Mass Of Black (UK) Mainline Music; tape (1984)


(side A) Dead & Broke / Rock’n’Roll Hospital / Invasion / Suicide / Atraction / Torment / I Not Normal / Overseer

(side B) Dream Of You / Warrior / Life’s A Day / Untitled / Dying To Live / It’s Called Poverty / Chose Poison

Another one from my mate ‘Mokka’ Geert Mokwinski’s collection. This tape was released on Dick Lucas’s Bluurg. People in the band (from Bolton, near Manchester) were: ‘Biffo’ (Stephen Cowley?) (vocals), ‘Crazy’ Dave Yates (bass), Dill Spitzen (guitar/vocals; ex ‘Gun Control’) and ‘Duffi’/’Smiler’ (drums; R.I.P.). They also did a second tape with a studio (84-09) and a live (in Hull, 84-11-01) side. No idea what became of them, though there was also a person named Dill Spitzen in the breakbeat outfit ‘Pornography’…


I saw them once and still have the demo. Their guitarist used a screwdriver. I heard that one of them was a roadie for the ‘Dangerous Girls’, could be wrong…

Paul Chambers

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