Sliced Pimples (Den) No Parental Advisory; demo (1987) & promo (1989)


Demo (A): Hatred / Dogcatchers Lust / Boris Becker & His Barbeques / Jeg Går Og Hedder Frede (I Go And Honor Peace) / Want More Coffee?

Demo (B): Reverend Straight Edge / You Ate My Goldfish / Raping Nuns (Out Of Mercy) / God Is Pissing On Us Again / Let Me Pee In Your Breakfast

Promo: Movie Lovers / Natascha The Wardmaid / Pavement Decorator

These tapes are from ‘Stel’ Steven R.’s collection. The tracks on the promo-tape also appeared on the band’s second LP (Fuckin’ Serious Guess Why…?); some of the demo on their first (Brains Condemned To Serious Laughter) – both released on Rock Owl recs (Kim Ejnar Kofod’s label).

The drummer of ‘Sliced Pimples’ was Andreas Ludvigsen (who was also in ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ and replaced Per M. Hansen here). The other guys here were bassist Niels Tholstrup (demo)/ Jonny ‘Paw’ Andersen (promo), vocalist Claus Andersen, and guitarists Per M. Hansen (demo)/ Kim Knudsen & Tim Lynge (promo). The band was based in Odense and played thrash/crossover. Their (anti-PC) lyrics were “not meant to be taken seriously”. They also supported some major metal bands…


‘Sliced Pimples’: Andreas – Jonny – Tim – Kim – Claus

I believe I got this demo from Andreas Ludvigsen at the ‘L.U.L.L.’ concert in Neerpelt [Dec. ’87]. Also bought a T-shirt that I wore to shreds …



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