Upset Noise (Ita) live (Bredene, Bel, 88-04-03)


These recordings we made on 88-04-03 (@ ‘Cruysduyne’, Bredene) by Franky ‘Vos’ Kimpe and ripped by Michael Kopijn. ‘Upset Noise’ (Ita) were billed here together with ‘Scraps’ (Fra), ‘The Regiment’ (Nl), ‘C.P.D.’ (Bel), ‘Antidote’ (Bel) & ‘M.O.P.’ (Bel).

Tracks (titles courtesy of Stefano Bonanni/Fausto Franza/Lucio Drusian):

Weekend Massacre (*) / Got Mitt Uns (*) / Sinking In My My Own Hell (**) / Upset Noise (*) / Walkin’ On My Brain (blues version; never recorded) / No One’s Concerned (*) / Walkin’ On My Brain (*) / Asfalto (+) / One Minute Drama (*) / Non Voglio (* & +) / Sex’s A Crime (*) /  Negative Man (never recorded) / Astro Zombies (‘Misfits’ cover) / Who Said? (*) / Ready To Party (**)

(*) 1st LP Nothing More To Be Said!! – (**) 2nd LP Growing Pain – (+) 7″ Disperazione Nevrotica

A couple of days before ‘Upset Noise’ (who had a fabulous record out on Hageland recs) were due to play at one of our Smurfpunx shows (88-04-29) we were told they weren’t going to show up because they had split up… I had already missed them when guitar-player Fausto broke his pelvis and a leg in a motorcycle-crash a few days before they were to support ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ in Scherpenheuvel (87-07-06). I can’t remember if I saw them a few months later (87-09-13)…

In 1987 the band consisted of Paolo ‘Boffo’ Cattaruzza (bass), Fausto Franza (guitar), Lucio Drusian (vocals) & Stefano ‘Bone’ Bonanni (drums). In ’88 they had a second guitar-player that joined the band just for that tour. After the split they reformed about a year later with Guido Zamattio on bass and Massimo ‘Max’ Arban on 2nd guitar. They played a Hageland Hardcore gig on 88-11-05 (in Leuven, with ‘M.D.C.’ & ‘No Pigs) and a Metalysee show 88-11-06 (in Oordegem) with ‘Mucky Pup’ & ‘SixtyNine’…

This is how the review (in my zine Tilt! #3), of their album Nothing More To Be Said!!, goes: >>Werner [Hageland recs] released a really excellent record. The best ever to come out on a Belgian label. He gave me a box to sell. When people asked me how it sounded, I told them I thought it was a mixture of ‘Negazione’ and ‘Agnostic Front’. The music can only be described in superlatives… Fausto’s doing wonderful things on his guitar. Also the voice is an improvement to the Disperazione Nevrotica EP. Almost all the lyrics talk about the duality feeling powerless/wanting to fight the system. “Don’t follow the lemmings!” Real down-to-earth, realistic and no symbolic bullshit.<<

Nowadays Lucio and ‘Bone’ are in the band ‘Methedrine‘. ‘Bone’ also formed ‘A New SCAR’ with Diego Fabbri (bassist of ‘Impact’)…


I remember those times… The tour was cool until our old van’s engine broke down coming back from Norway (where we had an unforgettable gig arranged by Gunnar [Nuven, of ‘So Much Hate’]). As we were a low-budget band, we spent almost all of the band’s money to buy a new one, but the fuckin’ Danish engineer whom we ask to fix it provided a new one (in fact an old but renewed engine) for a hell of price. It broke down again just a 100 m before the ferry to Germany, so with the help from the guys in Ungdomshuset (the squat were we played a week before [in Copenhagen]) we got another engine from that sucker engineer, that brought us very slowly back to Italy where it finally died.

At that point, the band and neither Hageland’s Werner [Excelmans] (max respect by the way…) couldn’t afford to buy or rent another van in time to finish the tour as Fausto & Stefano had to go back to work. (Hey, we never earned money enough to live from our music but that wasn’t the band’s goal anyway… Guess that’s clear!)

Suddenly ‘Boffo’, the bass-player and founding-member, decided he would quit the band together with the second guitar-player (Michele) that joined the band just for that tour, and everything went SHIT. Too bad, the band split up and it took almost a year to reform by adding Guido on bass and Max on 2nd guitar. For what it’s worth: we apologize for the cancelled dates of the tour, it was a damn bad thing for the band…but that was being in an Italian HC band back then… Cheers, mates!

Lucio Drusian

The second guitarist here was Michele Nadi, after him Massimo Arban played second guitar till ’95…

Fausto Franza

photo by Micha Van der Elst

[top row: ‘Bone’ – ‘Boffo’ – second guitarist Michele Nadi (toured with the band just for a month and a half); bottom row: Lucio – Fausto]

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