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General Fools (Can) Sarcasme; tape (1993)


(A) Suspicious Thoughts / Hungry Is Love / Dementia Appeases Anxiety / Drinking Up My Mind / Quéssé? [qu’est ce que c’est?’ = what’s that?] / Brains For Breakfast / L’Esprit Rongeur & L’Être Rongé [the gnawing spirit & the gnawed being] / Il Était Une Foire Dans L’Ouest [there was a fair in the west]

(B) Sale-Ça [dirty-that] / Transparence Apparente [apparent transparency] / Masques À Rats [rat masks] / Momentary Joy / Dernier Passage [last passage] / Cortège Grotesque [grotesque procession]

My review of this in Tilt! #8: >>Pretty sturdy but versatile uptempo anarcho-punk that wouldn’t have been out of place on the Punk & Disorderly compilations of the ‘old’ times. The biting female vocals certainly help reminiscing these. (Do you remember ‘Vice Squad’?)<<

The tape was sent to me by the band’s drummer ‘Trache’ Sébastien Pesot (Montréal). The singer was Anne-Sophie D’Ascanio, Sébastien Boisvert played bass and Jean-François Clerçon guitar. Their music was described as “disjointed punk with female vox”.

The www informs us ‘General Fools‘ came from the highly active Sherbrooke [Québec] punk-scene: “All ages D.I.Y. venues like the Zone Indélibile and the Katacombes hosted many local bands, including ‘Shitfit’ [with UK ‘Headache’s Max], ‘General Fools’, ‘Pass Out’, ‘Urban Assault’, ‘Scapegoats’, ‘Chapak’, ‘Monik Maniak’, ‘Apathetic Nation’, ‘Blind Remainz’ and ‘Seized’. Many of these bands were formed from a small core of musicians, who played in multiple bands.”. Watch ‘Gneral Fools’ play live: 93-05-16.


The lyrics were mostly kind of poetic more than politic. We were not much defending or claiming anything, just thinking outside the box. But the thing that was nice is that Montréal was split in 2 very different scenes: French and English punk. And since I wrote and sang in both languages, we were doing shows and having friends in both scenes, also doing gigs in Québec and Ontario.

Anne-Sophie D’Ascanio