written” in arab language) were from Cergy-Pontoise (North of Paris), dubbed a “noise rock group”. Active in the late 90s; the members of the band were Mokhtar Bahnas and his brother Mohamed Bahnas. They ran Les Disques Métèques and the Vivre Vite association, that made the Furia fanzine and booked the Furia Sound Festival between 1996 and 2010-2011.

Review in Tilt! #9: >>One thing is certain: this is very original music; situated between garage-punk/noise, cold-wave and ambient arab-ethnic music. It all breathes a mysterious, gloomy atmosphere; also because of the nasal murmuring of the vocalist. If you’re into an experiment, try this. Lyrics in Arab and French.<<

>>Formed in 1993, somewhere in the suburbs north of Paris, ‘Mektoub’ took a thunderous start (concerts with – amongst others – ‘Drive Blind’, ‘Héliogabale’, ‘IAO’, ‘Oscar Nip, and a compilation-tape and demo) that was followed by line-up changes for over a year.

Since the beginning of this year, and after having finally found the holy grail – a drummer in CDI! [contract of indefinite duration] – the band accelerated.

In January 1996, ‘Mektoub’ ended up on the compilation-CD Annimo En Liberté, produced by studio 3/4.

The group then decided to record a new demo Le Cru 1996: 5 tracks in French and Arabic, recorded in May.

Cheered up with a few concerts, this return of ‘Mektoub’ will be confirmed by numerous projects for September-October 1996.

Their musical universe is very rich but we won’t tell you more. We’re not going to ruminate on your ‘work’! Just listen to the tape. Your sensitivity and your references will take you where you wish.

‘Mektoub’ can only say one thing: that the band is open to all of your proposals (especially concerts). Contact is easy, so don’t hesitate!<<

Thatcher On Acid (UK) Curdled; promo (1987)



Guess Who’s Running The Show – New Thing – The Taxi – Riff Raff/Orthodox – The Cage – Is It Art? – The Wind-Up – Thatcher On Acid – FlyStop/Start

This was a promo-tape with the songs on the album released in 1987 (All The Madmen recs). I probably got it from Reiner Mettner (Double A recs) who was planning a tour for them… It was recorded with Ben Corrigan (guitar/vocals, piano), Matt Cornish (bass/vocals, replacing ‘Spike’ Simon Hughes) and Martin Hosken (drums/vocals). Andi/Andy Tuck took over the drums after that. ‘Thatcher On Acid’ were a British anarcho-punk band (originally from the Bristol/Yeovil area but later a part of the London squat scene). Some dubbed their music ‘agit-pop’. Ben & Andy were in ‘Schwartzeneggar’ with later ‘T.O.A.’ bassist Bob Butler and Steve ‘Ignorant’ (ex ‘Crass’).


Skeezicks (Ger) We Make Noise…; demo (1985)


We Are Skeezicks / Drops Of Domorrow (cover of Troops Of Tomorrow by ‘The Vibrators’) / Margo Is A Jerk / Nothing (‘Negative Approach’ cover) / Suicide / Don’t Tell Me (chaos version) / Livin’ On The Country / Don’t Tell Me (‘The Faith’)

[digital file kindly provided by Koen ‘Siesele’ L.]

This tape was recorded in June 1985, “4 months after the first rehearsals”. The people paying in the band were Andy Hofmann (drums), Jürgen ‘Sunny’ Findlinger (vocals; R.I.P.), Carsten Bauer (guitar) & Armin Hofmann (bass). About a year later Armin released their 7″ (There’s A Charlie Brown In Everyone Of Us). By the time they recorded their LP (Selling Out!) Marc Helber had joined as second guitarist. That line-up is also on the live recordings (Tielt, Bel, 87-05-02) I made available…