Anti-Dogmatikss (Spa) Rompan Filas!!!; tape (1984)


Side A: Fuego En La Moncloa (Fire in The Mocloa, the official residence for the Prime Minister of Spain) / Religión / Estado De Caos (State Of Chaos) / Pierdete! (Lose Yourself!) / Anti-U.S.A.

Side B: Ellos O Tú? (They Or You?) / El Robot Del Futuro (The Robot Of The Future) / Hacienda (Estate) / El Modelo De Español (The Spanish Model) / Was A Boy? (Who?) / Campos De Cruces (Fields Of Crosses)

Rompan Filas!!! (meaning ‘(Break The Ranks!!!’) is a tape from my Smurfpunx-friend ‘Mokka’ (Geert Mokwinski) ‘s tape-collection. It’s the band’s first release. The guys (from Barcelona) playing here are ‘Poly’ Josep Urpí Gausachs (vocals; also bass in ‘L’Odi Social‘), Fernando ‘Ferran’ (guitar; R.I.P.; did the fanzine Melodías Destruktoras with his brother Joni ‘Destruye’), ‘Sisa’ Narcís Gelador (bass; Plasma fanzine) and Manel (drums; who replaced original drummer Carlos). By the time of their second tape (No Olimpicos) they had a new drummer (‘Legal’) and vocalist (‘Ripoll’). Some of the tracks of these 2 tapes were re-released on vinyl in 1999 by Martin Sorrondeguy (‘Los Crudos’ vocalist) on his label (Lengua Armada Discos).

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